Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 723 – Lolth Surrenders

Chapter 722 – Eve of Holy War

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God of Thunder Gabba took a deep look at Yang Feng, then his figure shook slightly, and he came to a Thunder Warship.

Along with flashes of light, the Thunder Warship flew towards the Titan Pantheons divine country Myriad Gods Mountain.

If there were still two strong divine force rank gods resisting inside Yang Fengs divine country, Gabba would be willing to enter Yang Fengs divine country and fight Yang Feng to the death.

However, Yang Fengs divine country is calm at this time. The divine legions have already been quelled. That kind of terrifying combat power made Gabba apprehensive.

Radiant Primary God Prados said coldly: “Very well, Yang Feng, I will remember your words! You human Warlocks will meet your end in Feisuo Plane, just like the human Warlocks before you did. Our Feisuo Plane will never be conquered.”

“The one who will meet their end is you, Prados.” With that, Yang Fengs clone closed his eyes, frantically absorbed the divine force crystals around him that refined his god blood and god body, and comprehended the laws inside the God of Massacres godhead.

For gods, to advance to the strong divine force realm is both difficult and easy. Ordinary intermediate divine force rank gods may not be able to promote to strong divine force rank gods even after 100,000 years of seeking enlightenment. However, as long as they have a strong divine force grade godhead, enough divine force crystals, and sufficient believers, then even a feeble divine force rank god can easily advance to a strong divine force rank god.

But to get a strong divine force grade godhead, you must kill a strong divine force rank god. This is something extremely difficult to accomplish. Therefore, no matter which plane it is, a strong divine force grade godhead are an invaluable commodity that can cause countless powerful existences to fight over it.

Yang Feng possesses strong divine force grade godheads as wells as a large amount of divine force crystals he got as spoils of war. This is the reason why he can promote to a strong divine force rank god so smoothly.

Prados stared at Yang Feng from outside the divine country before his figure fluttered, and he boarded his warship and flew towards his divine country.

The gods can only watch helplessly as Yang Fengs god clone is growing stronger and evolving towards a strong divine force rank god.

Those who dare to interfere with Yang Fengs promotion to a strong divine force rank god will be eliminated. Unless all the gods join hands, no pantheon in Feisuo Plane can suppress Yang Feng and his party alone.

In the numerous temples of Morrince Empire, loud bells rang, and the temples performed miracles.

“Holy War! Our Lord has issued a divine decree! A Holy War has officially begun!”

“Holy War, the enemy of our Lord are the heretics in Red Earth Wasteland!”


Inside the temples, archbishops with solemn expressions announced the divine decree issued by the gods.

Following the divine decree, Morrince Empire exuding the smell of decay finally began to operate at full capacity, began to prepare for war like a slowly awakening war beast.

Resplendent starlight descended from the sky, landed on Morrince Empire, and possessed the bodies of the priests with excellent aptitudes selected by the church.

Hit by the starlight, the strength of these priests with excellent aptitudes immediately increased geometrically. Most of them broke through and became Legend rank powerhouses, while some even directly became demigods.

Within Titan Empire, the temples shone brightly.

“Holy War! Our Lord has issued a divine decree! A Holy War has officially begun!”

The entire Titan Empire was mobilized, countless soldiers were conscripted and joined armies. Titan Empires war machine was activated.

Silver rays descended from the sky and landed on the outstanding soldiers in Titan Empire. The strength of the soldiers bathed in the silver light suddenly increased, and they broke through to the Legend realm or demigod realm.

The two imperial war machines that claimed to be the most powerful in Feisuo Plane were fully activated, and troops began to march towards the land bordering Red Earth Wasteland.

“A bunch of idiots. Since they arent my opponents in the starry sky, they want to start a war in the secular world? Unfortunately youre even less my opponents in the secular world.”

Sitting in his divine country, Yang Feng examined the changes in Feisuo Planes secular world via the law of nether as well as the sight of his believers, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

According to the Treaty of the Gods, gods must not directly intervene in wars in the secular world. Those who violate the treaty will be attacked by the other gods.

The treaty was jointly signed by all gods of Feisuo Plane, including neutral gods and the gods in the dark chaotic camp. Anyone who violates it will be attacked by the gods.

The reason why there is the Treaty of the Gods in place is because the gods are too powerful. Take Goddess of Toxicity Charlotte as example. If there is no restriction, it will take her less than 10 years to poison to death all of life forms in Feisuo Planes secular world.

The foundation of the gods is the life forms in Feisuo Planes secular world. Even thought the gods still have believers on other planes, but due to the plane laws, the amount of faith force provided by 10,000 believers from other planes can barely match the amount of faith force provided by one believer in Feisuo Plane.

Moreover, when the number of believers of a god in Feisuo Plane drops to a certain level, they will gradually weaken. No matter how many believers they have on other planes, they wont be able to stop the weakening, and will eventually weaken to the point when their strength drops to the feeble divine force rank, their days bleak. Even if it is a strong divine force rank god, their godhead will gradually degrade during this process. This is the weakness and limitation of gods.

In Red Earth Wasteland, Katherine has also begun to quickly deploy troops and send them to Lightning Fortress.

Lightning Fortress is strategically located at the junction of Red Earth Wasteland, Morrince Empire, and Titan Empire. Only when Lightning Fortress falls can Morrince Empire and Titan Empire attack the heartland of Red Earth Wasteland. Or else they will have to take the risk of facing enemies from the front and the rear.

The human force Yang Feng established in Red Earth Wasteland when he was still an ordinary human has also developed into a kingdom called Great Thunder Kingdom.

The king of Great Thunder Kingdom is Yang Feng himself, while the Council of Elders is entrusted with presiding over the kingdoms affairs. Much like Half Blood Beastman Empire, Great Thunder Kingdom has also began to prepare for war.

A few days later, outside Yang Fengs divine country, ripples rose in the space, and an invisible warship full of monstrous auras and surrounded by countless weird rattans suddenly appeared.

“I, Lolth, request an audience with Lord Yang Feng!”

Dressed in a revealing purple dress, a bewitching smile on her face, slander legs for her lower body, exuding endless temptation, the fascinating Lolth spoke full of enticement.

Lolths true lower body is that of a large spider and the upper body is that of a stunning beauty. However, by using a divine spell, she adopted a human form. In that human form, she is a real human goddess. If she gives birth to offsprings, they will be pure humans.

By virtue of that divine spell and her natural charm, Lolth has bewitched a High Elven Lord from Sandra Plane and enticed his subordinated elves to degenerate into dark elves, and then fled to Feisuo Plane.

“Come in!”

Suddenly, a huge hole opened in the barrier of the divine country.

A black light shone, and the warship flew into the huge hole.

Gold light shrouded the warship and pulled it to land beside the central temple.


As soon as Lolth walked out of the warship, to her shock, she saw a glamorous beautiful woman with a demeaning slave collar around her neck and dressed in black leather clothes. The glamorous beautiful woman in front of her is Goddess of Toxins Charlotte.

The beautiful and enchanting dark elven goddesses following behind Lolth looked curiously at Charlotte, their eyes filled with contempt and mockery.

In the past, as Ruler of the Night Moganots woman and an intermediate divine force rank god, Charlotte was arrogant and domineering, not caring about others. When the dark elven goddesses went gone to serve Moganot, she always made things difficult for them. Now that they see the high and mighty Charlotte turn into a humble slave who welcomes guests, the dark elven goddesses are filled with a sense of superiority.

A numb shimmer in her beautiful eyes, Charlotte bowed and respectfully saluted the many goddesses, saying: “Welcome, Goddesses!”

The corner of Lolths mouth rose slightly. Looking at her former rival, she relaxed her had, and a bag fell on the ground, and a large number of rare gems spilled out of the bag.

Looking down at Charlotte, Lolth spoke with a smile: “Pick them up using your hands!”

“Yes! Goddess!”

A look of humiliation in her eyes, Charlotte squatted down, picked up the rare gems that are invaluable in the secular world, and handed them to Lolth.

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