Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 725 – Wiping out the Elite Black Giant Corps

Chapter 724 – Heroes Gather

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“Great God of Massacre, I am God of Diplomacy Avili of Zaliah Pantheon. This is the Treaty of the Gods drawn up by Feisuo Planes gods. Please sign it. It is the will of all of Feisuo Planes gods.”

Avili smiled gracefully and spread his hands, and a gold scroll suddenly flew out. There are countless divine force threads linked to it.

Yang Feng beckoned and grabbed the gold Treaty of the Gods and examined it carefully. There are several taboos written down on the gold Treaty of the Gods.

Except for the crime of blasphemy, dealing with experts from other planes, and other extreme situations, gods are not allowed to personally participate in wars of the secular world. Gods can intervene in the secular world by using various indirect means, such as bestowing god armaments, granting power, using divine decrees to guide, copulate with ordinary people to birth gods descendants, among others. Those who violate the treaty will be attacked by all the gods of Feisuo Plane. Gods who have signed the Treaty of the Gods are all bound by it.

Ever since the Treaty of the Gods was established, Feisuo Plane has been recovering from the war of the gods. Prior to the implementation of the Treaty of the Gods, Feisuo Planes secular world was ravaged by the divine force of the gods, and the planes life forms could hardly survive. At hat time, the secular worlds life forms prolonged their feeble existence by hiding in temples. They were in danger of being turned into petitioners at any time.

Once all of secular worlds life forms are turned into petitioners, the gods will lose their foundation on this plane, and will slowly weaken and even die.

The gods have a long lifespan and tremendous power. But their only weakness is that they are not as free as human Warlocks.

Yang Feng asked with a smile: “What if I dont sign it?”

Avili replied with a smile: “Well tell it to all the gods!”

Yang Feng took a deep look at Avili, then suddenly broke into a smile and signed his name on it: “It seems I have no choice!”

Once Yang Feng refuses to sign the Treaty of the Gods, not only the two human pantheons, but also the neutral pantheons, the elven pantheon, the dragon pantheon, the beastman pantheon, and many other gods will become Yang Fengs enemies.

Yang Feng currently does not have the power to oppose all of Feisuo Planes gods. He can only choose to sign this Treaty of the Gods.

Seeing this, a light of regret streaked past Avilis eyes, and he said with a smile: “Great God of Massacre, our primary gods daughter Goddess of Romance Mavis will have her birthday next month on the 9th. I hope you can do us the honor and participate in her birthday banquet.”

Yang Feng replied: “I will consider it if I have time!”

Avili smiled and said: “I bid you farewell!”

A gold beam descended from the sky, enveloped Avili, and teleported him out of Yang Fengs divine country.

Lolth uttered: “Your Majesty, I am very experienced in wars in the secular world. Allow me to explain to you the rules of the game of wars in Feisuo Planes secular world.

Yang Feng responded: “Okay!”

As the largest obstacle of Red Earth Wasteland, Lightning Fortress has already been surrounded by the armies of Morrince Empire and Titan Empire.

Outside Lightning Fortress, there are barracks extending for more than 100 kilometers. Powerful auras emerge inside the barracks from time to time, as if fearsome beasts biding their time.

A fleet slowly entered the barracks. In the fleet, most of the people are tall and beautiful dancers. When the fleet entered the barracks, it attracted the greedy eyes of countless soldiers.

However, after the soldiers in the barracks saw a carriage with the emblem of the Goddess of Dance in the center of the fleet, apprehension flashed din their eyes. They dont dare to act rashly.

Sitting in the carriage, Florence looked at the barracks from a window with complicated emotions: “Wizard Ian, Marshal Ian, God of Half Blood Beastmen, God of Massacre Yang Feng! What a transformation! He was just an ordinary wizard at that time. But now he has become a strong divine force rank god, an enemy of the gods. The world is really fickle.”

When Florence met Yang Feng for the first time, Yang Feng was just a wizard from some wilderness. In order to become an aristocrat, he went to Morrince Empires capital.

At that time, the gods didnt care about Yang Feng. But now a strong divine force rank god from Zaliah Pantheon and a strong divine force rank god from Titan Pantheon died at Yang Fengs hands, forcing the two pantheons to join forces and launch a Holy War against Yang Fengs mortal forces.

Florence, a divine chosen of Goddess of Dance Frederica, cant help feeling that the world is fickle.

After Florences fleet stopped, she came to the command headquarters of the allied forces.

When she entered the command headquarters of the allied forces, Florence saw Legend rank and even demigod rank heroes who became famous during the democalypse.

These human heroes were originally scattered in various regions of Morrince Empire and Titan Empire. But after receiving the call of the churches, they finally came together to serve the two empires for the sake of a chance to ascend to godhood.

As if the command headquarters was partitioned into two by an invisible blade, you can see the heroes of Titan Empire staying on one side and the heroes of Morrince Empire staying on the other side.

Each one of these human heroes is an unruly bigwig in their own territory. But here in the command headquarters, they have all their arrogance restrained.

There are two people sitting separately in the seat of honor. One is a tall and handsome man dressed in a white priests robe and enveloped by a white light. He is Franz, a gods descendant born from Radiant Primary God Prados and a princes of Morrince Empire called Barbara. The other is a burly man dressed in polar bear fur, with a full beard. He is Claude, a gods descendant born from God of Thunder Gabba and a shepherd girl named Aphra.

Both Franz and Claude are the most famous human heroes of the two empires. They are most formidable demigods with a terrifying physique and a trace of divinity. They also have been bestowed many blessings by the gods. Thanks to the blessings of the gods, Franz and Claude are definitely the strongest experts among the human heroes. While wielding god armaments, they may even slay some careless feeble divine force rank gods.

Franz said: “Our target right now is Lightning Fortress! It is the backbone of those heretics! Break through Lightning Fortress, and the cities of the heretics in Red Earth Wasteland will be completely exposed to us! This battle is our first, and we must win it. Who is willing to act as vanguard and conquer this fortress for the great gods!”

The very handsome Ruby Prince with red hair and eyes like a pair of beautiful rubies interrupted: “Franz, the one who performs best in this war will be awarded an intermediate divine force grade godhead and allowed to become a true god, right?”

When he said this, his eyes filled with expectation and doubt focused on Franz and Claude.

An intermediate divine force rank god is a high-level existence among the gods and possesses a huge status. Even strong divine force rank gods have to consult them when taking action.

It is because of the lure of the intermediate divine force grade godhead that the heroes from the two empires gathered here to serve the two empires. Otherwise, with how astute they are, they would never have come here to participate in a decisive war between the newly risen Half Blood Beastman Empire and the two empires.

Franz spoke: “Thats right. This is what the gods promised. And not one, but two. The two who perform the best will receive the qualification to promote to intermediate divine force rank gods Additionally, there are 10 weak force grade and 48 feeble divine force grade godheads.”

The breathing of the human heroes in the hall became rushed, and their eyes showed traces of avarice.

Gods are the most powerful and the most revered existences in Feisuo Plane. A god, even if it is a feeble divine force rank god, has a very long lifespan and enjoys a very pleasurable life.

Only that under the suppression of the gods, it is extremely difficult for Feisuo Plane to give birth to gods. There may not even be one person who promotes to a god within thousands of years. Now that there are 52 slots to advance to godhood, it immediately made the human heroes excited.

The bold, 2,30-meter-tall Giant Duke covered with queer runes stepped forward and said, “I will be the vanguard and capture Lightning Fortress for the great gods!”

Franz uttered resolutely: “Okay, then you will be the first vanguards!”

Wearing a black wizard robe, holding a book, a handsome devil summoner with a mysterious aura smiled gracefully and said: “I am also willing to act as a vanguard and take down Lightning Fortress for the great gods!”

“I can level Lightning Fortress in just a week.”

“I only need three days!”


The human heroes in the command department from the two empires quarreled and fought over the vanguard slots, almost coming to blows.

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