Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 730 – Struggle in Battle Demon Sect

Chapter 729 – Shocking Huang Yihe

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“Teacher has something urgent to discuss with me!”

Bright Moon Province, a small Warlock groups headquarters, in a secret room, a jade card suddenly few out from Yang Feng and radiated dazzling light. He looked at the jade card and showed a thoughtful expression.

After he spent a nice time in Feisuo Plane, Yang Fengs true body returned to Bright Moon Province to enter secluded cultivation.

Cangzhi Plane is a super grade 1 plane where the Eternal was born. So far, human Warlocks havent discovered any other super grade 1 planes other than Cangzhi Plane.

Since the laws of heaven and earth in Cangzhi Plane are much richer and stronger than in other planes, it is easier for human Warlocks to practice cultivation in Cangzhi Plane than on any other plane. Thus Yang Feng returned to Cangzhi Plane to practice cultivation.

As one of Great Cloud Dynastys 36 greater provinces, Bright Moon Province contains far richer life magic energy than other places. This is why Yang Feng came to Bright Moon Province.

Li Gui Province is a restricted area for Infinity Warlocks. After he obtained Fate Algorithm, Yang Feng vaguely felt that it would be very dangerous if he continued to stay in Li Gui Province. So he left Li Gui Province, which is a place filled with wicked aura.

Before long, Yang Feng turned into a stream of light and disappeared from the headquarters.

Overlord Sea is a sea that belongs to the sphere of influence of Lan Imperial Court of the three merfolk imperial courts. The headquarters of Lan Imperial Court are located in Overlord Sea.

Overlord Sea is a place in Cangzhi Place that human Warlocks cant mess with. Even if it is an Infinity Warlock, they will be directly put down by Lan Imperial Courts powerhouses if they act presumptuously in Overlord Sea.

Land belongs to human Warlocks, sea belongs to merfolk. Except for the Eight Warlock Dynasty ages, human Warlocks simply cannot conquer the vast seas and make the merfolk bow their heads.

Overlord Sea, in a remote red coral reef, there is a Scarlet Blood Sea Snake swimming quietly.

When the Scarlet Blood Sea Snake hit a black boulder in the red coral reef, a strange scene took place. The surface of the black boulder warped and formed a huge maw that engulfed the Scarlet Blood Sea Snake.

Drawn into the huge maw, the Scarlet Blood Sea Snake crossed narrow passages one after another, and queer black runes appeared on its body one after another.

The space distorted, and the Scarlet Blood Sea Snake suddenly appeared in an extremely wide space with rich life magic energy. The space is filled with exquisite palaces, and human Warlocks can be seen everywhere.

As soon as the Scarlet Blood Sea Snake appeared in this space, it blurred and transformed into Yang Feng.

Yang Feng glanced at the surroundings and exclaimed: “They opened a space in the Deep Sea Giant Space Beast! No wonder Demon Hunting Division cant find any traces of our Battle Demon Sects disciples.”

This is a huge space that Battle Demon Sects human Warlocks opened in the body of a Glorious Sun Warlock rank Deep Sea Giant Space Beast by using heaven-defying alchemy and all kinds of incredible spatial spells.

This huge space is filled with outrageously powerful life magic energy. Although it cannot compare to the original headquarters of Battle Demon Sect, but the speed of practicing cultivation here is still much higher than in other places.

The Deep Sea Giant Space Beast hides in an area of Overlord Sea 30,000 meters below the sea level. From time to time, it moves to hunt. Even though Great Cloud Dynastys Demon Hunting Divisions powerhouses are proficient in tracking spells, but they dont dare to come here and act presumptuously.

“Thats right. Cangzhi Plane is the root and the ultimate home of us human Warlocks. In any case, it is impossible for us to completely give up Cangzhi Plane.”

Following a soft sigh, the space in front of Yang Feng warped, and Huang Yihe appeared in front of him.

Yang Feng bowed to Huang Yihe and said: “Greetings, Teacher!”

Huang Yihe glanced at Yang Feng, and then his face suddenly froze, and his eyes flashed with doubt. After hesitating for a while, he asked, curious: “Fenger, how far have you practiced cultivation? Why cant I see through your cultivation base?”

Yang Feng answered calmly: “Teacher, I have practiced cultivation to the junior Bright World Warlock rank!”

Shocked, Huang Yihe was exclaimed: “Junior… junior Bright World Warlock! How, how is this possible?”

After Yang Fengs soul aptitude was promoted to superior level-8, Huang Yihe understood that Yang Feng would promote to a Glorious Sun Warlock without suspense, and he would even have a very high possibility of promoting to a Bright World Warlock.

But as a powerhouse who formed a virtual world, Huang Yihe understands how difficult it is for Warlocks treading the strongest Warlock path to advance.

A powerhouse who has formed a virtual world inside them is like a huge bottomless pit that devours massive amounts of resources. Except for Yang Feng, none of Huang Yihes personal disciples have formed a virtual world. And that is because the resources needed to form a virtual world are too great.

Moreover, the promotion to a Bright World Warlock from a Glorious Sun Warlock constitutes a huge barrier that countless geniuses are stuck at, unable to break through. The success rate of the Glorious Sun Warlocks promoting to Bright World Warlocks is only slightly higher than that of Bright World Warlocks promoting to Infinity Warlocks.

In order to advance to a Bright World Warlock, Huang Yihe has suffered immensely. He has gone to countless planes to adventure. It took him 700 years to promote to a Bright World Warlock from a quasi-Bright World Warlock.

The speed of Yang Fengs progress made Huang Yihe feel like he, who has always been called a peerless genius, is an ordinary person, and envy welled up inside him involuntarily.

After a moment, Huang Yihe laughed excitedly: “Great! Great! Thats really great! Bright World Warlock! Ha-ha. To be able to nurture a Bright World Warlock, I could not be happier.”

Yang Feng asked: “Teacher, why did you call me here this time?”

Huang Yihe responded with an excited smile: “A resource astral body of ours in Astral Boundary has been targeted by Red Rage Planes Heart of Fury and Submerged Tomb Planes Graveyard of the Dead. We have already fought against the powerhouses of the two planes several times on that resource astral body, with both sides suffering heavy casualties. In the end, it was decided that well determine the ownership of the resource astral body through a competition between genius disciples under our command. You are my most remarkable disciple, so I plan to let you take part in the competition and teach a good lesson to the genius disciples of the two planes.

Yang Feng asked, curious: “But since I have already promoted to a Bright World Warlock, can I even participate in this competition?”

Huang Yihe responded with an excited smile: “In this competitions, all disciples under the age of 300 can participate.”

Huang Yihe patted his head and smiled excitedly, saying: “Oh, thats right, Fenger, make a trip to Battle Demon Plane, to Battle Demon Sects headquarters. In the headquarters, there is Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda the founder of our sect has left behind. It is a magic pagoda that serves to test the genius disciples of our sect. Disciples under 300 years old can enter it and participate in the trial by fire. No one has ever reached the ninth floor. At most, there only has been a disciples who reached the seventh floor. If it is you, you might be able to enter the ninth floor. In the ninth floor, there must be treasures left by the founder of our sect.”

Yang Feng Uttered: “Yes! Teacher!”

The grade 4 plane Battle Demon Plane is the foundation of Battle Demon Sect. In Battle Demon Plane, Battle Demon Sect has three strong divine force rank gods guarding it, making the planes defenses virtually invulnerable.

In Battle Demon Plane, Battle Demon Sects headquarters is a legendary holy land where gods reside.

In the center of Battle Demon Plane, there is a continent floating high in the clouds, floating 100,000 meters above ground. That floating continent is Battle Demon Sects headquarters. In the center of the floating continent, there are multiple peaks, each of which has multiple palaces constructed of top of them. That is the headquarters of Battle Demon Sect.

The headquarters of Battle Demon Sect cover an area of thousands of hectares. In a huge square paved with white jade and engraved with countless runes, there are two distinct groups of people.

One group is comprised of Battle Demon Planes Warlock geniuses, the other group is composed of Cangzhi Planes Warlock geniuses. Under the leadership of their respective leaders, the two sides are eyeing each other. The atmosphere here is rather tense.

As the origin of Battle Demon Sect, Cangzhi Plane has birthed countless powerhouses of Battle Demon Sect. All the other branches of Battle Demon Sect in different planes respect Cangzhi Planes branch.

Bai Wuqing used ruthless methods to remove the Ten Great Sects and force them out of Cangzhi Plane. The headquarters of Cangzhi Planes Battle Demon Sect branch was thus relocated to Battle Demon Plane, resulting in a tense situation.

Battle Demon Plane is a grade 4 plane rich in resources. However, there are many Warlocks who have come from Cangzhi Plane. Moreover, the resources Moonlight Warlocks and Glorious Sun Warlocks consume to practice cultivation are huge. Now that Cangzhi Planes Warlocks have arrived, they took away a share of Battle Demon Planes Warlocks. This of course put both sides at odds.

In the center of the huge white jade square, there is a large arena, inside which there are two Warlocks fighting.

After a long stalemate, a Warlock issued a roar, stimulated the bloodline power inside him, and turned into a 100-meter-long Astral Python covered in runes and with eight weird eyes.

The eight weird eyes of the Astral Python fired green rays that slammed into the other Warlock. The other Warlock swayed and fell to the ground.

The Astral Python suddenly changed back into the human form. The barrier around the large arena disappeared, and a series of healing spells instantly fell on the Warlock who has fallen on the ground and saved him.

A handsome young man wearing a silver-white Warlock robe, holding a folding fan, with heroic features and an unearthly temperament looked at an enchanting girl, who has long black hair, a tall and curvaceous figure, slender legs, a heroic temperament, on the other side and said with a smile: “Junior Disciple Sister Jing, its 9 wins, 6 losses, and 1 draw, we won!”

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