Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 728 – Seeking Peace

o come serve you.”

If Yang Feng fancied a certain goddess of Zaliah Pantheon, Avili would have to go back and consult with the other gods. However, a mere divine chosen, even if it is the divine chose the Goddess of Dance dotes on the most, but in the eyes of the gods, she is just a plaything that can be given away casually.

When Yang Feng saw that Avili readily agreed to his request, a complicated feeling surged inside him: “This is the power of authority. If I stop moving forward, then the person who will be given up and sacrificed at will might be me.”

When he first arrived at Feisuo Plane, Yang Feng was just a level-2 Warlock. At that time, Florence was already a divine chosen with a honorable and respected status. But now with a few words from Yang Feng, Zaliah Pantheon will offer her to him without hesitation. This shows that the gap in status between the two has undergone an earth-shaking reversal.

If Yang Feng was only satisfied with being an ordinary aristocrat in Morrince Empire, it would be impossible for him to take Florence as his wife.

“Someone else has come as well!”

Yang Feng beckoned, and gold light shone in the center of the hall. A handsome young man with blue hair and dressed in clothing with a crude sense of aesthetics appeared in the hall.

The handsome young man swept Avili with a glance, and his eyes narrowed slightly. The he bowed deeply towards Yang Feng and said: “Mighty God of Massacre, I am Titan Pantheons God of Envoys Schiller. Its an honor to meet you.”

Yang Feng spoke coldly: “What brings you here, speak!”

Schiller replied respectfully: “We gods of Titan Pantheon were previously instigated by a vile character, which resulted in an unpleasant development between our sides. I came this time in the hopes of smoothing things over and restoring peace between our forces in the secular world.”

A trace of excitement in her beautiful eyes, Shirley transmitted via a spell: “Big Brother, can you let us take charge of the negotiations? As long as you give us a bottom line, we will definitely be able to fulfill the task.”

Much like the negotiations in the secular world, negotiations between gods require intrigues, many discussions, and dogged fights over interests.

Now that Yang Fengs army in the secular world defeated the armies of the two empires, it is an excellent opportunity to profiteer. Shirley really wants to showcase her talent under such circumstances.

Shirley and Susan are not only proficient in all kinds of pillow talk techniques, but are also expert at political intrigues. At the same time, they have outstanding abilities in all aspects. Some feeble divine force gods are not their opponents in battle. Not reconciled with just becoming Yang Fengs favorite playthings, they want to gain more status.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “Okay! You and your sister are in charge of the negotiations with Titan Pantheon.”

“Thank you, Big Brother!”

“I love you, Big brother!”

There was a flash of delight in the beautiful eyes of Shirley and Susan, and they each gave Yang Feng a light kiss on the cheek.

Next, Shirley and Susan carried out the negotiations with Schiller on the spot.

Standing aside, Avili saw Shirley and Susan force Schiller to sign one unfair treaty after another and his blood ran cold at once.

Although Shirley and Susan are not as good as the God of Diplomacy in negotiations, but they have a huge advantage, that is, Yang Fengs army in the secular world has defeated the coalition forces of the two empires. On this basis, no matter how Schiller struggles, he still has to take concessions again and again.

In the end, Schiller agreed to give Yang Feng the materials to build two top Angel Pools before the two parties finally signed a peace treaty.

The gods in the starry sky determine the start and end of wars!

After Yang Feng signed the peace treaty with the two human pantheons, his army in the surface world stopped all offensive activities and began various constructions. At the same time, the forces under Yang Fengs control converged to form Holy Moon Empire. The emperor of Holy Moon Empire is Yang Feng and the empress is the half blood beastman Katherine.

Holy Moon Empire is a mixed state of humans and half blood beastmen. Originally, half blood beastmen had no good impression of humans. But after learning about Yang Fengs history, they accepted the humans of Red Earth Wasteland. After all, Yang Feng is also a human. If the half blood beastmen dont accept humans, then once they are abandoned by Yang Feng, their glory will be ruined, and they will be reduced to the lowest existences in Feisuo Plane again.

Yang Feng is a god and cannot take charge of an empire at all times. As such, Holy Moon Empires de facto regent is Katherine. In the future, Holy Moon Empire will be reigned by gods descendants with Yang Fengs bloodline.

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