Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 743 – Gold Freak

Chapter 742 – Arriving at Red Rage Plane

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After quelling all the enemies, the figures of Seven Color Rose Gardens Garden Master, Yang Fengs god clone and kindred avatar, the ultimate form Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede, Alexia, and Yu Yan fluttered, and they disappeared.

A force hidden in the dark will make people more apprehensive. If Alexia and Yu Yan fight with all their might, it will be easy to associate them with Undying Mountains Fallen Blazing Angel and Great Cloud Dynastys traitor Marshal Yu.

Since Yang Feng doesnt want to deceive Zhuge Ding, he can only have them leave quickly and preserve a bit of mystery.

Looking in the direction of the Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses who have suddenly disappeared, Zhuge Ding asked abruptly: “Who are they?”

Yang Feng answered with a smile: “They are my friends.”

Zhuge Ding gave Yang Feng a meaningful glance: “You have a good group of friends!”

Zhuge Ding looked at the three sealed Dawn Blazing Angels, frowned, and uttered in a deep voice, a solemn gleam in his eyes: “What do we do with these guys?”

The three Dawn Blazing Angels called themselves the messengers of the Dawn Lord. If this is indeed the case, then Battle Demon Sect may be destroyed by the other party at any time.

Each one of Cangzhi Planes Eight Warlock Emperors was extremely powerful as well cruel and merciless. They had no qualms in killing enemies.

In his later years, the Dawn Lord even more so became famous for his cruel methods, which finally resulted in a backlash, and countless Warlocks besieged him while he was weakened.

Although Zhuge Ding joined hands with Yang Feng to quell the three Blazing Angels that proclaimed themselves messengers of the Dawn Lord, but once he calmed down, he felt that he got himself in a very sticky situation.

A fierce ray flashed in Yang Fengs eyes and he responded coldly: “Since we have come this far, then we either go all in, or give up. Lets destroy Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead at the fastest speed and take all of their resources. They wont expect us attacking them at this time.”

Yang Feng brought so many Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses here because he has harbored malicious designs to begin with. If Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Deads Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses dared to do anything suspicious, he could directly kill the opponent.

Every Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse possesses great wealth and is themselves a mobile treasure.

Now that he slayed two Infinity Warlock of Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead respectively, Yang Feng immediately became interested in annexing the two Warlock groups.

Infinity Warlocks are the core and the strongest combat power of a Warlock group. Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead had to join forces to contend with Battle Demon Sect. Now that they collectively lost two Infinity Warlocks, they are at their weakest. Yang Feng will never let go of such an opportunity.

Zhuge Ding frowned slightly and hesitated for a while, before saying: “Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead hold the grade 4 planes Red Rage Plane and Submerged Tomb Plane respectively. Although the two are inferior grade 4 planes and are far from being comparable to our Battle Demon Sects superior grade 4 plane – Battle Demon Plane. But there still are many gods on those two planes. Moreover, with the support of the plane origin will, its not that easy to attack them! To make a decision on such a major event, we have to convene a meeting of great elders.”

There are more than a dozen great elders in Battle Demon Sect. As such, it is fundamentally impossible for a single person to decide to fight a Warlock groups of a similar level.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered for a while, and then he uttered with s smile: “If thats the case, then forget it!”

Since Battle Demon Sect is unwilling to make a move, then its even better for Yang Feng. As long as he can conquer Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead, then the two grade 4 planes will belong to his Undying Mountain. He wont have to share anything with Battle Demon Sect.

“Zhuge Ding, I still have something to do, so Ill take my leave now.”

Yang Feng grabbed the three sealed Dawn Blazing Angels, then his figure shook slightly, and he disappeared.

“Lets go!”

Zhuge Ding took a deep look at Yang Fengs back, and then took Battle Demon Sects genius disciples to board the Battle Demon Airship and left the celestial body, preocupied.

In Astral Boundary, there is a huge fleet consisting of three Blazing Sun Battlestars, 30 Star Destroyer Battlestars, and 60 Interstellar Carriers flying slowly.

Inside a Blazing Sun Battlestar, in a laboratory, Yang Feng stood in front of a crystal pillar and looked inside it.

There is someone sealed inside the crystal pillar, and that someone is a Blazing Angel.

Watching the Blazing Angel, who is nailed by a Lock Dragon Nail, Yang Feng asked unhurriedly: “I am Yang Feng, I am from Battle Demon Sect. What is your name?”

The memories of the Dawn Blazing Angels have been sealed by formidable power of dawn. Even Yang Feng, who is proficient in countless secret methods, cannot break the power of dawn and obtain information from the head of the Blazing Angels.

The Dawn Blazing Angel responded with a grim smile: “Theres no use, you wont get anything out of me. Since you dared to attack us, the great Dawn Lord will never let you off! All the heretics related to you will die.”

Yang Feng sneered: “A Blazing Angel under the Dawn Lord doesnt even dare to tell me their name? Or is it that the Dawn Lords subordinates are all cowards?”

The Blazing Angel replied with a cold smile: “My name is Sebas, a Dawn Blazing Angel subordinated to the great Dawn Lord!”

Yang Feng smiled and continued to ask: “Sebas, why have you conspired with Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead against Battle Demon Sect?”

The Dawn Blazing Angel just sneered and stared at Yang Feng with resentment in his eyes, not saying a word.

Yang Feng then asked a few more questions, but to no avail. Even when Yang Feng threatened to destroy his heart, he still didnt respond.

Seeing that the interrogation yielded no result, Yang Feng couldnt help frowning: “Sure enough, Blazing Angels made by the gods are really troublesome!”

As the best weapon of the gods, Angels are loyal to their god, unless they are corrupted. Other powerhouses can kill them, but they cannot make them betray their master.

It is because of this that most gods choose to make Angels as their strongest weapons.

Yang Feng frowned slightly: “It looks like the Fallen Angel Pool has to be created as soon as possible. By corrupting the three Dawn Blazing Angels in a Fallen Angel Pool, I can get information on the Dawn Lord as well as three Infinity Warlock rank subordinates. After this is over, it seem that I have to take a trip to the endless Abyss.”

The first Fallen Angels were created by fiends in the endless Abyss by corrupting Angels. In order to refine a Fallen Angel Pool, you have to go to endless Abyss to look for materials.

The power Fallen Angels wield is dark force, while the power Angels wield depends on the god they serve. Angels are far more loyal than Fallen Angels. Therefore, gods like to create Angels the most, while Abysss abyssal fiends can only choose to make Fallen Angels.

The three Dawn Blazing Angels are loyal to the mysterious Dawn Lord, making them more difficult to deal with than gods. Yang Feng can only turn them into Fallen Angels to get the secrets of the Dawn Lord from them.

The huge fleet flying in the distorted Astral Realm suddenly decelerated, and then knocked against a twisted membrane.

Ripples rose on the twisted membrane, and then the huge fleet suddenly passed through it and appeared in a space.

A blue celestial body ten times as big as Earth but seven times smaller than Battle Demon Plane appeared in front of Yang Feng.

In an instant, the already charged main artillery of the Blazing Sun Battlestars and Star Destroyer Battlestars flashed, and beams blasted towards the astral body in a magnificent spectacle.

There is also a floating continent in the center of Red Rage Plane, which is the headquarters of Heart of Fury. There are many Warlock towers and countless Warlock geniuses on the floating continent.

Under the bombardment of the brilliant beams, the several 10-story-tall Warlock Towers collapsed and crumbled.

The 9-story-tall Warlock towers were also destroyed by the bombardment of the Star Destroyer Battlestars.

“Whats going on?”

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

“There are enemies! Damn it! Who the hell is it! Who dares to attack us!”

“Quick, launch the defensive barriers!”


Rays of light shone as countless Warlocks flew out of the floating continent and flew in all directions.

The secondary artillery of the Star Destroyer Battlestars and Blazing Sun Battlestars shone brightly, and a dense rain of light barreled towards the Warlocks.

When the beams hit the Warlocks, they broke their magic shields and pierced through their body.

Some Warlocks who possesses death substitution secret methods luckily escaped a disaster, while even more Warlocks died directly.

“This is the headquarters of Heart of Fury! Who are you?!”

A furious roar was transmitted from the floating continent, and Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power spread.

“We are from Undying Mountain! People of Heart of Fury, surrender, or die!”

A cold voice came from the sky, and swarms of fighter aicraft and battle robots flew out of the Interstellar Carriers like a tide and formed a terrifying torrent of metal flying downward.

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