Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 746 – Defeating Graveyard of the Dead

Chapter 745 – Assassination of an Infinity Warlock

Yan Pengfei shuddered when he thought of the dense mechanical legion, then gritted his teeth and uttered: “Its a force called Undying Mountain! They besieged us with a nearly endless golem tide and defeated our Angel legions!”

A dignified gleam flashed in Ning Wuxins eyes, and he said solemnly: “Mechanical golems? Are they Warlocks who specialize in the 6th Warlock Dynastys — Golem Dynastys — secrets methods?”

The 6th Warlock Dynastys — Golem Dynastys — mechanical golems rampaged in the early stage of the dynasty . But after living golems emerged, mechanical golems retreated from the stage of history .

That doesnt mean that the mechanical golems were weak . But the living golems were much cheaper, consuming much less resources than mechanical golems .

Warlocks who study Golem Dynasty wont give up on researching their mechanical golems .

Yan Pengfei replied: “I dont know! The opponent came prepared . As soon as they appeared, they destroyed most of our Warlock towers with warship-like weapons . After they defeated our Angel legions and destroyed the Gold Holy Devil, I saw that the situation was anything but reassuring and thus left . ”

A grave gleam flashed in Ning Wuxins eyes: “The Gold Holy Devil was destroyed?”

The Gold Holy Devil was the gold freak forged using the legs of the Brilliant Holy plus alchemy and various spells . It was a fearsome weapon that could fight true Infinity Warlocks .

The Scarlet Flame Fenghuang, Gale Giant, and other Infinity Warlock rank weapons under Yang Fengs control can exert Infinity Warlock rank destructive power . However, to fight a true Infinity Warlock, youd need at least four of these weapons .

But the gold freak possesses the strength to slay Infinity Warlocks by itself . If it hadnt been destroyed by the detonation of a Blazing Sun Battlestar, Yang Feng would need to send at least three Infinity Warlock rank top powerhouses such as Alexia to get rid of it .

Yan Pengfei spoke gravely: “Thats right . Old Ning, I suspect that Undying Mountain is in cahoots with Battle Demon Sect . Now that they have dealt with my Heart of Fury, it is very likely that the next target will be your Graveyard of the Dead . ”

Ning Wuxin smiled coldly, gazed at Yan Pengfei with a flash of superiority in his eyes, and said proudly: “Our Graveyard of the Dead wont be destroyed that easily by those wretches . If they dare come, I will show them how impressive my Graveyard of the Dead is and kill them . ”

Although Graveyard of the Dead and Heart of Fury have been on good terms for generations, but Graveyard of the Dead is a notch stronger than Heart of Fury . Ning Wuxin is an intermediate Infinity Warlock, while Yan Pengfei is only a junior Infinity Warlock . Although the two seem to stand on an equal footing, but in fact, Ning Wuxin has the dominant position .

Now that Yan Pengfei lost his foundation that is Heart of Fury, he has become a rogue cultivator, and thus can now compare even less to Graveyard of the Deads great elder Ning Wuxin in terms of status .

Yan Pengfei raised his brows slightly . With his keen senses, he detected the sense of superiority hidden in Ning Wuxins words, and then kept the warning he originally wanted to give Ning Wuxin to himself .


Ning Wuxin had just spoken a word, when suddenly a hair-raising premonition of danger welled up inside him, and he pointed at the sky with a finger .

Powerful runes suddenly appeared on the roof of the palace and formed layers of magic shields .


Along with an earth-shattering explosion, a bright beam of light blasted into the palace like divine punishment . The beam of light reduced everything to ashes in its wake .

“Enemy attack!”

“Damn it, there are enemies!”


Panicked voices rose in the palace, and barriers suddenly activated .

Boom! Boom!

The sounds of huge explosions rang incessantly . Inside the palace hall, Ning Wuxins face suddenly turned gloomy, and he uttered full of killing intent: “How brazen! To attack my Graveyard of the Dead, what reckless fools! Old Yan, you have to help me kill those reckless fools!”

Yan Pengfei pondered for a moment before gritting his teeth and saying: “Okay!”

When Yang Feng captured Heart of Fury, he left Yan Pengfei with no foundation . From now on, Yan Pengfei will be a rogue cultivator . Hell have to struggle hard to establish a new force .

When a Warlock cultivates to the Infinity Warlock realm, they will either choose to rely on a force, plunder and pillage, or create a force of their own . Or else they wont be able to get enough resources for cultivation .

When Yan Pengfei thought of establishing a new force, mad killing intent directed towards Yang Feng welled up inside him .

“I am Lei Ming, the Young Master of Undying Mountain! Graveyard of the Dead, surrender, or die!”

A domineering voice echoed in the space around Graveyard of the Dead .

Two rays of light flew out from the depths of Graveyard of the Dead, and Infinity Warlock rank auras soared into the sky .

Yan Pengfei fixed his gaze at the sky and saw an endless mechanical legion .

48 stars in the sky twinkled, revealing divine countries . Dense crowds of Angels flew out of the divine countries and clashed with Yang Fengs mechanical legions .

As soon as the ordinary Angels came into contact with Yang Fengs mechanical legion, they turned into countless pieces, and scattered on the ground .

Only some Moonlight Warlock rank and above Blazing Angels led the Angel legions to destroy one robot after another .

The sound of explosions rang incessantly in the sky, and countless parts and flesh and blood sprinkled on the earth .

The gods of Graveyard of the Dead are much stronger than the gods of Heart of Fury . A total of 12 weak divine force rank and 2 intermediate divine force rank gods left their divine countries . By burning divine force, they cast various formidable divine spells to bless the Angels .

Blessed by the formidable divine spells, the fighting power of the Angels soared . The ordinary Angels are now even able to display Starry Sky Warlock rank battle prowess .

On Submerged Tomb Planes floating continent, Graveyard of the Deads Warlocks chanted incantations .

Devil corpses of dragons, giants, devils, fiends, evil gods, devil insects, high elves, kindred, astral creatures, and other extraordinary life forms suddenly appeared .

The different devil corpses rushed into the sky and engaged with Yang Fengs mechanical legion .

The weird devil corpses have just risen into the sky, when countless fighter aircraft fired a rain of light that blasted them apart .

When Ning Wuxin saw the dense swarm of fighter aircraft and countless battle robots in the sky, his scalp turned numb, and a look of fear flashed in his eyes: “This is Undying Mountain! What a terrifying mechanical legion!”

The fighter aircraft and battle robots are unmanned mechanical golems . Not only is their combat power amazing, but their number is also despair inducing .

Ning Wuxin previously looked down on Yan Pengfei, who took flight in the face of danger . But now a solemn glint flashed in her eyes .

At this moment, three Interstellar Carriers opened a hatch each, and three Infinity Warlock rank weapons, namely a Gale Giant, a Space Breaker Dragon Whale, and a Scarlet Flame Fenghuang, flew out and plunged into battle .

When the three Infinity Warlock rank weapons plunged into battle, even though the Angel legions have gods blessing them with divine spells, they were still pushed back again and again .

The two intermediate divine force rank gods burned divine force madly and cast powerful divine spells blasting towards the three infinity Warlock rank weapons .

By madly burning divine force, the strength of the two intermediate divine force rank gods soared at once, and they actually suppressed the three Infinity Warlock rank weapons .

However, the three Interstellar Carriers opened a hatch each again, and three other Infinity Warlock rank weapons, namely a Six-headed Gold Dragon, an Archaic Sacred Dragon, and a grand duke archdevil, flew out and plunged into the battlefield .

As soon as these three Infinity Warlock rank weapons were placed on the battlefield, the Angel legions were pushed back again, suffering heavy casualties .

Ning Wuxins eyes turned bloodshot, and he roared: “Undying Mountain, you damn beasts are dead! Extinguish Devil Body! Come out!”

Suddenly, a figure flew out from the shadow behind Ning Wuxin and, as if a specter, stabbed him with the god armament Dagger of the Night . The dagger pierced through numerous magic shields and stabbed him in the heart .

Fearsome night divine force instantly erupted, and various curses appeared on Ning Wuxins body .


Ning Wuxin let out a terrified scream, and then instantly lost all strength and turned into a corpse .

“Strong divine force rank god! The Ruler of the Night!”

Yan Pengfei glanced at Yang Fengs god clone, who assassinated Ning Wuxin, and terror surged inside him . His figure fluttered, and he fled into the distance . Although he is a junior Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse, but he stands no chance against a strong divine force rank god .

Yang Fengs god clone wears a special armor secret treasure that adjusts his divine force fluctuations . With this armor, although he is still suppressed by the plane origin will, but his strength only dropped by about 10% . Nevertheless, this is still enough to defeat Yan Pengfei .

Yan Pengfei has just flown for hundreds of kilometers, when countless seven-colored rose petals suddenly flew out and formed a Seven Color Rose Petal Seal Boundary, trapping him inside .

A tyrannical aura rose suddenly, and Yu Yan, who looks like a goddess of war, flew over from a distance and blocked in front of Yan Pengfei .

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