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Chapter 731 – One-shotting Chi Jiang

Chapter 730 – Struggle in Battle Demon Sect

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The young man wearing a silver-white Warlock robe is Ding Longjiang, the eldest senior disciple brother of Battle Demon Planes Battle Demon Sects headquarters. His teacher is one of the three strong divine force rank gods of Battle Demon Plane, God of War Xing Rentu.

The girl with long black hair and a heroic temperament, exuding self-confidence and charm is Jing Xuefeng, a personal disciple of Yue Wuxian of Cangzhi Planes Battle Demon Sects four great elders.

Since Yuan Yi and other powerhouses are either lurking in Cangzhi Plane, or are adventuring in other planes, Jing Xuefeng is in charge of things in Battle Demon Plane.

Jing Xuefeng said lightly: “Why are you in such a hurry? Our true disciples havent fought yet!”

The resources of Battle Demon Plane cannot compare to the resources of a greater province of Cangzhi Plane. In Battle Demon Plane, competition over resources is fierce. As such, Battle Demon Planes low-level disciples have far richer fighting experience than Cangzhi Planes.

However, as Yue Wuxians personal disciple, Jing Xuefeng is a powerhouse who has gone through countless battles. She is able to represent the true combat power of Cangzhi Planes Battle Demon Sect.

Ding Longjiang smiled gently and said: “It is not us who will fight with the disciples of Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead, but the disciples under 300 years old. Lets select our best seedlings to enter Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda to compete. This way, it wont strain our relationship. After all, were all disciples of Battle Demon Sect, so there is no need to make our relationship tense!”

The two factions of Battle Demon Sect are clashing in order to determine the quota to fight the disciples of Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead.

The disciples who will fight the disciples of Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead will get a lot of resources. At the same time, this will also affect the resource allocation for disciples from Battle Demon Plane and Cangzhi Plane, which is why the powerhouses from both factions assign so much importance to this.

Warlock cultivation is inseparable from cultivation resources. Without cultivation resources, no matter how talented you are, it will be difficult to get ahead. And as long as you have sufficient resources and work hard, then even if you are talentless, you can become a powerhouse. Of course, if a talentless person wants to grow into a powerhouse, itll require the consumption of more than a thousand times as much resources as a talented person would require. Naturally, sects are more willing to cultivate talented rather than talentless people.

Jing Xuefeng hesitated for a while, then nodded and agreed: “Okay! Since its them who are going to fight, then it should be a competition between them.”

Although the disciples of the two factions dont really see eye to eye, but their main conflict lies in the allocation of resources. It isnt an irreconcilable feud. In the past, many Warlocks from Battle Demon Plane have gone to Cangzhi Plane, gained experience, and became part of the upper echelon of Cangzhi Planes Battle Demon Sect.

Of Battle Demon Sects four great elders, Yu Jingang is a genius who came from Battle Demon Plane. Moreover, both Ding Longjiang and Jing Xuefeng have many friends in Cangzhi Plane and Battle Demon Plane respectively. Although they have to come forward as representatives of their respective factions, but their personal relationship is good. They even worked together to complete several missions.

“These are our two Junior Disciple Brothers and one Junior Disciple Sister! They are Chi Jiang, Jing Wuyan, and Huai Bingping!”

Ding Longjiang clapped his hands, then the space behind him warped, and two boys and a girl walked out.

The two boys are handsome and have extraordinary temperaments. At first glance, they look like elites. They exude pinnacle Moonlight Warlock rank aura. The girl is wearing a gorgeous silver-white palace dress, her skin is snow-white, her features are exquisite, and her beautiful eyes are full of pride and self-confidence.

When Jing Xuefeng saw the girl dressed in a silver-white gorgeous palace dress, her complexion suddenly flickered, and she exclaimed: “Junior Glorious Sun Warlock! She, shes actually a junior Glorious Sun Warlock!”

There are countless geniuses in Battle Demon Demon Sec. But most of the Warlocks under the age of 300 are only Starry Sky Warlocks. Anyone able to advance to a Moonlight Warlock at the age of 300 is already considered a genius among geniuses.

This Huai Bingping has already promoted to a Glorious Sun Warlock before the age of 300. Even though its only the junior Glorious Sun Warlock rank, but shes already considered to be a freakish geniuses. It should be noted that most of Great Cloud Dynastys Moonlight Seven Stars are over 500 years old.

Ding Longjiang smiled and said: “Yes, Junior Disciple Sister Huai is the most outstanding genius of the young generation on our side! I heard that there are two great geniuses in the young generation in Cangzhi Planes headquarters, namely Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng and Junior Disciple Sister Shi Xue. I wonder if we can take a look at them?”

Yang Feng and Shi Xue are legends of Battle Demon Sects younger generation. Shi Xue is a genuine peerless genius whose cultivation progresses by leaps and bounds, with almost no bottleneck. Before losing contact with Battle Demon Sect, Yang Feng, relying on his own effort, has already become a Moonlight Warlock. He overwhelmed the numerous supreme talents of Cangzhi Planes Western World.

Although Battle Demon Planes Warlock geniuses are proud and arrogant. But they are aware that the Warlock geniuses from Cangzhi Planes Western World are definitely not simple characters. For Yang Feng to be able to crush them, he must be extremely powerful and should not be underestimated.

Huai Bingping looked at Jing Xuefeng expectantly, filled with fighting spirit. She has been called a genius since she was a child, and she is indeed as dazzling as a genius. It only took her less than 300 years to promote to a Glorious Sun Warlock. Prideful, she naturally isnt convinced of the greatness of Yang Feng and Shi Xue.

A complicated look in her beautiful eyes, Jing Xuefeng said: “Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng and Junior Disciple Sister Shi Xue are true supreme talents! Their whereabouts are unknown, and I cant reach them either. Otherwise, if they went to fight, our Battle Demon Sect would surely be able to defeat the disciples of Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead.”

Chi Jiang said proudly: “Senior Disciple Sister Jing, Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng and Junior Disciple Sister Shi Xue are brimming with talent and have extraordinary combat power They are indeed the future stars of our Battle Demon Sect. However, it hasnt been long since they have promoted to Moonlight Warlocks. If it comes to combat strength, they may not be our opponents.”

Both Yang Feng and Shi Xue possess superior level-8 (Battle Demon Sect doesnt know that he broke through the god-man boundary) soul aptitude. This kind of soul aptitude is simply tyrannical. In the entire Battle Demon Sect, no one else has such a tyrannical soul aptitude.

Although Chi Jiang is extremely proud, but he also understands that Yang Fengs future achievements will be far greater than his own. But for the time being, he has the confidence to defeat Yang Feng. After all, he has entered the Moonlight Warlock realm more than 150 years ago. During the past 150 years, he has worked hard on cultivation and never slackened for even a day.

“If Yang Feng were here, except for Junior Disciple Sister Huai, you would not be his opponents.”

The space distorted, and three young-looking Warlocks, a girl and two boys, walked out. It is Zhang Hanshan, Zhuo Yifan, and Zhou Feng. When Zhang Hanshan heard Chi Jiangs words, she couldnt help but refute them.

Zhuo Yifan and Zhou Feng nodded and came to Jing Xuefengs side with Zhang Hanshan.

Zhang Hanshan and the other two are currently the most outstanding Moonlight Warlocks in Battle Demon Sects younger generation from Cangzhi Plane. Most other Moonlight Warlocks are over 300 years old.

Chi Jiang sneered: “Junior Moonlight Warlocks? To send only the three of you, it looks like Cangzhi Planes headquarters has declines! I alone can defeat the three of you. I admit that Yang Feng is indeed a genius. However, geniuses also take time to grow. He may become much stronger than me in the future. But currently he is definitely not my opponent.”

There was a flash of anger in the eyes of the Zhang Hanshan and the other two, and they glared at Chi Jiang.

Ding Longjiang glanced at Zhang Hanshans group, disappointment streaked across his eyes, and he said calmly: “Junior Disciple Sister Jing, are they the people you chose? If so, then there is no need to compete, right? Theyre too weak!”

Jing Xuefeng frowned slightly and fell into an awkward silence.

Zhang Hanshans group of three are personal disciples of three great elders. Besides, they have experienced fortuitous encounters in Time Sky City. Each one of them is very strong, far stronger that ordinary intermediate Moonlight Warlocks.

However, Chi Jiang and Jing Wuyan are both pinnacle Moonlight Warlocks, while Huai Bingping even more so is a junior Glorious Sun Warlock. They are far stronger than Zhang Hanshans group of three. If they continues, it will appear like Jing Xuefengs side is being unreasonable.

Zhang Hanshan gazed at Chi Jiangs trio with a look unwillingness in her eyes. Although they are all geniuses. But after all, their cultivation time is too short, and their strength is still far behind that Chi Jiang and them.

“Yang Feng, Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng!”

“Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng is here!”

“Its Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng!”


All of a sudden, excited calls erupted from the side of Cangzhi Planes Warlocks. Everyone looked in the direction of the commotion and saw Yang Feng, who is dressed in white clothes and is exuding a faint overbearing aura, walk this way.

Under everyones gazes, Yang Feng, with a relaxed expression on his face, came to Jing Xuefengs side and spoke with a smile: “Senior Disciple Sister Jing, Im here.”

Jing Xuefeng is Yue Wuxians chief disciple. When Yang Feng has gone to see Shi Xue, he met her several times. Although the relationship between the two isnt deep, but it isnt bad either. After all, she is not a nuisance.

“I cant see his cultivation base! He learned such a powerful concealment secret method!”

Jing Xuefeng looked deeply at Yang Feng, and then said with a smile: “Junior Disciple Brother Yang, are you willing to fight the disciples of Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead for Battle Demon Sect?”

Yang Feng replied lightly: “I am.”

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