Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 728 – Seeking Peace

Chapter 727 – Defeating the Allied Forces

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When the human heroes saw this scene, their faces turned ashen, and dread flashed past their eyes. The demigod rank Ancient Red Dragon can contend against any one of them. But as soon as the Ancient Red Dragon appeared, it was killed by the half blood beastman army, making the blood of the human heroes run cold.

Franz said loudly: “Lets attack together! These half blood beastmen are the most frightening enemy we have ever encountered. Even the abyssal fiends arent as scary as they are! I will launch our strongest stump card, as well!”

At this moment, a 1,000-meter-tall Giant God Soldier exuding close to feeble divine force rank fluctuations of power and engraved with countless runes rose in Morrince Empires camp. This is the final trump camp of Morrince Empire.

In Titan Empire camp, a 200-meter-long ancient dragon engraved with countless runes opened its eyes, and close to feeble divine force rank fluctuations of power spread from it.

Black rays shone, and hundreds of Legend rank specter dragons suddenly appeared beside the ancient dragon and unleashed fearsome might.

Morrince Empires Giant God Soldier and Titan Empires ancient dragon are the final trump cards of the two empires. Both the Giant God Soldier and the ancient dragon possess terrifying power. If careless, even feeble divine force rank gods will die at their hands.

A dense rain of light beams slammed into the Giant God Soldier and set off ripples on the surface of its body.

Countless shells and missiles barreled towards the ancient dragon and detonated before they could reach it. They couldnt get within 10 meters of the ancient dragon.

“Giant God Soldier! Our Morrince Empires Giant God Soldier is absolutely invincible! Ha-ha! Shitty half blood beastmen, youre dead!”

Within Morrince Empires camps, many generals looked at the mountain-like Giant God Soldier with excitement and fanaticism in their eyes.

The Giant God Soldier is a treasure the founder of Morrince Empire obtained. It is a weapon the 7th Warlock Dynasty, Magic Note Dynasty, developed, and even ordinary people can use it.

The founder of Morrince Empire relied on Giant God Soldier and various god armament he obtained by luck to rise above countless powerhouses in battle and finally establish Morrince Empire.

At this moment, in the center of Lightning Fortress, a 100-meter-long artillery engraved with countless mysterious runes, with a 3,900 mm caliber appeared.

Countless rays of light gleamed, and the huge artillery drained the energy of countless magic stones and magic cores. All of a sudden, a fearsome beam shot out and blasted into the Giant God Soldiers energy core at its central position at once.


The energy core of the Giant God Soldier was instantly blasted to pieces, and a terrifying explosion swept in all directions.

Hundreds of soldiers around the Giant God Soldier were swept by the explosion as well and suffered heavy casualties.

“Destroyed! Our Giant God Soldier was destroyed!”

When Morrince Empires powerhouses saw that the Giant God Soldier was destroyed, despair flashed in their eyes.

After the shot was fired, hundreds of half blood beastman soldiers bringing a large number of magic stones and magic cores quickly cleaned the dust and installed the magic stones and magic cores on the huge artillery.

The ancient dragon flapped its wings and, under the protection of the hundreds of specter dragons, rose into the air and fought with the armed helicopters.

The hundreds of specter dragons are extremely fast, and they can fire fearsome dragon breath. As soon as they went into battle, they destroyed the armed helicopters in the sky one after another.

The sound of explosions rang in the sky nonstop, and numerous armed helicopter debris splashed around. At the same time, groups of specter dragons filled with negative energy shot to the ground.

Despite being equipped with battle suits, the half blood beastman soldiers were instantly corrode and turned into weird corpses when they were hit by the specter dragons dragon breath.

Claude roared: “Follow me to destroy that huge artillery! Dont give it a chance to recharge!”

With a two-meter-long god armament Blade of Courage in hand, Claude erupted with demigod rank aura, his body expanded by a size, and he shot towards Lightning Fortress at a speed invisible to the naked eye.

Powerful auras rose from the back, and a Black Dragon, a devil, a fiend, and other formidable extraordinary life forms appeared in the camps of the two empires.

Each of the human heroes used their trump cards and displayed frightening power. These human heroes are junior demigod rank powerhouses at the weakest and pinnacle demigod rank powerhouses at the strongest.

Within Morrison Empires camp, hundreds of powerhouses, with Angel wings on their back, flew out. These powerhouses are fully integrated with Angels, and they possess Legend rank cultivation base. There are even 10 people who are demigod rank powerhouses among them.

Within Titan Empire camp, 30 plus priests emitted demigod rank fluctuations of power. They are peerless powerhouses who fully integrated with Martyrs.

Close to 100 demigod rank powerhouses have gathered here. Even if a gods avatar appeared here, they would be slayed by the close to 100 demigod rank powerhouses.

Sensing the changes in the surroundings, the human heroes relaxed and gazed at Lightning Fortress with excitement in their eyes.

Although the conventional armies of the two empires have suffered heavy casualties and have collapsed. But the close to 100 demigod rank powerhouses possess the terrifying power to reverse the situation.

“Follow me! Kill…”

Claude screamed excitedly and charged forward. But halfway through his roar, he saw half blood beastman female soldiers equipped with Silver Storm fly out of Lightning Fortress in an endless stream, and he became distracted.

Exuding demigod rank fluctuations of power, the female soldiers equipped with Silver Storm number 10,000 individuals.

“Demigod rank powerhouses!”

“10,000! 10,000 demigod rank powerhouses? This, this, how is it possible?”

“How do we fight 10,000 demigod rank powerhouses?”


When they saw the great number of half blood beastman female soldiers equipped with Silver Storm in the sky, the human demigod rank powerhouses were stunned, unable to believe their eyes.

Numerous female soldiers pounced on the ancient dragon and the hundreds of specter dragons.

Brilliant sword rays cut through space as 1,000 female soldiers besieged the hundreds of Legend rank specter dragons.

Those female soldiers equipped with Silver Storm are the elites who received rigorous combat training. Although they cannot wield demigod rank power with great precision. But by relying on their numerical advantage, they slayed the specter dragons one by one.

Besieged by 1,000 half blood beastman female soldiers, cracks appeared all over the ancient dragons body.

The female soldiers also suffered severe injuries from time to time. Whenever they are seriously injured, they will turn into a stream of silver light and shoot towards Lightning Fortress.

The Silver Storm magic cube has an auto-save function installed. Once the users life is in danger, the unit will take the user out of the battlefield and return to a designated location.

The other 8,000 female soldiers flew towards the demigod rank powerhouses of the two empires.

With a flash of red light, the Ruby Prince entered the ground and fled into the distance.

As soon as the the Ruby Prince fled, the rest of the human heroes also conjured various secret methods and fled towards the distance. Escape when the situation is far from being encouraging, if the human heroes didnt understand this, they would have died in the democalypse and turned into a pile of bones.

As soon as the human heroes, who are the cornerstone of the allied forces, escaped, the armies of the two empires crumbled completely. Only a few true believer and fanatic rank priests fought with the half blood beastman female soldiers wearing Silver Storm.

After the female soldiers killed all the remaining powerhouses, they immediately returned to Lightning Fortress to replenish energy and rest. After all, most of the female soldiers are ordinary half blood beastmen. Using Silver Storm is a huge burden on them.

Under the attack of Lightning Fortresss 200,000 half blood beastman mechanized troops, the elite armies of the two empires were completely routed. The casualties of the two empires mounted to more than 1 million troops. At the same time, upwards of 500,000 troops surrendered to Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs army took this opportunity to attack Morrince Empire and Titan Empire. As if crushing dry weeds, they easily captured the cities before them.

Large areas of Morrince Empire and Titan Empire fell into Yang Fengs hands.

All races in Feisuo Plane were shocked by the result of this war.

Before the war, no one was optimistic about Yang Fengs prospects. After all, Yang Fengs forces in the secular world were established not too long ago. They lack in terms of foundation and number of powerhouses. Both Morrince Empire and Titan Empire are human empires with countless powerhouses, and they have the guidance of the respective pantheons in the background. But the outcome of the war was that the two empires were defeated, and their elites were almost completely wiped out. This naturally caused a huge sensation.

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