Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 737 – Shocking the Spectators

Chapter 736 – One-shotting Xue Jin

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After Battle Demon Sect became one of Great Cloud Dynastys Ten Great Sects, they didnt stop exploring Astral Boundary. In Astral Boundary, they fought with numerous forces to competed for various resources. They are clear about the rules Astral Boundary, that is, the weak are prey to the strong.

In Astral Boundary, if a force shows a moment of weakness, numerous other forces will swarm it and tear it to pieces.

Part of the resource astral bodies Battle Demon Sect owns are those they found themselves, while even more resource astral bodies they own are those they seized from others.

Since Zhuge Ding is a great elder, one of the most powerful beings of Battle Demon Sect, he is naturally clear about the rules in Astral Boundary. He is domineering when he speaks, and shows no timidity.

Zhu Lie and Jin Muxuan exchanged a look, then their eyes fell on Huai Bingping, and they examined her carefully.

A faint halo enveloped Huai Bingping, blocking the prying of the two Infinity Warlocks.

Unless Zhu Lie and Jin Muxuan use eye abilities or spells, it is impossible to pry into Huai Bingpings information.

Zhu Lie nodded and said: “Fine! Its settled!”


At this moment, a voice sounded, and then all eyes of focused on Yang Feng.

Hugging Alexia, Yang Feng kissed her pretty face, a frivolous expression on his face. Looking like a hedonistic son of rich parents, he said with a smile: “This contest is unfair! If our Battle Demon Sect loses, we must hand over control over Mu Luo Star. If your Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead lose, you wont have to pay any price. This is unfair. If this contest is to continue, you must bet something of equivalent value. Otherwise, this contest wont take place. Our Battle Demon Sect doesnt fear any enemy!”

“Brazen! Who are you? There is no room for you to speak here!”

Zhu Lies eyes widened in anger, and he erupted with a junior Infinity Warlock rank life force field rolling out towards Yang Feng.

Zhuge Dings eyes flashed fiercely. With a wave of his hand, bright light enveloped Yang Feng and blocked the might of Zhu Lie. He said with killing intent: “Zhu Lie, Yang Feng is my Battle Demon Sects Young Sect Master! Hes word is my word! To attack him, does your Heart of Fury want to start a war with my Battle Demon Sect!”

Battle Demon Sect is originally a Warlock group with battle as its core. After numerous battles in Astral Boundary, they established their fierce reputation.

Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead arent the opponent of Battle Demon Sect. Even though the combined strength of the two Warlock groups is barely comparable to that of Battle Demon Sect. However, the two Infinity Warlocks of Battle Demon Sect Yue Wuxian and Huang Yihe have remained in Cangzhi Plane. Moreover, Huang Yihe judged that they have high odds at winning the contest, which is why they agreed to solve this issue via a contest between disciples. Otherwise, Battle Demon Sect would just fight Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead.

Anger and killing intent flashed in Zhu Lies eyes. He trembled slightly, but then forcibly restrained the anger.

Zhuge Ding is a strong divine force god, his battle prowess is among the strongest in the Infinity Warlock realm. Zhu Lie is just a junior Infinity Warlock. If he confronts Zhuge Ding alone, he is toast if he doesnt escape. Since he is weaker than the other party, Zhu Lie is forced to bear this tone.

Jin Muxuan said flatly: “Okay! Well bet An Lei Star! An Lei Star is rich in Lightning Star Core, which is a treasure most helpful for Warlocks cultivating lightning spells. The value of An Lei Star is no worse than that of your Mu Luo Star!”

Zhu Lies eyes flickered for a while, and then he nodded to express his agreement.

Lightning is one of the strongest forces in the world. The destructive power of Warlocks who practice lightning spells is terrifying. Among Battle Demon Sects three strong divine force rank powerhouses, Xiao Tian is the God of Lightning.

If the God of Lightning Xiao Tian can obtain enough top Lightning Star Cores, his Lightning Divine Country will become more powerful, and hell be able to refine more powerful lightning god armaments.

Zhuge Ding grinned, his heart filled with joy: “An Lei Star is indeed worth the same as Mu Luo Star. Our Battle Demon Sect agrees to this contest! Yang Feng, give some pointers to the disciples of Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead and let them see how powerful our Battle Demon Sects spells are!”

“Yes! Great Elder!”

Yang Feng let go of Alexia. Under the envious and jealous gazes of many male Warlocks, he casually stepped into an arena in the square, a lazy expression on his face.

As soon as Yang Feng stepped into the arena, a blue beam rose from the arena and shot into the sky.

The blue beam showed that Yang Feng is indeed a disciple of Battle Demon Sect under the age of 300 years.

A look of doubt flashed in Zhu Lies eyes and he asked in a deep voice: “Yang Feng! Who is he?”

Jin Muxuan said: “This Yang Feng isnt simple! He is the most outstanding genius of Battle Demon Sects younger generation in Cangzhi Plane. Not long ago, he overwhelmed Warlock geniuses from Western Worlds three dynasties in Time Sky City. He is a monstrous genius who has formed a virtual world while in the Great Warlock realm. He has promoted to a Moonlight Warlock in Time Sky City!”

Yang Fengs rise is really fast. But Zhu Lie has no idea about Yang Feng. After all, Yang Feng doesnt have much activity in Astral Boundary.

Zhu Lie sneered: “He just promoted to a Moonlight Warlock? Even with secret treasures and a virtual world, he should be comparable to an advanced or pinnacle Moonlight Warlock at most. No wonder hes placed at the front! Theres nothing to fear!”

Jin Muxuan pondered for a while, and then nodded.

In this contest, the stronger the disciple, the later they will go up. The first one to go up is cannon fodder to test the other side.

Chi Meixian glanced at Yang Feng, and a ray of disdain streaked across her eyes.

Wen Make stared at Yang Feng, and his eyes flashed with envy and endless killing intent.

Jin Muxuan said indifferently: “Xue Jin, go!”

“Yes! Great Elder!”

A very handsome young man with a pale face, short black hair, and an elegant demeanor took a step forward, and his figure blurred. He appeared in the arena in an instant, and then a blue beam rose into the sky.

“You are Yang Feng? The Warlock genius who overwhelmed Western Worlds geniuses in Time Sky City? What a stupid fellow! If you stayed in Battle Demon Sect and practiced cultivation hard, you may have become a Bright World Warlock in the future! However, since you met me, today is the day you die!”

The very handsome Xue Jin smiled malevolently, then silently recited an incantation, countless runes shone, and crimson mist revolved around him. All of a sudden, his eyes turned scarlet, kindred fangs ejected from his mouth, a pair of kindred wings grew on his back, and fluctuations of power nearing the true blood kindred earl rank spread from him.

With a wave of Xue Jins hand, a necklace formed from 18 skulls engraved with numerous scarlet runes flew out, and the 18 skulls bit him.

The 18 skulls infused Xue Jin with 18 kinds of blood energy, allowing him to break the boundary and evolve into a true blood kindred earl.

Zhu Lie praised: “Xue Jin is indeed a Warlock genius with true blood kindred marquis bloodline. In less than 300 years, he has promoted to a true blood kindred viscount. In the future, it seems that your Graveyard of the Dead will have another Bright World Warlock!”

Jin Muxuan said with some regret: “Bright World Warlock? It isnt that simple! At most, Xue Jin can evolve into a kindred earl. It is very difficult to promote to a kindred marquis. Its a pity that his grade of bloodline is still a bit low. If it were grand duke bloodline, it would be great.”

“True blood kindred earl, awesome! Xue Jin has reached this point.”

“Amazing, I didnt expect Senior Disciple Brother Xue Jin to be so powerful!”

“That Yang Feng is dead! He stands no chance!”

“No matter how talented he is, before he matures, hes just a genius! He came here to die, what an idiot!”


The disciples of Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead exclaimed in excitement. A true blood kindred earl can absolutely crush a junior Moonlight Warlock. No matter how powerful a junior Moonlight Warlock is, it is virtually impossible for them to defeat a true blood kindred earl.

The disciples of Battle Demon Sect showed weird expressions. They wanted to smile, but didnt dare to. They quietly watched Xue Jin in the arena, as if watching a clown.

As soon as the Xue Jin turned into a true blood kindred earl, the corners of his mouth curved into a proud smile, then his figure fluttered, and dozens of afterimages appeared around Yang Feng.

“Die, Blood Fire Slash!”

The dozens of afterimages burst out with fearsome blood energy, and cross rays of blood fire that can seemingly pollute anything and burn everything slashed towards Yang Feng.

The cross rays of blood fire are extremely queer. Even if it is a Glorious Sun Warlock who is cut by them, the wounds they open will be very hard to close. At the same time, the blood fire will combust the blood and ravage inside the Glorious Sun Warlock until the opponent is burnt to ashes.

“Its a pity, but I have seen this trick too many times!”

Along with a chuckle, Yang Feng extended his right hand, and a black ray flashed and devoured the Blood Flame Slash silently.

“How can that be!”

Seeing that his strongest attack was easily broken by Yang Feng, Xue Jin was stunned and couldnt believe his eyes.


Yang Feng flicked a finger and conjured Seven Color Skyfire, and a dragon form Seven Color Skyfire broke out and engulfed Xue Jin in an instant.

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