Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 744 – Annexing Heart of Fury

Chapter 743 – Gold Freak

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“How brazen! Since you want to die, then Ill oblige you!”

From the floating continent where Heart of Furys headquarters is located came an angry voice.

All of a sudden, stars in Red Rage Planes outer space lit up. Divine countries shone and revealed themselves.

A grade 4 plane can hold no more than 100 gods. As an inferior grade 4 plane, Red Rage Plane can hold 60 gods.

At this time, 23 stars have lit up. They are the divine countries of 23 gods of Red Rage Plane. Huge warships filled with Angels flew out of the divine countries one after another.

Although Heart of Fury has occupied Red Rage Plane for millennia, but only 23 people have ignited divine fire and become gods.

Among the 23 people, there are only 3 intermediate divine force rank gods, while there isnt a single strong divine force rank god. Nevertheless, their divine legions are nothing to scoff at.

For gods, even if they have a grade 4 planes intelligent life forms, it is extremely difficult to become a strong divine force rank god without a strong divine force grade godhead.

Of course, as long as you have a way to ascend to godhood, it is far easier to become a feeble divine force rank god than a Moonlight Warlock.

The further you advance on the god path, the harder it is to progress. Many strong divine force rank gods are specializing in a single divine authority in order to purify their power and obtain an opportunity to promote to mighty divine force rank gods.

“The divine legions were mobilized!”

“These damn invaders are toast!”

“Go and die!”


The Warlocks hiding behind the barriers on the floating continent showed looks of excitement when they saw the Angel legions emerge.

As the strongest weapons of the gods, as long as the heart of Angels is not destroyed, they will not die. Moreover, they can accumulate combat experience and evolve into more and more powerful existences.

A swarm of Type II Undyings blurred into motion and rushed towards the Angel legions.

A Type II Undying plunged into an Angel legion and, like a black thread, shuttled back and forth within the Angel legion.

In the wake of the black thread, the heart of Angels was chopped into pieces.

The black thread traveled for a dozen plus kilometers before a Moonlight Warlock rank Fire Blazing Angel suddenly erupted and slashed the black thread with a sword ray containing fire force, splitting the Type II Undying into two. Violent flames broke out and burned the Type II Undying to ashes.

Following flashes of blade rays, Great Warlock rank Angels, which constitute the main force of the Angel legions, fell like raindrops. Numerous Angels are being chopped into pieces at every moment. Only the Moonlight Warlock rank Angels can compete with the 4th generation battle robots.

Although there are countless Angels fighting frantically in the sky, but they are still being pushed back step by step.

Under the siege of the 4th generation battle robots, the Angels are disappearing almost at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“How is this possible?”

“Angels are one of the strongest weapons in the world, how can they be defeated by those golems?”

“Whats going on? Those are Angels! How can the strongest weapons be defeated by those golems?”


When Heart of Furys Warlocks saw this scene, despair flashed in their eyes.

Yang Feng swept the battlefield with a glance and revealed a smile: “Not bad! It seems that this plane has cultivated several outstanding Blazing Angels!”

Faced against against Yang Fengs mechanical legion, the Angel legions in the starry sky battlefield are being sliced and diced almost like tofu. However, in the midst of this, there are still four Bright World Warlock rank Blazing Angels fighting desperately and forcibly blocking Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

But if it continues like this, if they dont escape, the four Bright World Warlock rank Blazing Angels will ultimate be besieged and killed by the mechanical legion.

At this moment, three Interstellar Carriers opened a cabin each, and three Infinity Warlock rank weapons, namely a Gale Giant, a Space Breaker Dragon Whale, and a Scarlet Flame Fenghuang flew out in an instant.

The eyes of the Gale Giant flickered with runes, and violent wind shrouded it and formed wind blades. It took a step and appeared in front of a Bright World Warlock rank Blazing Angel, and the punched out.

Numerous wind blades crushed towards the Bright World Warlock rank Blazing Angel like mountains and seas.

The blazing angel raised his sword and slashed the Gale Giants fist with sword rays containing the power of nature.

The Gale Giants fist smashed the sword rays containing the power of nature and blasted the Blazing Angel away.

After the Nature Blazing Angel was blasted away, countless Type II Undyings rushed towards the Angels behind him like a flood.

The Space Breaker Dragon Whale opened its maw and enveloped a Berserk Blazing Angel, sealing him away in an alternate space within its body.

The Scarlet Flame Fenghuang rushed towards a Water Blazing Angel, who was forced to evade, exposing the Angel legion behind him.

As soon as the three Infinity Warlock rank weapons were thrown into battle, the Angel legions no longer able to withstand the mechanical legion began to be pushed back and suffered heavy casualties.

“Its time!”

Yang Feng suddenly disappeared from the bridge of a battlestar, and then appeared in an empty space in an instant.

All of a sudden, the god armament Curtain of the Night flew out, turned into night, and enveloped the space where the four Bright World Warlock rank Blazing Angels were in.

In an instant, Yang Fengs true body emerged from the night and appeared behind the Nature Blazing Angel, and then pierced through all of the Nature Blazing Angels defenses with the Dagger of the Night in his hand and stabbed him.

Numerous curses broke out in an instant and weakened the Nature Blazing Angel to the extreme. Then Yang Feng drove a Lock Dragon Nail into the other partys body and sealed their power.

Although Yang Fengs true body cannot manipulate night force like his god clone, who is a peerless assassin that can assassinate Infinity Warlocks at will. But he can still do all kinds of incredible things with the help of part of the god clones night force.

One of the characteristics of gods is that they can grant part of their power to their divine chosen, gods darling, saints, and the like. Yang Fengs true body can naturally obtain part of the power bestowed by his god clone.

In the night, drawing support from night force and cooperating with the three Infinity Warlock rank weapons, the elusive Yang Feng quelled and sealed the remaining three Blazing Angels one after another.

After the three Bright World Warlock rank Blazing Angels were quelled by Yang Feng, the mechanical legion forced its way into Red Rage Planes floating continent.

The floating continent is the foundation of Red Rage Plane. Once the floating continent is taken down, Yang Fengs mechanical legion will be able to sweep the divine countries of the gods one by one.

The Warlock towers on the floating continent suddenly lit up and conjured one barrier after another to resisting Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

However, Yang Feng has learned about the position of the most important Warlock towers on the floating continent through Battle Demon Sects intelligence, and has already destroyed most of them before they could be activated. Due to this, the defense of the floating continent has weakened greatly.

The power of the primary artillery of Blazing Sun Battlestar is terrifying. Even if it is a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, if they dont use secret treasures and face it head one, they will be severely injured. Besides, with its super long range, it is most suitable to destroy the defense of fixed targets.

For Blazing Sun Battlestars, it is difficult to deal with ordinary Infinity Warlocks, they may not even be able to win against Bright World Warlocks. However, their destructive power was much greater than that of ordinary Infinity Warlocks. As such, they are excellent siege weapons.

“Undying Mountain! To dare attack our Heart of Fury, go to hell!”

A furious roar came from the floating continent where the headquarters of Heart of Fury is located, then the earth cracked, and a 3,000-meter-tall freak entirely gold in color, with a hideous head and bulky legs, and releasing faint holy light suddenly appeared.

As soon as the freak appeared, it took a step forward and, as if it teleported, appeared above a Blazing Sun Battlestar and stepped on it.

Bright holy light shone, and layers of fearsome force erupted and covered the entire battleship.


The Blazing Sun Battlestar, which can fly faster than the speed of light and is made from numerous top alloy materials, exploded. As if thousands of nuclear bombs exploded together, the endless light and heat instantly enveloped the freak entirely gold in color.

The Blazing Sun Battlestars have the function of self-detonation. Once they explodes, even a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse can be heavily wounded, or even killed.


A sorrowful scream came from the floating continent.

After the light dissipated, only two human-looking legs exuding traces of Holy Spirit Warlock rank aura remained.

“These are the legs of the Brilliant Holy! That freak was refined with the legs as its power source!”

The left hand of the Brilliant Holy Yang Feng sealed in a box and stored away is shaking, making him realize that those legs belong to the Brilliant Holy.

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