Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 736 – One-shotting Xue Jin

Chapter 735

735 – Mu Luo Star

It would take decades or even centuries for even Warlock Emperors to fly from one plane to another in the starry sky through usual means .

It is for this reason that most powerhouses go to other planes through Astral Boundary, using the strange power of Astral Boundary to warp space to travel to other planes .

In Astral Boundary, except for some special dangerous places and astral bodies, most places dont contain suppression power . At the same time, there are many astral life forms, astral bodies with life, abandoned astral bodies, fallen divine countries, abominations, and other existences in Astral Boundary .

In Astral Boundary, many astral bodies are abandoned astral bodies and have no value for development . However, some astral bodies are full of different resources, some of which are even highly valued in Cangzhi Plane .

The resource astral bodies are often involved in conflicts between powerful forces . The more resource astral bodies they possess, the stronger a force is .

As one of Great Cloud Dynastys Ten Great Sects, Battle Demon Sect has placed almost two-thirds of its energy in the exploration of Astral Boundary, looking for resource astral bodies and planes that can be controlled .

During the explorations, Battle Demon Sect has fought against other powerhouses in Astral Boundary on numerous occasions, which led to casualties . The reason why Battle Demon Sect only had four Bright World Warlocks left to guard the headquarters in Cangzhi Plane at the time was because the Infinity Warlock who has previously guarded the headquarters has died during a military campaign in Astral Boundary .

Mu Luo Star is a resource astral body that Heart of Fury, Graveyard of the Dead, and Battle Demon Sect are competing for .

Mu Luo Star is a resource astral body that grows countless extraordinary plants . Those extraordinary plants can produce all kinds of treasures that Warlocks need to practice cultivation .

The most precious treasure in Mu Luo Star is Mu Luo Blood Marrow, of which Mu Luo Star can produce about 700 grams per year . Mu Luo Blood Marrow can enhance blood essence and strengthen the body of Warlocks . Top grade Mu Luo Blood Marrow is even of great benefit to Infinity Warlocks .

The stronger a Warlock is, the fewer treasures are of use to them . Treasures that can benefit Infinity Warlocks are very rare and precious . This is what led Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead to fight over Mu Luo Star .

Far away from Mu Luo Star, on a desolate, dead star, there are a huge castle and a huge black coffin engraved with countless runes parked separately .

The huge castle is a first-rate secret treasure Castle of Composure refined by Heart of Fury and the huge coffin is Graveyard of the Deads first-rate secret treasure, the Dark Coffin .

Both Castle of Composure and Dark Coffin are treasures that can freely travel through Astral Boundary without being corroded by astral force .

Any creature that enters Astral Boundary will be eroded by astral force . Only some rare life astral bodies do not have astral force and can be inhabited .

Naturally, human Warlocks can create different secret treasures to withstand the erosion of astral force . Castle of Composure and Dark Coffin are that kind of secret treasures . If it wasnt for those secret treasures, then even Infinity Warlocks would be unwittingly corroded by astral force and turned into astral freaks after staying a long time in Astral Boundary .

Between Castle of Composure and Dark Coffin, there is a square that seems to be covered in marble . There are two groups of people sitting in that square .

One group is headed by a tall, handsome middle-aged man wearing a gold Warlock robe . Behind the middle-aged man, there are 20 plus young-looking Warlocks . The 20 plus young Warlocks are all good looking and possess extraordinary temperaments .

Among the 20 plus young Warlocks, there is an exceedingly beautiful girl with short red hair, dressed in a red Warlock robe, exuding pride and self-confidence . Standing out from the crowd, the exceedingly beautiful girl is attracting everyones gazes .

The other group is headed by an old man dressed in a gray robe, with white beard and hair, slender eyes, and a strange rune imprinted on his forehead .

Behind the old man, there are also 20 plus young Warlocks . Among those young Warlocks, there is a thin Warlock with pale face and skin almost sticking to the bones, covered in runes, and exuding an intense sense of existence . You can tell at a glance that he is not an easy to deal individual .

The gray-robed old man glanced at the exceedingly beautiful Warlock dressed in a red Warlock robe, his eyes flashed, and he smiled and said: “Old Zhu, that one should be Chi Meixian, the most outstanding genius of Heart of Furys younger generation, right?! Amazing, even I cant see through her cultivation base . She must have a top secret method or secret treasure to mask her cultivation base . The people from Heart of Fury have no qualms with parting with money! What is her cultivation base?”

In the world of Warlocks, there are countless mysterious and miraculous secret methods and top secret treasures that can mask the cultivation base of Warlocks . The most top secret treasure can even hide the cultivation base of a Starry Sky Warlock from an Infinity Warlock . But that kind of miraculous secret methods and top secret treasures are extremely precious, and not even many Infinity Warlocks possess them .

The middle-aged Warlock dressed in a gold Warlock robe is Zhu Lie, one of Heart of Furys two Infinity Warlocks . It is he who brought Heart of Furys younger generation genius disciples to compete against Battle Demon Sects genius disciples .

“He-he, Old Jin, you will know her cultivation base in due time . ” Zhu Lie uttered with a mysterious smile, then looked at the thin young Warlock who looks like a bag of bones, admiration flashed in his eyes, and he said: “To reach intermediate Glorious Sun Warlock rank before the age of 300, incredible . This should be Wen Maku, the strongest genius of Graveyard of the Deads younger generation . What he cultivates is the strongest and most difficult to cultivate secret method in your Graveyard of the Dead, Deceased Fusion Secret Method, and he is about to reach the small completion realm! Thats really impressive!”

Deceased Fusion Secret Method is the top secret method in Graveyard of the Dead, and it possesses all sorts of incredible and unpredictable extraordinary powers . However, it is also the most difficult to cultivate secret method in the sect . In Graveyard of the Dead, there are no more than three people who have mastered this secret method, and they are all the strongest experts in the sect .

The gray-robed old man is Jin Muxuan, one of Graveyard of the Deads two Infinity Warlocks . He is the one who brought Graveyard of the Deads genius disciples to compete with the genius disciples of Battle Demon Sect .

Jin Muxuan smiled and said: “He-he, I have sent people to check of Battle Demon Sect . The strongest individual of their younger generation is a Warlock called Huai Bingping . She has junior Glorious Sun Warlock rank cultivation base, has very rich combat experience, and has a powerful offensive secret treasure in her possession . Coupled with Battle Demon Secret Method, she is definitely a troublesome lass . ”

Zhu Lie uttered with a confident smile: “Junior Glorious Sun Warlock? To be able to reach this cultivation base within 300 years, she is indeed a genus . Unfortunately, if its only her, then Battle Demon Sect stands no chance . ”

Jin Muxuan wanted to say something, but then suddenly looked up and said lightly: “They are here!”

A huge black warship covered in queer runes flew over from the distance, then slowly landed on the ground next to Heart of Furys Castle of Composure and Graveyard of the Deads Dark Coffin .

Black rays shot out from the Battle Demon Airship and formed a dark flight of stairs extending towards the square .

Headed by Zhuge Ding, Battle Demon Sects Warlocks stepped on the dark flight of steps and walked towards the square .

Chi Meixian and Wen Maku looked at the Warlocks behind Zhuge Ding and locked on Huai Bingping .

As for the Warlock geniuses like Zhang Hanshan, Zhou Feng, and Zhuo Yifan, Chi Meixian and Wen Maku paid them no attention .

Chi Meixian and Wen Maku swept Huai Bingping with a glance, and then their eyes finally fell on Yang Feng . This is the case because Yang Feng is surrounded by Alexia and Yu Yan, a Caucasian and an Asian peerless beauties respectively .

As soon as the two women Alexia and Yu Yan appeared, they overshadowed any other girl present . Even Chi Meixian, who is also a stunning beauty, looks a little bit inferior compared to the two .

“So beautiful!”

“Who are those two beauties?”

“Who is that man? It seems that those two beauties are his women!”

“Shit, I really want to kill him!”


The young male Warlocks of Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead stared at Yang Feng with fire nearly spitting out from their eyes .

Alexia and Yu Yan are stunning beauties with extraordinary appearance and temperament, and they are both Infinity Warlock rank existences . Even though they are concealing their power, they are still beyond beautiful . Standing beside Yang Feng, who is concealing his life force field, they look just like two beautiful white swans standing beside a huge toad .

Zhuge Ding brought Yang Feng and his party to the square and sat down .

Zhu Lie announced as if it is a matter of course: “Zhuge Ding, its good that youre here . Select your participants . Its best out of three matches . We Heart Fury and Graveyard of the Dead have already selected our participants . ”

Zhuge Ding grinned, his eyes flickered brightly, and he refused: “I disagree!”

Jin Muxuan uttered coldly: “You disagree! What do you suggest then?”

A cold ray streaked past Zhuge Dings eyes, and he said with a frigid smile: “Well all choose three participants . Its one on one, and the victor can keep fighting until everyone on the other side is defeated! If you agree, then lets do it! Otherwise, lets just go to war!”

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