Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 745 – Assassination of an Infinity Warlock

Chapter 744 – Annexing Heart of Fury

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After the gold freak and Yang Fengs Blazing Sun Battlestar perished together, the morale of Heart of Furys Warlocks on the floating continent plummeted at once.

The terrifying mechanical legion poured into the floating continent like a tide and destroyed one Warlock tower after another like crushing dry weeds.

An Infinity Warlock rank aura suddenly rose from the floating continent, and then disappeared.

“The great elder ran away!”

“We were abandoned!”

“The great elder ran away!”

“Surrender! We surrender!”


Screams and wails came from the floating continent.

Yang Feng frowned slightly, a solemn look in his eyes: “Escaped? What a decisive fellow! To make such a decision so quickly, impressive!”

Yang Feng only used a few Infinity Warlock rank weapons until now. His Infinity Warlock rank subordinates are still lying in wait, ready to attack the Infinity Warlock at any time.

Infinity Warlocks are really difficult to kill, but that is in a one-on-one fight. However, Yang Feng is quite sure that five or six Infinity Warlocks besieging an ordinary Infinity Warlock will do the trick.

Red Rage Planes plane origin will has long since been analyzed by Battle Demon Sect. As such, the experts under Yang Feng have come prepared, so there is no need to worry about plane origin will suppression.

“What a pity!” Yang Feng just sighed regretfully, and then no longer cared about it. He shifted his attention to the mechanical legions offensive.

As long as Yang Fengs power continues to increase, his mechanical legion will continue to grow stronger, akin to a snowball effect. It is because of this that he captures the forces that he can and increases his power.

Red Rage Plane is a grade 4 plane. Once Yang Feng seizes it, it will become another base of his.

Now that the great elder escaped, it caused the morale of Heart of Furys Warlocks to collapse. The remaining Moonlight Warlocks and Glorious Sun Warlocks cast secret methods to flee towards different directions.

Numerous Type II Undyings entangled them, and then surrounded them along with other 4th generation battle robots and blasted them to pieces one after another.

Divine light shone within the 23 divine countries, and gods flew out, cast divine spells, and flew into Astral Boundary without looking back.

Once gods leave the plane they ascended to godhood on, they will weaken continuously. At the same time, their connection with believers will also be weakened by more than 90%. Finding it hard to absorb divine force, their godhead may eventually crumble, following which they will die.

However, Warlocks who have ascended to godhood, after leaving their plane, can use special secret methods to shatter their godhead and abandon 99% of their power. By doing this, there is a slight possibility that they will get rid of the divine shackles and transform into non-divine beings.

Of course, shattering the godhead, abandoning the divine body, and renouncing everything they have built until now, it isnt something that gods will usually choose to do. For a strong divine force rank god, if they abandon everything, they will very likely ultimately become an ordinary person, and will have to practice cultivation all over again. But after countless hardships, they may not be able to cultivate to the Infinity Warlock realm.

When the 23 gods realized that the situation is anything but reassuring. that they could not compete with Yang Feng, they chose to escape.

The fierce battle lasted for two full hours before Red Rage Planes floating continent was completely occupied by Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

Next the huge mechanical legion captured the divine countries of the 23 gods one after another.

Since the 23 gods left in a hurry, apart from bringing some treasures, they couldnt bring along a large number of petitioners, saints, divine force crystals, and other resources.

“Lets destroy these divine countries!”

Gazing at the star-like divine countries, Yang Feng smiled coldly, and spread the fingers of a hand. All of a sudden, a black vortex appeared, and a dense swarm of Devourers poured out and rushed towards a divine country.

Before long, the divine country shrank at a speed visible to the naked eye.

A divine country is made from divine force, laws, a semi-plane, and various rare materials. The Devourers can devour anything. Every time they devour a divine country, they will get stronger.

The complexion of a weak divine force rank god of Red Rage Plane flying in Astral Boundary suddenly changed dramatically, and he let out a scream of horror and despair: “No! My divine country! Damn, those wretched bastards! My divine country!”

As he screamed, the weak divine force rank god spouted out a mouthful of gold blood, then his aura weakened to the extreme, and he fell into a coma.

Divine countries are closely connected to the gods. Each divine country is created by using a gods power, countless resources, divine force crystals, laws, and even part of a gods soul.

The closer the connection between a god and their divine country, the stronger the divine country is. Similarly, once their divine country is destroyed, the god will suffer a huge backlash.

The aura of Astral Boundary slowly permeated the god and made him look ferocious. Shortly after, a fierce Glorious Sun Warlock rank astral freak with savage features, containing both astral force and divine force, was born.

When the Devourers have devoured the 10th divine country, they suddenly split into two, and their number doubled immediately.

Devourers are originally one of the strongest kind of weapon of the xizu, a weapon that can evolve continuously. It is because of this that Yang Feng handed the precious 23 divine countries to the Devourers to devour.

At the deepest part of the floating continent, there is a person standing in front of a red door covered in countless runes. This person is Yang Feng.

Behind the red door is Hear of Furys treasury.

“I wonder how many of Hear of Furys treasures the great elder took with him when he escaped!”

A thought streaked across Yang Fengs mind, and he pushed open the door of the treasury.

As if it has been swept by a storm, the treasury is a mess. Most of the precious treasures have been taken away, while only a large number of magic crystals remained.

Killing intent flickered inside Yang Fengs eyes. He spread the fingers of a hand, and countless flying ant-like drones suddenly flew out and flew towards the treasury: “That great elder is really a scumbag. If only I could have stopped and killed him.”

Those flying ant-like drones are linked to the database of the level-4 optical computer network, witch can use the data in the database freely to search for treasures useful to Yang Feng.

Suddenly, a flying ant sent a prompt. Yang Feng followed the prompt and saw a dull bead engraved with mysterious runes lying on the ground.

“This is a Dragon Origin Bead! It seems that my luck hasnt ran out.”

Yang Feng took a closer look at the bead, then his heart stirred slightly, and he revealed a smile.

Dragon Origin Bead is a queer object that can be formed after a dragon powerhouse dies by combining part of the dragon powerhouses soul and the worlds life magic energy together. If this Dragon Origin Bead is absorbed by a golem refined with a high grade soul stone, it can transform the golem into a dragon-like existence.

Dragon Origin Bead is a very rare treasure. Even after combing through Li Gui Province, Yu Province, and Bright Moon Province, Yang Feng still hasnt found this kind of treasure, which shows how rare it is.

The Mechanical Black Dragon that has accompanied Yang Feng to this day has only evolved to the pinnacle Glorious Sun Warlock rank. But if it ingests this Dragon Origin Bead, it will be able to break through the bottleneck and evolve into a Bright World Warlock or even an Infinity Warlock rank existence.

Yang Fengs mood became better, not minding that the treasury was nearly swept clean by the great elder: “With this Dragon Origin Bead, I will be able to create another Infinity Warlock rank combatant!”

The grade 4 plane Submerged Tomb Plane.

Spatial ripples appeared in the planes outer space, and a crimson figure flew out and flew towards the floating continent on Submerged Tomb Plane.

When the crimson figure appeared in this space, as if it touched a boundary, a powerful aura swept it and verified its identity.

“I, Heart of Furys great elder Yan Pengfei, request an audience!”

When the crimson figure landed on the floating continent, traces of Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power surged, and the silhouette of a middle-age man dressed in a red Warlock robe was revealed.

A gray ray flew out from the abyss of the floating continent and enveloped Yan Pengfei, and he disappeared instantly.

In the next moment, Yan Pengfei appeared in a bright and luxurious palace hall. In the palace hall, there sits an old man in a gray robe, with gray beard and hair, and enveloped in darkness.

The old man smiled and said, “Old Yan, what brings you here?”

This old man is Graveyard of the Deads great elder Ning Wuxin, and he is an Infinity Warlock.

A gleam of resentment shimmered in Yan Pengfeis eyes, and he gritted his teeth and said: “Old Ning, Heart of Fury is no more!”

Killing intent shimmered in his eyes, and Ning Wuxin uttered gravely: “Who did it? Was it Battle Demon Sect? Those damn sons of bitches have just besieged and killed two of our great elders, and now they attacked us again! Thats beyond low! They deserve to die 10,000 times over!”

Both Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead possess special secret methods. When their great elders died, they immediately became aware of it. Yan Pengfei escaped so decisively because Zhu Lie was killed.

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