Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 720 – God of Massacre Gamma Dies

Chapter 719 – The Gods Are Shocked

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“God of War Amigo has died! He really did it! What a dangerous guy!”

Within Dark Elven Pantheons divine country, Queen of Spiders Lolth looked up at the sky, countless runes appeared in her eyes, and she looked into the distance and sighed lightly.

Several enchanting goddesses of Dark Elven Pantheon subordinated to Lolth were startled, and incredulity flashed in their pretty eyes.

Maiden of Pleasure uttered in amazement: “He died? How is that possible? Amigo is a primary god of Titan Pantheon! During the war of gods, he withstood the siege of two strong divine force rank gods!”

The feeble divine force rank Maiden of Fungi Ada uttered, shocked: “Amigo nearly has no weak points and has experienced countless battles. How could he die that easily? Moreover, there are four strong divine force rank gods besieging Yang Fengs divine country.”

Lolth said lightly: “This just shows that Yang Feng is definitely not a simple character. His divine country is definitely one of the most dangerous places in the world. To be able to crush countless Warlock geniuses of Cangzhi Plane, this reminds me of the human Warlock Emperors!”

When they heard the term Warlock Emperor, everyones face changed slightly, and a trace of worship appeared in their eyes.

Ever since the Eight Warlock Emperors emerged in Cangzhi Plane, except for the Dawn Lord, they remaining Seven Warlock Emperors are recognized as the strongest powerhouses.

The Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses that existed since ancient times, or even the time of the Eternal, who fought the human Seven Warlock Emperors have been defeated, quelled, or directly killed.

Even the weaker Lord of Dawn was also a peerless genius of an era. Suffering few defeats, he overwhelmed numerous Holy Spirit Warlocks and established the brilliant and prosperous Dawn Dynasty.

When they thought that Yang Feng might promote to a Warlock Emperor, promote to an existence that might only appear once in hundreds of thousands of years, the faces of the dark elven gods flushed, and they exuded enchanting auras.

Lolth glanced at a pair of beautiful twins and said lightly: “Shirley, Susan, prepare yourselves!”

“Yes! Mother!”

The beautiful twin goddesses Shirley and Susan responded respectfully.

The dark elves are licentious beings. As such, there are few virgins among adult dark elves. Dark elven virgins are cultivated to be gifted as presents to gods and bigwigs of major races. Many dark elven goddesses keep countless handsome men and indulge in carnal pleasures.

The twin goddesses Shirley and Susan are virgin goddesses Lolth specially cultivated to be used as an offering to please some powerful god. Only strong divine force rank gods are qualified to enjoy the twin virgin goddesses Lolth has raised.

Originally Lolth was still reluctant to part with Shirley and Susan. But seeing that Amigo has died at Yang Fengs hands, she finally made up her mind.

Titan Pantheons Myriad Gods Mountain.

With countless abstruse runes engraved on his body, a full head of purple-green hair, a burly figure, a heroic appearance, and a domineering temperament, God of Thunder Gabba looked at the peak that has collapsed and disappeared with an ugly expression on his face.

Following an earth-yellow flash of light, a mesmerizing woman with long brown hair, a full and sexy figure, and an amiable temperament appeared. The mesmerizing woman is Goddess of the Earth Victoria.

With a savage gleam in his eyes, Gabba uttered, enunciating each syllable: “To dare kill a primary god of our Titan Pantheon, I wont let them off! No matter who they are, they must pay an appropriate price!”

Victoria asked: “Do you need my help?”

Gabba responded slowly: “No! You stay, you need to stand guard at Myriad Gods Mountain!”

With the strong divine force Goddess of the Earth, many other gods, and countless Martyrs of Marty Hall standing guard, even if a mighty divine force rank god enters Myriad Gods Mountain, they will be defeated.

If there is no strong divine force rank god guarding Myriad Gods Mountain, then a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses might sneak into Myriad Gods Mountain, steal all kinds of precious god armament and treasures, and turn the entire mountain upside down.

Victoria nodded.

Gabbas figure blurred, and he disappeared.

Not long after, warships with gods subordinated to Gabba flew out of Myriad Gods Mountain and flew towards Yang Fengs divine country.

In Titan Pantheon, Gabbas position is similar to that of Radiant Primary God Prados in Zaliah Pantheon, and the strength of the gods subordinated to him is far greater than that of the gods subordinated to Amigo.

Zaliah Pantheon, within Pradoss divine country.

Sitting in a temple, Prados is looking into the distance with a dignified look in his eyes: “Amigo has died! Then Tames is in danger as well!”

A powerful divine force fluctuation enveloped Zaliah Pantheons divine countries.

Except for the gods who are traveling in Astral Boundary and the endless Abyss and exploring some strange places, all Zaliah Pantheons gods received orders from Prados.

Huge warships flew out of the various divine countries and flew towards Pradoss divine country.

In the center of a divine country enveloped by an endless forest with countless extraordinary plants that are rare in the outside world, there are 36 10,000-meter-tall gold trees.

In the center of the gold trees, there is an exquisite palace.

In a shrine in the center of the exquisite palace, there is a bewitching woman wearing green hunting clothes, with dazzling blond hair cascading like a golden waterfall, a perfect figure, and skin fair like snow and without any blemishes.

This bewitching woman that has no trace of enticement, yet is still extremely beautiful and exudes a noble and elegant temperament is the primary god of Elven Pantheon, strong divine force god Mofeceraja.

Mofecerajas slim eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and she mused: “Amigo has died! To be able to kill him, this Yang Feng is really strong! Despite being besieged by four strong divine force rank gods, he still was able to kill a strong divine force rank god. Battle Demon Sect shouldnt have this kind of power.”

When the four strong divine force rank gods attacked, they not only attacked themselves, but also brought numerous divine legions as well as vassal gods and servant gods.

Even if it is one of Great Cloud Dynastys Ten Great Sects, it will stand no chance when besieged by four strong divine force rank gods. The combat power Yang Feng displayed far exceeded what Feisuo Planes gods have imagined.

Sagacity flashed in Mofecerajas beautiful eyes: “Judging from his past, he has no malice towards us elves. He is someone that cane be roped in and made friends with.”

Mofeceraja is an elven divine force rank god born from the battle of the gods and the protector the elves. It is because of Mofeceraja that the elves were able to establish one of Feisuo Planes Four Empires and can thrive.

In the center of an empty plain, there is a huge temple full of a rustic beauty. In the center of the temple sits a middle-aged man with a pair of lion ears and a lion tail wrapped around his waist, exuding an overbearing temperament. The middle-aged man is Lion God Arcath.

Arcath gazed at the starry sky, and a sharp glint flashed in his eyes: “To dare kill Titan Pantheons Amigo, incredible. He is really bold! He drew the hostile forces out of their holes to wipe them out in one go!”

Arcath thought to himself: “But this is an internal war between humans, it has nothing to do with us beastmen. Its best they exhaust and kill one another.”

“God of War Amigo has died!”

“Its really dangerous there!”

“For God of Half Blood Beastmen Ian to have such fearsome strength is really surprising!”


Shocked by this, the many neutral gods hidden in the starry sky dont dare attack Yang Fengs divine country.

Outside of Yang Fengs divine country, crowds of Angels and Martyrs as well as some remaining gods are madly attacking the barrier of Yang Fengs divine country. But no matter how they attack, they can only set off slight ripples on the surface of the barrier.

Within Yang Fengs divine country.

“The great Lord has died!”

“Damn it! My Lord died!”

“These damn mongrels!”


In response to Amigos death, the eyes of his Martyrs became bloodshot, and they entered a state of madness. Their fighting strength surged. However, they were stabbed by Skynet chains and pinned down one by one, becoming energy sources of Skynet chains.

Seeing this scene, the three strong divine force gods who are fighting bitterly were shocked, and their eyes revealed looks of apprehension.

Alexia, Yu Yan, Yang Fengs kindred avatar, and the ultimate form Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede blurred, and then appeared behind God of Massacre Gamma and besieged him.

Gammas godhead of massacre agrees rather well with the path of Yang Fengs god clone. As long as he ingests and refines Gammas godhead, Yang Fengs god clone will be able to quickly promote to a strong divine force rank god.

As for faith, Andrak Plane, a plane with intelligent life forms, as the source of fate is enough to support the existence of Yang Fengs god clone as a strong divine force rank powerhouse.

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