Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 724 – Heroes Gather

Chapter 723 – Lolth Surrenders

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“Good job, Charlotte!”

Lolth took the gems, patted Charlottes pretty face, and revealed a smile containing a sense of superiority.

A gleam of shame in her beautiful eyes, Charlotte lowered her head and said respectfully: “Thank you for your praise, Goddess!”

The dark elven goddesses behind Lolth looked at each other, and then dropped various things on the ground.

A sweet smile on her face, Gabriela pointed at a handkerchief on the ground and said: “Pick it up!”

Another dark elven goddess spoke with a gleeful smile: “Thats my favorite gem! Charlotte, pick it up!”


The dark elven goddesses haughtily ordered Goddess of Toxicity Charlotte around, all the while taking great joy in it.

Charlotte is an intermediate force rank god who wields the law of toxicity. She is one of the most promising gods of promoting to a strong divine force rank existences.

In the past, the dark elven goddesses had to be cautious around Charlotte and had to flatter her. Some of them have been punished and humiliated by Charlotte. Now that they have a chance to humiliate the other party, these petty and narrow-minded dark elven goddesses naturally wont let it slip by.

Charlotte gritted her teeth, quietly picked up the things the dark elven goddesses dropped, and respectfully returned them to them.

Gazing at Charlotte silently enduring the humiliation, Lolth uttered: “Shirley, Susan!”

“Yes! Mother!”

With a temperament that is the polar opposite of that of the licentious dark elves, the dark elven twin goddesses Shirley and Susan walked over unhurriedly.

Lolth smiled affectionately at Charlotte and said: “These two are my daughters. They are a gift I prepared for the great Lord Yang Feng. Charlotte, I hope that youll get along with and take care of my two daughters.”

Charlotte suddenly turned pale. Once the dark elven twin goddesses Shirley and Susan start waiting upon Yang Feng, it will be almost impossible for her to rise again.

The dark elven twin goddesses Shirley and Susan, who are beautiful, gentle, and considerate on the surface, are bound to melt Yang Fengs heart. But since they were carefully nurtured by Lolth, they must be proficient in plots and intrigues. With them around, it will be nearly impossible for Charlotte to get ahead.

Charlotte became more respectful and responded: “Yes, I understand! Please follow me!”

In the center of Yang Fengs divine country, there is a dazzling and magnificent palace.

When Lolth stepped into the center of the huge palace, she saw Yang Fengs god clone reclining in a luxurious litter embedded with numerous gems and rare, exotic treasures.

There are several beautiful dark elves kneel sitting next to the luxurious litter, namely Great Matriarch Shayenna, Joana, and the top assassin of Romulaj of Turandot Subcontinent and the previous pope of Feisuo Planes dark elves Glicedar.

The top dark elven beauties looked at Queen of Spider Lolth, who stepped into the temple with a fragrance wafting off from her, and a strange feeling welled up inside them.

In the past, Lolth was the god they adored and believed to be omnipotent. Deterred by massacres and other inhuman practices, they didnt dare to betray her. This is a method evil gods use to dominate believers.

The grace of gods is deep like the sea, the power of gods is tall like the sky.

Lawful good gods mainly absorb faith force. Chaotic evil gods get their power from the fear, pain, envy, and other negative emotions.

As an evil god, Lolth can draw negative divine force from the despair, fear, and depravity of her believers. This is one of the main reasons why she keeps enticing her dark elves to kill each other and perform evil rituals to please her.

The aloof and worshiped Queen of Spiders Lolth, who seemed to have infinite power, appeared now in this palace. Seeing her here, the dark elves subordinated to Yang Feng felt their faith collapse.

When Lolth saw Yang Feng sitting in the litter with Glicedar in his arms, she felt a trace of frightening aura emanate from him, and her beautiful eyes revealed a trace of envy: “Strong divine force rank! He promoted to a strong divine force rank god! How enviable!”

Lolth has promoted to an intermediate divine force rank god hundreds of thousands of years ago. Over the years, she has experienced several wars of the gods. Even though she is an intermediate divine force rank god, but she has to tread lightly during wars of gods. Only strong divine force rank gods can act freely during gods of wars. Lolth had to rely on Ruler of the Night Moganot to be able to occupy a place in the underground world of Feisuo Plane.

Lolth bowed slightly towards Yang Feng and said respectfully: “Well met, God of Massacre Lord Yang Feng!”

Yang Feng glanced at Lolth with an enigmatic smile and said: “Lolth, you dare come to my divine country to see me! Are you not afraid that I will make you stay here? Not even strong divine force rank gods can escape from my divine country. As long as I quell you here, the entire dark elven race will be in my bag.”

Lolth responded with a sweet smile: “Your Majesty, you are a peerless overlord bound to dominate countless planes in the future. There will be countless powerhouses to come to you, join your camp, and work for you. I came to joint your camp, Your Majesty. You wont undermine your credibility for the sake of a mere intermediate divine force rank god like myself.”

Yang Feng showed a smile of admiration and said: “Youre very clever!”

Yang Feng calmly announced his decision: “However, I have my mind set on the dark elven race! I want to become the primary god of the dark elves!”

Several of Yang Fengs important subordinates are dark elves. Moreover, the dark elven race is spread across countless planes. They are the best spies. If he controls the dark elven race, hell obtain a huge information network.

“Yes! This is a part of my godhead with the divine authority of Primary God of Dark Elves, please accept it! I will cooperate with you to subjugate the entire dark elven race.”

Lolth extended a lily-white hand, and a sphere of light exuding fluctuations of divinity appeared in her hand.

The divine authority of gods can be separated from their godhead. When they are weak, many gods will absorb various divine authorities that involve many fields. But when they get strong, they will remove the divine authorities one by one to become more pure and powerful.

Lolths main divine authority is that of Primary God of Dark Elves. After removing this divine authority, her strength suddenly dropped from pinnacle intermediate divine force rank to junior intermediate divine force rank.

Seeing Lolth cooperate this well, Yang Feng couldnt find any justification to get rid of her. He beckoned and the divine authority of Primary God of Dark Elves flew directly into his hand, and then he sealed it with countless divine force seals.

Lolth once conspired against a Warlock Monarch rank high elf and enticed a groups of high elves subordinated to the other party to degenerate. Yang Feng naturally needs to perform countless tests before using anything that comes from her.

Lolth uttered: “Your Majesty, these are my daughters, dark elven twin goddesses Shirley and Susan. I would like to offer them to you to express my loyalty! Please accept them!”

“Greetings, Your Majesty!”

The twin goddesses have virtually identical appearance, their skin is as fair as white jade, their figure is sexy and enchanting, and their temperament is both pure and bewitching. They stepped forward, bowed to Yang Feng, and spoke in a voice as sweet as honey.

Dark elves are existences who degenerated from high elves. Since Lolth could degenerate high elves into dark elves, then as long as a lot of resources are spent, it is possible to transform dark elves into high elves with noble bloodline.

Shirley and Susan are dark elves Lolth transformed into high elves. They are the most remarkable beauties in the dark elven race.

Shayenna, Joana, and Romulaj are top beauties among dark elves, but they still cannot compare to Shirley and Susan.

“Alright! I will accept them!”

Yang Fengs eyes lit up, and she showed a smile and beckoned. Shirley and Susan flew to his side and knelt down beside him, exuding a fresh and moving fragrance.

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and a magic cube flew towards Lolth: “This is my gift to you!”

When the magic cube flew in front of Lolth, it suddenly decomposed and turned into a silver armor covering her whole body. In the center of the silver armor, there is an intermediate divine force rank godhead inlaid. A huge amount of power is pouring into Lolth from the silver armor.

Sensing the changes in her body, a ray of excitement streaked past Lolths beautiful eyes: “What a powerful god armament! After equipping it, my combat strength is much greater than it used to be!”

Not hiding her joy, Lolth thanked Yang Feng: “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Yang Feng suddenly looked up, and numerous runes appeared in his eyes: “It seems we have a new guest!”

With a flash of gold light, a gold pillar of light formed in the temple, and a very handsome, endearing, blond young man appeared in the temple.

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