Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 74 – Enlightenment Fruits

Chapter 73 – Flock Of Bronze Gargoyles

Translator: Xaiomoge

“Gargoyles! Those are Bronze Gargoyles. Be careful, the ancient Warlocks were very fond of using such beings like Bronze Gargoyles to act as guards. Once these Bronze Gargoyles are activated, each of them would have fighting prowess comparable to that of a level-1 Warlock. They have a formidable defensive strength and a variety of resistances, curse-type spells are completely ineffective against them. They are extremely strong and have extremely sharp claws, they can easily tear up a variety of defensive force fields. Only by using elemental-type spells like Fireball, that is, destructive-type spells capable of blasting them to bits – or by destroying their energy cores – only then can they be killed.” After seeing the large gargoyle statues, Eunices complexion abruptly changed greatly and she immediately reminded.

Those large gargoyle statues numbered as much as 3,000. Once activated, the large and terrifying 3,000 gargoyles, with battle prowess comparable to that of level-1 Warlock, they could even get rid of level-3 Warlocks.

Just as the mechanical bladed robot that was exploring the path approached a large gargoyle, the ruby inlaid eyes of the gargoyle shone, it instantly waved its large and sharp claws, with a claw landing on the bladed robots head, directly chopping it off.

That mechanical bladed robot immediately chopped out with eight huge alloy blades, chopping the gargoyle to several pieces.

As if pocking a hornets nest, one by one, gargoyles ruby eyes flashed with a brutal radiance, they flapped their wings and directly pounced on that bladed robot.

More than a dozen gargoyles pounced at that bladed robot.

At once, a transparent protective cover sprang up from that bladed robots body.

The gargoyles clawed out, their claws easily tearing the transparent protective cover, ruthlessly clawing at the mechanical bladed robot, madly tearing it apart.

Under the tearing of more than a dozen gargoyles, that bladed robot with battle prowess comparable to that of a pinnacle level-1 Warlock , it was immediately torn to pieces.

The nearly 3,000 gargoyles, accompanied by gusts of wing, also darted at Yang Feng and his party.

Eunice saw the 3,000 gargoyles pouncing at them, her pretty face immediately changed greatly, she couldnt help but take several steps back, almost instinctively wanting to release defensive spells.

Yang Feng ordered coldly: “Shoot!”

200 level-7 mechanical gunner robots quickly adjusted their Vulcan cannons muzzles, spewing countless shell fire, patches of metal barrage capable of smashing anything poured at the 3,000 gargoyles in the sky.

The destructive power of the Vulcan cannons could easily tear an armored car to shreds, the gargoyles bombarded by the terrifying shell fire were all blown to pieces.

There were a lot of gargoyles that forced their way through the terrifying barrage but then were intercepted by the equally tyrannical bladed robots, both parties fought madly to kill each other – from time to time, there would be some bladed robots torn into pieces, however, even more gargoyles were chopped into pieces.

“Such a terrific mechanical golem legion! Such a powerful mechanical golem legion, unless it is a Great Warlock rank expert acting, otherwise, even level-3 Warlocks facing them, their only fate would be death if they dont flee.” Eunice looked at the bladed robots madly fighting against the flock of gargoyles, her beautiful eyes flashing with a touch of astonishment.

The 3,000 gargoyles already possessed the terrifying strength to kill a level-3 Warlock. The mechanical legion being currently composed of less than a thousand units yet still completely suppress the flock of gargoyles, its fighting strength was too terrifying, deeply shocking Eunice.

The frantic struggle persisted for an entire hour, the 3,000 gargoyles were all chopped into pieces, 313 bladed robots as well as 58 gunner robots were also destroyed by the gargoyles.

“The defense of this Gloom Caves headquarters is really frightening! If Id entered this place rashly, then there would be no chance for me to survive.” Yang Feng looked at the bits and pieces of the 3,000 gargoyles, eyes flashing with a touch of gloom.

If Yang Feng entered the Gloom Cavea relics without the protection of his mechanical legion, only with his strength of a level-3 Apprentice Warlock, the only outcome would be death.

“I had originally thought that my current strength was enough to explore this remains, it seems like it still wont do, I need to mobilize even more troops, only then might I explore this relic! 3796, immediately send reinforcements.”

Yang Fengs mind moved and he sent out an order through his body.

A voice sounded in Yang Fengs mind – gates of hangers were opening along Steel Citys sphere of influence, Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transporter Aircrafts were being orderly driven out of the hangars, mowing towards the already flattened runway.

The locust-like densely packed bladed robots , gunner robots, shielded robots and artillery robots forming a mixed legion stood there neatly and tidily, then very orderly entered the Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transporter Aircrafts.

Rumblings sounded continuously, the Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transporter Aircrafts quickly took off and flew towards the obscure Mountain Range.

After issuing his order, Yang Feng took his large mechanical legion to continue with the exploration.

After traveling for several kilometers within the layer of thick fog, then all of a sudden, an enormous botanical garden appeared in front of Yang Feng and his party.

“Moco Grass!”

“Star Tears Flowers!”

“Aroman Snake Fruits!”

“Pollymon Flowers!”

“Five Clover Blue Tear-Streaks Flowers!”

“My goodness, those were very precious and rare plants in the ancient era. Im rich, this time Ive made a fortune. Even if Great Warlocks saw this botanical garden, they also would get crazy.”

When Eunice saw the variety of plants in the botanical garden, she couldnt help but to cry out and her eyes flashed.

The various plants within the botanical garden were all very precious extraordinary plants. Those plants could be refined by Warlocks into bottles of elixirs that could even have very mystical effects on Great Warlocks.

When Eunice saw a tree up to 10m tall, with nine branches, with one two-finger-sized violet fruit on each branch, she couldnt take her eyes away from it as she said with a trace of tremor in her voice: “Those are Enlightenment Fruits! Those are fruits with a miraculous effect of enlightening one wisdom! Enlightenment Fruits take 300 years to blossom and 300 years to bear fruit, 600 years for one to be able to gather nine such treasures. Even if an extremely stupid person were to eat an Enlightenment Fruit, one would also become a terrifying sage with leaning ability transcending mortals. This is an almost extinct extraordinary plant, it is the treasure that us Warlocks dream about! The value of one Enlightenment Fruit exceeds the value of this botanical garden by several tens of times!!”

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