Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 732 – Shocking Battle Demon Sect

Chapter 731 – One-shotting Chi Jiang

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As soon as Ding Longjiang and the other top Warlock geniuses from Battle Demon Plane saw Yang Feng appear, their gazes focused on him, and their eyes flashed with enigmatic rays.

With his superior level-8 soul aptitude (Battle Demon Sect doesnt know that he broke through the god-man boundary), Yang Feng will undoubtedly advance to a Bright World Warlock in the future, and it is not impossible to even promote to an Infinity Warlock.

Yang Feng defeated Western Worlds Warlock geniuses in Time Sky City. In Battle Demon Sect, even in Battle Demon Plane, there are many Warlock geniuses who admire him very much.

These Battle Demon Planes Warlock geniuses admit that Yang Feng is a future star of Battle Demon Sect, a future mighty pillar of Battle Demon Sect. However, Yang Feng is a member of Cangzhi Planes headquarters, which makes these Battle Demon Sects Warlock geniuses have complicated feelings towards him.

Eyes shimmering with scorching fighting spirit, Chi Jiang he took a step forward and said in a deep voice: “Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, I am Chi Jiang, and my cultivation base is in the pinnacle Moonlight Warlock realm. Please spar with me!”

“Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, agree!”

“Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, teach him a lesson!”

“Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, show us what youre made of!”


The surrounding Warlocks showed looks of excitement. No matter if it is Battle Demon Planes Warlocks or Cangzhi Planes Warlocks, they both exclaimed excitedly.

Ever since he suppressed Western Worlds peerless geniuses in Time Sky City, Yang Feng became regarded as the most legendary Warlock to appear in Battle Demon Sect in the past several centuries. These Battle Demon Sects Warlocks are this excited because they want to witness the strength of this legendary Warlock very much.

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “In this case, I will spar with you, Senior Disciple Brother Chi Jiang.”

Overjoyed, Chi Jiangs figure shook, and he turned into a stream of light and flew directly into the large arena, and then looked at Yang Feng with excitement.

Chi Jiang knows that with his talent, it will be very difficult for him to promote a Glorious Sun Warlock. Although his combat power is amazing, but Yang Feng will eventually catch up to him. If he can beat Yang Feng once while Yang Feng is still weak, he will be able to show off in the future.

Yang Feng took a step forward, his body blurred, and he also appeared in the large arena.

“Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, be careful!” Chi Jiang shouted, then silently chanted an incantation and operated Battle Demon Secret Method, and a black Battle Demon Armor covered his body completely. Traces of berserk and mad aura spread from him and set off against the fierce Battle Demon Armor, making him seem like he has turned into a terrifying battle demon.

Chi Jiang spread the fingers of a hand, and a level-6 secret treasure Sword of Scarlet Flame, exuding the law of fire, appeared in his hand, and then countless flames formed a barrier of fire around him.

Chi Jiang waved his sword, and a 100-meter-long fire dragon containing the law of fire swept towards Yang Feng.

“Amazing, this is Seven Color Skyfires dragon form!”

“Terrific! To be able to cultivate Seven Color Skyfire to the dragon form, Senior Disciple Brother Chi Jiang is worthy of being called young God of Fire! Hes really amazing!”


When the disciples saw the huge fire dragon, they revealed excitement in their eyes.

Seven Color Skyfire is a powerful fire secret method of Battle Demon Sect. it is only slightly inferior to Tai Yi Sects Nine Brilliant Suns Secret Method. For ordinary geniuses, it would take them at least 500 years to cultivate Seven Color Skyfire until the dragon form.

Yang Feng looked at the dragon form Seven Color Skyfire and praised: “Dragon form Seven Color Skyfire, not bad!”

In the next moment, the dragon form Seven Color Skyfire engulfed Yang Feng.

“Junior Disciple Brother Yang!”

“Senior Disciple Brother Yang!”


The complexions of many Warlocks suddenly changed dramatically, and they screamed in shock. Although Chi Jiangs dragon form Seven Color Skyfire is powerful, but it is not so powerful that it would instakill a Moonlight Warlock. Every Moonlight Warlock has mastered various secret methods to defend against an attack like this.

But once the dragon form Seven Color Skyfire has completely engulfed you, then even a Glorious Sun Warlock will be severely injured, or even killed.

All the Warlocks present are aware that Yang Feng is the future mighty pillar of Battle Demon Sect. Now that he was engulfed by Seven Color Skyfire, everyone was naturally greatly alarmed.

Ding Longjiangs eyes constricted slightly, and fearsome fluctuations of power rose inside him, but then disappeared. He sighed, a complicated look in his yes: “Incredible! Junior Disciple Brother Yang is really incredible.”

Jing Xuefeng smiled and said: “But hes a bit naughty. Just now, I jumped up from fright.”

A dignified gleam streaked past Huai Bingpings beautiful eyes.

Zhang Hanshan and several other weaker Moonlight Warlocks cast spells. Strange runes appeared in their eyes, and they looked into Seven Color Skyfire. Only then did they see Yang Feng surrounded by faint black light inside Seven Color Skyfire.

When Seven Color Skyfire touches the faint black light, it disappears.

“Its over!”

A flat voice suddenly came from behind Chi Jiang, and a finger lightly touched the back of his head.

A premonition of death surged inside Chi Jiangs mind. He suddenly ejected, spun in the air, and flew thousands of meters away. Once he landed, he looked at the Yang Feng who strangely appeared behind him, surprised.

“Awesome, Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, you exceeded my expectations by far. Let me try my best to defeat you!”

A dignified glint flashed in Chi Jiangs eyes, then he silently recited an incantation, and runes formed from flames appeared around him. Fearsome law of fire formed and swirled around him.


Yang Feng snapped his fingers, and a black mark instantly emerged from the back of Chi Jiangs head. Countless black runes spread towards Chi Jiangs limbs like ants and eroded his body.

Within a breath of time, Chi Jiangs body was fully eroded by the countless runes. He swayed and fell to the ground, an incredulous look on his face.

“I concede!”

When Chi Jiang fell to the ground, he tried more than a dozen secret methods, but couldnt get rid of the weird runes on his body. He could only concede, a wry smile on his face.

Yang Feng snapped his fingers, and the countless weird runes on Chi Jiang flew out, formed a cloud of black gas, and flew into his hand.

As soon as the countless weird runes disappeared, Chi Jiang felt that the power in his body was restored.

A complex look in his eyes, Chi Jiang exclaimed in sincere admiration: “Awesome! Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, your spell is really impressive. Youre indeed a freak who overpowered countless supreme geniuses in Time Sky City.”

Yang Feng said with a faint smile: “You let me win!”

“Amazing! Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, your reputation is really well-deserved!”

“As expected of the purportedly strongest powerhouse of the younger generation! Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, youre really strong!”


All the Warlocks at the scene are excited and filled with pride.

In the world of Warlocks, a peerless genius has the power to make a huge Warlock group prosper, a peerless powerhouse may be able to establish a mighty Warlock dynasty by themselves.

The stronger Yang Feng is, the stronger Battle Demon Sect he backs will become. As disciples of Battle Demon Sect, they can also obtain great benefits.

“Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, there is still Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda! Lets have a competition in Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda!”

Chi Jiang took a deep look at Yang Feng, then his figure fluttered, and he turned into a scarlet flame and flew towards Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda.

The figures of Jing Wuyan and Huai Bingping also fluttered, and they turned into a stream of light and flew towards Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda and entered inside.

Zhang Hanshan smiled at Yang Feng, then her figure swayed slightly, and she flew towards Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda: “Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, well go ahead!”

“junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, well go ahead!”

Zhuo Yifan and Zhou Feng took a deep look at Yang Feng, and envy streaked across their eyes. They greeted Yang Feng, then their figures swayed slightly, and they turn into a stream of light that flew into Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda.

Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda is not only a pagoda that serves to test Warlock genius, but it is also a top Monarch grade secret treasure. Any Warlock who enters it can gain huge benefits.

Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda doesnt open lightly. Generally speaking, even Battle Demon Sects true disciples can only enter once they spent a huge amount of contribution points. And only Warlocks under the age of 300 can enter.

Yang Feng took a step forward, his body blurred, and he appeared in front of Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda. He casually walked into Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda.

Ding Longjiang took a deep look at Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda and said, “Who knows which floor Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng can reach.”

Jing Xuefeng uttered: “The sixth floor! With his combat talent, he should be able to enter the sixth floor. Unfortunately, his cultivation time is too short, or else he would be able to enter the seventh floor.”

Ding Longjiang spoke with a smile: “Yes, but with his talent, I think that Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng will be able to enter Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda again! At that time, he might be able to ascend the eighth floor, becoming the first person in Battle Demon Sect to ever reach the eighth floor!”

When Jing Xuefeng thought of Yang Fengs fearsome speed of advancement, envy shimmered in her eyes involuntarily, and she said with complicated emotions: “If it is him, then it is indeed possible.”

After the light on the fourth floor of Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda lit up, ripples surged, and Zhou Feng flew out of the pagoda.

Zhou Feng glanced around, a look of unwillingness flashed across his eyes, and he said in a low voice: “Am I the first? Crap! It turns out that I am the weakest!”

Not long after, Zhang Hanshan and Zhuo Yifan also flew out of Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda.

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