Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 741 – Capturing the Three Dawn Blazing Angels

Chapter 740 – Slaying Jin Muxuan

If it is a strong divine force rank god, they can burn divine force to somewhat resist the curses of the Dagger of the Night .

But Zhu Lie is just an ordinary junior Infinity Warlock, and basically cannot withstand such an attack . He persisted for less than 5 seconds before his soul decayed, and he turned into a mere corpse ridden with curses .

The Ruler of the night and the Ruler of the Dark and Ruler of Shadows of other planes are weaker when it comes to frontal combat . But they are expert at assassinations .

If the Ruler of the Night hadnt entered Yang Fengs divine country at that time to kill Yang Feng in one fell swoop, Yang Feng would have no way to deal with him . Unless you are a Holy Spirit Warlock, or you have a secret treasure with the power to specifically restrain the power of the Ruler of the Night, it is extremely had to kill this assassin god who wields the power of the night .

After slaying Zhu Lie with a sneak attack, Yang Fengs god clone instantly entered the night . Next he silently appeared behind the Blazing Angel fighting Yu Yan, both of whom are evenly matched, and stabbed at the Blazing Angel with the Dagger of the Night .

“Divine decree, let there be light!”

The Blazing Angel screamed, frantically burned divine force, and launched the law of dawn, and resplendent light of dawn spread in all directions .

The Night Divine Domain formed by the god armament Curtain of the Night was immediately broken by the resplendent light of dawn .

Illuminated by the light of dawn, the night force around Yang Fengs god clone is being neutralized, and emits black smoke .

Dawn divine force has a great restraining effect on night divine force, which is why the light of dawn can dispel night force so easily .

“Divine decree, evil gods shall receive divine judgement!”

The Blazing Angel shouted, and light suddenly shot out, hit Yang Fengs Ruler of the Night clone, and engraved a strange evil god mark of on him .

As soon as the evil god mark appeared on Yang Fengs Ruler of the Night clone, the speed of the Blazing Angel suddenly increased by 30%, and he slashed towards Yang Fengs god clone with the Blazing Angel Sword, which is burning with Fire of Purification

Gods of Dawn wield the power of dawn, and their subordinated Dawn Blazing Angels can wield part of the power of dawn . Fire of Purification is the manifestation of the power of dawn .

Under the power of Fire of Purification, any existence will be directly purified and turned into dust .

Yang Fengs god clones face flickered, and he Blocked the Blazing Angel Sword with the Dagger of the Night .


Dawn divine force and night divine force collided, intertwined, and twisted frantically . Yang Fengs Ruler of the Night clone was forcibly flung away by hundreds of meters .

Like maggots feeding on a corpse, wisps of Fire of Purification wrapped around Yang Fengs Ruler of the Night clone and burned him .

“The power of dawn is really extraordinary, no wonder the Dawn Lord has banned it at the time!” Yang Fengs Ruler of the Night clone exclaimed and frantically burned divine force, and night divine force surged and turned into black gas that extinguished the Fire of Purification .

The power of dawn can purify everything, and almost no power can restrain it . After the Dawn Lord became a Warlock Emperor and established the 8th Warlock Dynasty, he went on military campaigns to plains with Gods of Dawn gods, slayed the Gods of Dawn gods one by one, and gave orders to prohibit the gods of other planes from forming the divine authority of the God of Dawn .

Despite the orders of the Dawn Lord, there were still people in many planes who coveted the power of the God of Dawn and became Gods of Dawn, and then were slayed by the Dawn Lord .

When the Blazing Angel wanted to pursue Yang Fengs god clone, he was stopped by Yu Yan, and the two sides continued to fight in a frenzy, evenly matched .

Equipped with Fallen Angel Armor, Alexia turned into a black stream of light, surged with powerful dark force, flew towards the Dawn Blazing Angel, and engaged him in battle .

As soon as Alexia joined the fray, the Dawn Blazing Angel fell into a disadvantage . However, the dazzling light of dawn and the Fire of Purification he released at all times are extremely tricky . Even though Alexia joined the battle, it is still very difficult to kill him .

Yang Fengs the Ruler of the Night clone burned divine force frantically, and the Curtain of the Night burst out with dark light that swallowed all the light in a radius of tens of kilometers .

The divine light shield around the three Blazing Angels was suppressed to 3 meters away from them .

In an instant, Yang Fengs god clone strangely appeared behind Jin Muxuan and silently stabbed towards the other partys heart with the Dagger of the Night .

A trigger-type secret treasure on Jin Muxuan radiated light and formed colorful magic shields around him . But as if pieces of paper, the magic shields were easily broken by the Dagger of the Night . Virtually in the blink of an eye, the Dagger of the Night stabbed Jin Muxuan in the heart .

Various fearsome curses broke out in an instant . Jin Muxuans face fell at once, pustules covered his body, and a ray of despair flashed in his eyes .

“Damn it, Light of Purification!”

A Blazing Angel roared and pointed at Jin Muxuan with the Blazing Angel Sword in his hand, and pure divine light of dawn plunged into Jin Muxuans body .

Under the purification of the divine light of dawn, Jin Muxuan emitted black smoke, and his face distorted in pain . But at the same time, the curses of the Dagger of the Night collapsed one by one .

The Dagger of the Night buzzed, and then bounced away from Jin Muxuan .

The Dagger of the Night is a strong divine force grade assassination secret treasure that is imbued with countless curses . It can pierce through all magic shields, seal teleportation spells, and cast various curses on the target . However, it is lacking in terms of head-on combat power, and can be easily restrained by the power of dawn, the power of radiant, and other powers .

The other two Blazing Angels burned divine force like crazy and swung their swords . A series of sword rays containing the Fire of Purification slashed the violent hurricane that Zhuge Ding transformed into . In the wake of the sword rays, the violent hurricane was purified into pure wind elemental particles .

For every part of the violent hurricane that was purified into pure wind elemental particles, Zhuge Ding received an injury . But he is a veteran expert of Battle Demon Sect . He forcibly burned divine force in a frenzied manner and tightly entangled the two Blazing Angels, putting them in a difficult situation .

The figure of Yang Fengs Ruler of the Night clone shook slightly, countless runes emerged, and the dark divine force faded instantly . Then his eyes turned crimson, crimson divine force fluctuations spread from him, and the strong divine force grade secret treasure Scimitar of Massacre appeared in his hand .

The moment when Yang Fengs god clone grasped the Scimitar of Massacre, it was like he has become the incarnation of the God of Massacre who had experienced countless battles and massacred countless creatures . In an instant, he appeared in front of the heavily injured Jin Muxuan and slashed at him with the scimitar .

In the presence of that slash, Jin Muxuan felt as if space has frozen and blood enveloped the world, and he became distracted . Then a red line appeared on his body .


When the red line appeared, Jin Muxuan felt his vision darken, then endless dark swallowed him, and he lost all senses .

Yang Feng grabbed at Jin Muxuans corpse and put it into a storage ring .

The God of Massacre wields the power of massacre, and is proficient in countless killing methods . The Scimitar of Massacre is a formidable god armament that has slayed who know how many powerhouses and devoured who know how many souls . Moreover, Jin Muxuan was seriously wounded by the Dagger of the Night before . This is why Yang Fengs god clone was able to kill Jin Muxuan with a single blow .

After the war in his divine country, Yang Fengs god clone refined the godheads of the four strong divine force rank gods and thus increased his own battle prowess .

The more godheads they refine, the more difficult it is for gods to break through . Yang Fengs god clone has refines strong divine force grade godheads of the God of Fire, the God of War, the God of Massacre, and the Ruler of the Night, making his strength soar . But in this way, it is almost impossible for him to promote to a mighty divine force rank god by relying on his own insights .

After Yang Fengs clone changed into the God of Massacre form, his figure flickered, and he instantly appeared behind the Blazing Angel Alexia and Yu Yan are fighting, a scent of blood wafting out from him . Then he sent a blade ray containing exquisite law of massacre slashing towards the Blazing Angel .

The Dawn Blazing Angel is worthy of being a most powerful weapon . Even though Yu Yan pierced his wing with a spear strike, but in the nick of time, he circled his sword back and blocked the blade ray released by Yang Fengs God of Massacre clone .

Watching the three powerhouses besieging the Blazing Angel, Yang Fengs true body couldnt help but praise: “Incredible, the claim that Blazing Angels can contend against Warlock powerhouses of the same rank who have formed a virtual world inside them is well deserved . It is a pity that Fallen Angels are restrained too much by Dawn Angels, otherwise things wouldnt have developed this way . ”

Equipped with the Fallen Angel Armor, the Fallen Blazing Angel Alexia is stronger than the Dawn Blazing Angel . However, the power of Dawn of the Dawn Blazing Angel restrains Fallen Angels, making it impossible for her to display her true strength .

Yang Fengs true body grabbed at the air, and a 30 meter long black hand appeared out of nowhere and shot towards Chi Meixian .

The genius disciples of Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead have been wiped out one by one by the geniuses of Battle Demon Sect, with only Chi Meixian still remaining alive .

Facing Yang Fengs large black hands, Chi Meixian clenched her white teeth, world force filled her body, and she transformed into a Golden Crow exuding quasi-Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power . The Golden Crow fired Gold Crow Fire that slammed into the large black hand and crushed it to pieces .

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