Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 727 – Defeating the Allied Forces

Chapter 726 – Instakilling Red Dragon Duke

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Demigod powerhouses are all famous overlords of Feisuo Plane. During a planar tide, the strongest powerhouse in the surface world is at the demigod rank.

Ever since Yang Feng ascended to godhood as Ian, Red Earth Wasteland has become an object of study for many forces. Countless spies sneaked into Red Earth Wasteland to investigate it.

The many forces have thoroughly studied powerhouses of Red Earth Wasteland, yet they didnt find a trace of the 20 demigod rank powerhouses that suddenly emerged.

The Giant Duke is indeed an experienced veteran. Facing the siege of the 20 bootleg demigod rank powerhouses, he brandished Sword of the Giant and forcibly suppressed the 20 magic cube squad female soldiers.

“Fortunately, they only have demigod rank power but dont have the corresponding battle prowess.”

“Looking at how weak their battle prowess are, they must lack combat experience!”


The human heroes watching from afar breathed a sigh of relief when they saw this scene.

Suddenly, sharp, invisible ripples emerged from below and severed the Giant Dukes legs.


The Giant Duke let out a sorrowful scream, and then the 20 female soldiers equipped with Silver Storm swung their swords and released silver rays that enveloped the Giant Duke

After a breath of time, the Giant Duke was chopped into countless pieces.

The 20 female soldiers quickly grabbed the Giant Dukes body and the treasures on him and transported them back to Lightning Fortress.

“What happened?”

“What was that?”

“The Giant Duke was actually killed!”


When the human heroes of the two empires saw that the Giant Duke was killed in an instant, shock shimmered in their eyes.

“All round shelling!”

A chill flashed in Joanas beautiful eyes, and she ordered coldly.

In an instant, 100,000 heavy artilleries hidden in Lightning Fortress fired wildly, and artillery fire enveloped the armies of the two empires.

The armies of the two empires arranged in neat phalanx formations were engulfed in that frightening artillery fire, and thousands and tens of thousands of troops were reduced to pieces.

The gate of Lightning Fortress opened, and 20 reinforced tanks rushed out of the fortress and fired at the troops of the two empires.

30,000 half blood beastman soldiers riding electric bikes and equipped with battle suits and Gauss Rifles rushed out of the fortress and followed the reinforced tanks.

200 hundred armed helicopters flew out of Lightning Fortress, and their machine guns roared and slaughtered anything they saw on the ground.

“Gryphon Corps! Hurry up and send Gryphon Corps!”

“Dragon Corps, dispatch Dragon Corps!”

Along with the roars of high-ranking generals of the two empires, 200 plus Gryphon Knights and 300 plus Dragon Knights flew out from the rear.

“How can this be?”

“Gryphon Corps is an elite corps composed of 10,000 people. How come there are only these few people remaining?”

“Whats going on with Dragon Corps? Where are the rest?”


Seeing their trump card suddenly turn into this, the high-ranking generals of the two empires are stunned and cannot believe their eyes.

Ashen-faced, Franz gritted his teeth and explained: “Damn it, our Gryphon Corps and Dragon Corps were hit by the artillery barrage fired by those damn half blood beastmen! Only these few people barely survived!”

Gryphon Corps and Dragon Corps were arranged 25 kilometers away from the battlefield. This is regarded as a safe distance in Feisuo Plane.

In front of these two flying corps, there are the barracks of the two empires filled with countless experts. It is virtually impossible to attack them.

Franz never expected that the enhanced heavy artilleries would have a range of tens of kilometers. Before the elite Gryphon Corps and Dragon Corps soldiers could display their skill, they were crushed under the terrifying artillery bombardment.

The armed helicopters fired numerous air-to-air missiles that blasted into the Gryphon Corps and Dragon Corps soldiers.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Gryphon Corps and Dragon Corps soldiers were torn apart by terrifying missile bombardment.

“Temple Knights, charge!”

Blessed with various divine spells and equipped with enchanted armors, the Temple Knights roared in anger and launched a charge towards the tanks.

The automatic Gauss Machine Guns mounted on the tanks roared and blasted the charging Templar Knight to pieces.

Even if some slipped through the cracks, they were shot by the half blood beastman soldiers around the tanks.


Accompanied by a furious roar, a deputy commander of Temple Knights with short blond hair and exuding pinnacle Legend rank aura shot out from between the rain of light, appeared in front of a reinforced tank, and slashed out with his sword, and a half-moon sword ray slammed into the front armor of the reinforced tank.

The half-moon sword ray only cut open a 30-centimeter-deep gash on the front armor of the reinforced tank.

A look of despair flashed in the eyes of the deputy commander of the Temple Knights, and he shouted: “How is this possible?”

A pinnacle Legend rank Sword Saint can cut through almost anything. They can wound and even slay a demigod rank powerhouse. Yet he didnt manage to cut the reinforced tank in two with a single trike, causing his conviction to collapse and despair to take over his mind.

The half blood beastman soldiers around the reinforced tank fired at the pinnacle Sword Saint from their Gauss Rifles.

The dense rain of light enveloped the Sword Saint in a flash. In an instant, the deputy commander of the Temple Knights was torn to pieces. Next his remains were ran over by the tank.

The charging Temple Knights collapsed under the integrated assault of the half blood beastmen.

There are a lot of powerhouses among the Temple Knight, including nearly 100 Sword Saints. They managed to kill nearly 1,000 half blood beastman soldiers. But in the end, they were still blasted into dregs by the half blood beastman soldiers.

Under the attack of Half Blood Beastman Empire, the allied forces of Morrince Empire and Titan Empire collapsed at once and suffered heavy casualties.

“Ha-ha! Everyone, attack! Now is the time for us to display our strength!”

Eyes shot with blood, the Red Dragon Duke smiled excitedly, chanted an incantation, pointed at the sky, and cast the demigod grade spell Dragon Covenant!

A huge portal appeared in the sky, and one giant Red Dragon exuding evil aura after another flew out of the portal.

A total of 21 adult Red Dragons flew out from the portal, and there is even a Starry Sky Warlock rank Ancient Red Dragon.

In Feisuo Plane, heroes possess tremendous strength. A hero can reverse the flow of war and help a weaker side win.

The Red Dragon Duke has a fearsome trump card that can reverse the flow of war, and that is the legendary spell Dragon Covenant. 21 Red Dragons plus one Starry Sky Warlock rank Ancient Red Dragon can even slay a demigod rank opponent.

Gazing at the Red Dragon Duke, the Ancient Red Dragon said in a booming voice: “Roji, have you prepared the sacrifice?”

“I have! Sir Gunn, here is what I have prepared for you…”

The Red Dragon Duke has just put his hand into a pocket, when bright light flashed, and his head burst apart. His headless corpse collapsed to the ground.

“Killed another one. This one looks to be the Red Dragon Duke! Its really exciting! This weapon is great!” In Lightning Fortress, Romulaj, who has cast the spell Eagle Eyes on herself, smiled excitedly and licked the enhanced Gauss Sniper Rifle in her hands. Her figure fluttered, and she disappeared into the dark.

When Red Dragon Duke died, the 21 Red Dragons ans well as the Starry Sky Warlock rank Ancient Red Dragon Gunn trembled and spewed out a large mouthful of blood. Their vitality was severely damaged. At the same time, the portal disappeared.

Dragons wont rashly sign a Dragon Covenant with other people. Because once the person who signed the Dragon Covenant dies, the respective dragons will be severely injured and will even have their lifespan shortened. Since dragons have a long lifespan, they naturally arent willing to sign such a covenant with ordinary humans.

The Red Dragon Duke obtained a god armament and paid a huge price before the greedy Red Dragons signed the Dragon Covenant. Of course, every time those greedy Red Dragons are summoned, the Red Dragon Duke has to pay a huge price.

Now that the Red Dragon Duke died, the 21 dragons who signed the Dragon Covenant with him suffered from a backlash and were seriously injured.

The dense Gauss Machine Gun barrage enveloped the 21 Red Dragons. The 21 Red Dragons have just received damage from the backlash, when they were punched full of huge bloody holes. Despite the astonishing defensive property, their scales with cannot block the Gauss Rifle barrage.

“We are Red Dragons from Dragon Island…”

Before the demigod rank Ancient Red Dragon could finish speaking, it was hit by countless Gauss Rifle projectiles, and countless fist-sized bloody holes appeared on its body, including its wings, and it fell to the ground.

Three reinforced tanks adjusted their aim, their muzzles flashed with flame tongues, and they fired three shells that slammed into the demigod rank Ancient Red Dragon and blasted it to pieces.

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