Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 726 – Instakilling Red Dragon Duke

Chapter 725 – Wiping out the Elite Black Giant Corps

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Outside of Lightning Fortress, banners flap in the wind, as human armies form neat phalanx formations. These are the most elite soldiers of the humans.

Outside the neat phalanx formations, there are also some aristocratic private troops with unevenly matched strength, exuding a sturdy temperament.

Under the influence of the planar tide, the interference of Feisuo Planes gods in the secular world was reduced to the lowest point. At that time, a large number of abyssal fiends poured into Feisuo Plane and formed a terrifying democalypse.

After the aristocrats experienced the baptism of the democalypse, all those survived are powerhouses. And even if they are not powerhouses, they have countless experts under their command.

At the forefront of the human army stand 2,000 soldiers about 2,2 meters tall, equipped with a black full-body, enchanted armor Black Giant Armor, a huge shield, and a large axe, arranged in a loose formation, and exuding jagged and unswerving auras.

These 2,000 soldiers equipped with Black Giant Armor are the strongest elite Black Giant Soldiers under the command of the Giant Duke.

The Giant Duke is a giant-human hybrid. During an adventure, he stimulated his giant bloodline and gained tremendous power. He gathered giant-human hybrids together and formed the elite Black Giant Corps, had a meteoric rise during the democalypse, and established great contributions, and then was awarded the title of duke.

Each of the 2,000 soldiers have tremendous strength. Once their bloodline power is aroused, coupled with the boosts provided Black Giant Armor, they can display level-2 or level-3 Warlock rank battle prowess.

While commanding this fearsome corps, the Giant Duke crushed numerous fiend armies, and even decapitated an abyssal fiend baron.

“Sound the war drums!”

The Giant Duke came to the elite Black Giant Corps that he had built and shouted in a heroic tone.

A tall female soldier with rough, wheat-colored skin, a ponytail, and an ordinary appearance, wearing an armor, raised a silver hammer and pounded a black war drum.

Every time the female soldier beat the black war drum, black halos enveloped the Black Giant Corps soldiers.

The black war drum is a demigod rank treasure named War Drum of Valor. Once it is struck continuously, it will form halos of valor enveloping the soldiers on the battle field and stimulate their fighting spirit. The soldiers shrouded in these halos are immune to low-level mental spells.

“Charge, kill them all! Use their blood and bones in exchange for the honor of our homeland!”

Equipped with a demigod armament Armor of the Giant and a 2-meter-long demigod armament Sword of the Giant, the Giant Duke pointed at Lightning Fortress with the sword and shouted loudly.


“Kill them all!”


The elite Black Giant Corps soldiers roared like wild beasts and followed the Giant Duke towards Lightning Fortress.

Two armies from Titan Empire and the Morrince Empire respectively attacked Lightning Fortress from two directions along with siege weapons.

The two armies from the two empires have a total of 40,000 people. They are cannon fodder that serve to attracted the attention of Lightning Fortress. The real trump is the elite Black Giant Corps led by the Giant Duke.


Dressed in a silver military uniform, looking heroic, the dark elf Joana from Turandot Subcontinent standing on Lightning Fortresss city wall and watching the two armies charge ordered coldly.

Heavy artilleries within the fortress flashed, and a rain of shells dropped on the two armies.

Boom! Boom!

Amid fearsome explosions, hundreds and thousands of soldiers from the two empires were blown to pieces.

Screams filled the two armies.

When the soldiers of the two armies saw the cruel scene, their morale collapsed and they fled backwards in disorder.

At this moment, in the camp of Morrince Empire, an archbishop held up a holy scripture and chanted aloud.

Hundreds of bishops gathered around the archbishop chanted as well.

Gold ripples spread out from the holy scripture and shrouded the remaining soldiers of the two armies.

As soon as the soldiers of the two armies were enveloped by the gold ripples, courage filled them, and they turned back and charged towards Lightning Fortress.

Lying on a hidden platform on Lightning Fortresss city wall, Romulaj aimed a Gauss Sniper Ruffle, which is almost as long as she is tall and is full of science fiction flair, at the archbishop and calmly pulled the trigger.

With a flash, divine spell shields appeared around the archbishop, and then shattered in an instant. In the next moment, the headless corpse of the archbishop fell on the ground.

Seeing this scene, terror flashed in the eyes of the chanting bishops, and they escaped in different directions.

Romulaj grabbed the lengthened Gauss Sniper Rifle, excitement flashed in her beautiful eyes, her figure shook slightly, and she disappeared into the dark: “Wonderful! This assassination secret treasure is really formadable. It suits me well!”

As a top assassin, Romulaj has the assassination code engraved in her mind. Every time she kills an important target, she will immediately relocate to another place. She wont foolishly stay in one place.

After the archbishop died, another archbishop soon came to take his place and continued to cast divine spells to enhance the fighting spirit and courage of the two armies.

After several rounds of artillery fire aimed at the ordinary soldiers, under Joanas order, the artillery fire focused on the elite Black Giant Corps.

The elite Black Giant Corps soldiers nimbly avoided the bombardment of the artillery fire.

From time to time, the elite Black Giant Corps soldiers would be enveloped by shock waves. But with their terrifying physiques coupled with Black Giant Armor, they forcibly rushed out of the artillery fire. By paying a price of 200 plus casualties, they appeared 100 meters away from Lightning Fortress.

“All round shelling!”

As soon as the elite Black Giant Corps soldiers arrived at a distance 100 meters from Lightning Fortress, Joana smiled coldly and ordered.

10,000 half blood beastman soldiers equipped with enhanced Gauss Rifles and reinforced battle suits appeared on the city wall and fired at the elite Black Giant Corpse soldiers.

A dense rain of light enveloped the elite Black Giant Corps soldiers. The fearsome Gauss Rifle projectiles shredded the defenses of Black Giant Armor, pierced through the elite Black Giant Corps soldiers, and blasting open large holes.

Under the dense rain of light, the more than 1,700 elite Black Giant Corps soldiers were torn apart, and died miserably, unable to even fight back.

“How terrifying!”

“What weapon is that? How can it be this fierce?”

“Those are the elite Black Giant Corps soldiers, a most powerful infantry. Even Earth Dragon Knights are not their opponents! Whats going on?”

“How could the elite Black Giant Corps soldiers die at the hands of those weak half blood beastmen?”


When they saw the more than 1,700 elite Black Giant Corps soldiers easily killed by the half blood beastman soldiers, the powerhouses of the two empires were struck dumb, unable to believe their eyes.

Each of the elite Black Giant Corps soldiers are at least comparable to level-2 Warlocks in terms of battle prowess. 100 elite Black Giant Corps soldiers can easily break through a 10,000-strong human army. The combat power of human armies is far stronger than that of half blood armies. But now, a half blood army has easily killed more than 1,700 elite Black Giant Corps soldiers. This is simply shocking.

“Damn it! You beasts, you dare kill my comrades! Die!”

Upon seeing this scene, the eyes of the Giant Duke turned bloodshot, and he roared, stimulated the giant bloodline inside him, and suddenly became seven meters tall and exuded a tyrannical and overbearing aura. The demigod armaments Sword of the Giant and Armor of the Giant grew larger along with him.

Joana uttered coldly: “Its you who is going to die! Magic cube squad, attack!”

Silver rays gleamed, and silver armor enveloped the 20 members of the magic cube squad. Exuding frightening aura, the magic cube squad flew out and turned into 20 swift streams of light that shot towards the Giant Duke. From their bulging chests, it is evident that they are all female soldiers.

The silver magic armor is called Silver Storm. As long as a connection is established with Silver Storm, then even an ordinary person can obtain demigod rank power.

The 20 magic squad female soldiers equipped with Silver Storm exploded with demigod rank power and besieged the Giant Duke.

“20 demigod rank powerhouses! Whats going on?”

“It hasnt been long since they took over Red Earth Wasteland, so how come they have so many demigod rank powerhouses?”

“Where did these demigod rank powerhouses come from?”


When the human powerhouses watching from a distance saw the 200 female soldiers equipped with Silver Storm suddenly appear, they were stupefied and filled with shock.

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