Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 735 – Mu Luo Star

Chapter 734

734 – A Grand Welcome

Yang Feng looked at the two treasures in his hands with an enigmatic flash in his eyes and said slowly: “Core world, it turns out that the true powerhouses of human Warlocks are located in the core world! No wonder there are no other Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses invading Cangzhi Plane!”

In Cangzhi Planes surface world, the most powerful forces are Great Cloud Dynasty and Western Worlds three dynasties .

However, among the four dynasties, the strongest powerhouses are just Infinity Warlocks . There isnt even a single Warlock Monarch . Yang Feng has been curious about this .

Although the four dynasties all possesses Empyrean grade secret treasures, making it difficult for a Holy Spirit Warlock to capture their imperial capital . However, outside of the imperial capital, even though the four dynasties have Empyrean grade secret treasures, they are not the opponents of a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse .

Despite being a super grade 1 plane that can birth Eternals, Cangzhi Plane hasnt experienced the invasion from Holy Spirit Warlock rank existences of Evil God Plane, God Blood Plane, Savage Insect Plane, and other powerful planes so far . This is clearly strange .

However, if the essence of Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks is hidden in the core world, then that would explain why the Holy Spirit Warlock rank existences of other planes havent invaded Cangzhi Plane . Once the Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses of other planes come to Cangzhi Plane, if they arent careful, they will be quelled by Cangzhi Planes Holy Spirit Warlocks .

Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses are heaven defying geniuses, are monsters among monsters . Every part of their body is a top alchemy material . The power contained in a drop of their blood is enough to slay a Bright World Warlock .

Without a prior agreement, once an alien Holy Spirit Warlock enters another Holy Spirit Warlocks place, the latter wont miss this opportunity to hunt the former down .

Yang Feng smiled, light flashed in his hand, and he put away the Mist Black Spoon and the 10,000 Year Dazzling Light Nectar: “However, this has nothing to do with me . I wont enter the core world before reaching the limit . ”

In Cangzhi Planes surface world, there are also many relics and endless resources . If they can be fully utilized, it would be enough to promote someone to a Warlock Monarch, or even a Holy Spirit Warlock .

Although the core world is extremely rich in resources, but it is also full of powerhouses . Yang Feng doesnt intend to enter the core world before he reached the limit .

With a flash, the roof of Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda burst out with dazzling white light that formed a path white light extending outward .

Yang Feng slowly walked out of the pagoda along the path of white light .

Along with dazzling flashes of light, exuding at least intermediate divine force rank fluctuations of power, 13 gods appeared in front of Yang Feng .

The 13 gods exuding fearsome divine force fluctuations are the 13 strongest guardians of Battle Demon Plane, and the 3 people at the front are strong divine force rank gods . This is the foundation Battle Demon Sect accumulated after countless years of operation .

With the 3 strong divine force rank gods and 10 intermediate divine force rank gods standing guard, even Great Cloud Dynastys Other Plane Development Division going all-out may not be able to occupy Battle Demon Plane . After all, although Great Cloud Dynasty has numerous experts, but there are many places it has to quell .

“I am Great Elder Zhuge Ding . Yang Feng, have you promoted to a Bright World Warlock?”

With lion mane-like hair and a queer god imprint on the forehead, exuding strong divine force rank fluctuations, a burly man at the front of the group of gods stared at Yang Feng asked in a deep voice .

The other twelve great elders of Battle Demon Sect also stared at Yang Feng, their eyes filled with anticipation .

Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda has been in the possession of Battle Demon Sect for tens of thousands of years . Although no one has ever reached the top ninth floor, but with their terrific analytical capabilities, these powerhouses have guessed what cultivation base is required to be able to climb to the ninth floor .

Only the fact that Yang Feng has promoted to a Bright World Warlock in less than 100 years simply incredible, so the great elders have to confirm it .

Yang Feng answered: “Yes, I have already promoted to a Bright World Warlock!”

With that, the thirteen great elders inhaled a breath of cold air, and their eyes filled with shock .

Human Warlocks cannot compare to other races in terms of cultivation speed . Take kindred as example, as long as they consume enough true blood of higher-leveled kindred, they can evolve into a higher-level kindred in one go . The Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede was originally a Glorious Sun Warlock rank extraordinary life form . But after it consumed enough sun essence, it evolved into an Infinity Warlock rank extraordinary life form in one go .

Alien races and extraordinary life forms can evolve this fast because of the power of their bloodline origin . As long as they meet certain conditions and purify the power of their bloodline, they can rely on the power of their bloodline to evolve . Except for Bloodline Warlocks, all other human Warlocks have to practice cultivation step by step .

Human Warlocks who can cultivate to the Moonlight Warlock realm within 300 years are already geniuses among geniuses . To be able to cultivate to the Bright World Warlock realm within 300 years, only freakish geniuses like children of the plane who can contest over the position of Warlock Emperor may achieve this .

There is a powerful soundproofing barrier around Yang Feng and the 13 great elders, and so no sound can be transmitted to the outside world .

The disciples are all very curious about what the great elders and Yang Feng are talking about . Only true disciples like Ding Longjiang and Jing Xuefeng have some vague guesses about the conversation between the great elders and Yang Feng .

Zhuge Ding showed a gratified smile and said: “Great! Great! Yang Feng, according to the rules of our Battle Demon Sect, any disciple who has promoted to a Bright World Warlock can become a great elder . But I hope that we can hold the promotion ceremony after you fight the disciples of Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead . What do you think? Of course, from now on, youll receive the treatment of a great elder!”

The rest of the great elders looked at Yang Feng expectantly .

Yang Feng is a peerless genius who climbed to the top of Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda, a fearsome Bright World Warlock rank powerhouse . For Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead, the most talented disciples under 300 years of age are Glorious Sun Warlocks . When they meet Yang Feng, these disciples will be crushed . The great elders are very much looking forward to seeing the expressions of Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Deads upper echelon when Yang Feng crushes their disciples .

Yang Feng is already a Bright World Warlock . According to Battle Demon Sects rules, he is fully qualified to be promoted to a great elder and become part of Battle Demon Sects upper echelon . Naturally, Zhuge Ding wont treat him the same way he would treat an ordinary disciple .

Yang Feng relied with a smile: “No problem!”

With a wave of Zhuge Dings hand, seven colored light descended and formed a rainbow gate, and he invited Yang Feng enthusiastically: “Great! Lets get together and get to know each other . ”

Yang Feng and the great elders stepped into the rainbow gate together and disappeared .

“Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng is really amazing! He actually climbed to the ninth floor of Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda!”

“Incredible! No wonder the great elders appeared to welcome him!”


When the disciples saw the great elders welcome Yang Feng, admiration and envy flashed in their eyes .

The great elders usually stay in their divine countries, where they either relax and enjoy themselves, or enter closed door cultivation . At the same time, they let their clones go on military campaigns to other planes .

This is the first time that so many great elders came together to welcome a disciple . These disciples are aware that from today onward, no one in the younger generation of Battle Demon Sect can compare to Yang Feng .

A look of envy in his eyes, Ding Longjiang smiled wryly and transmitted to Jing Xuefeng: “The ninth floor of Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda, incredible! Bright World Warlock! He has definitely promoted to a Bright Warlock!”

To promote to a Bright World Warlock within 300 years, this rate of advancement is simply perverse . The great elders isolated the sound from the outside world in order not to divulge this news .

Jing Xuefeng sighed faintly: “He should have already become a Bright World Warlock! Otherwise, it would be impossible to reach the ninth floor of Nine Story Dazzling Light Pagoda!”

Ding Longjiang and Jing Xuefeng are aware of how difficult it is to advance to a Bright World Warlock . They have advanced to the pinnacle Glorious Sun Warlock rank more than 2,000 years ago, and now are still in the pinnacle Glorious Sun Warlock rank . They have no hope of advancing to the Bright World Warlock realm . If they try to force the promotion to the Bright World Warlock realm, only death awaits them .

Yet for Yang Feng promoted to a Bright World Warlock within 300 years, this naturally made Ding Longjiang and Jing Xuefeng admire and envy him .

Astral Boundary is the most mysterious place in the universe . It links countless planes and contains countless mysteries, treasures, and wicked existences .

After discovering coordinates of other planes in Astral Boundary, Transcendent rank powerhouses will cross countless light years from Astral Boundary to other planes and descend to the other planes with their true bodies .

In theory, all planes are located in the same universe . As long as you fly out of the atmosphere and fly through the vast starry sky, you can reach other planes without passing through Astral Boundary .

However, the distance between planes often ranges from millions of light years to tens of millions and even hundreds of millions of light years . Even if Transcendent powerhouses keep flying, who knows when they will be able to fly from one plane to another .

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