Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 747 – Information

Chapter 746 – Defeating Graveyard of the Dead

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When Yan Pengfei saw that Yu Yan, who is exuding advanced Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power, his expression changed greatly, and he shouted: “Stop! I am willing to surrender and submit to Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming!”

Yan Pengfei first saw Yang Fengs strong divine force rank god clone Ruler of the Night, then he was locked up by Seven Color Rose Gardens Garden Masters barrier, and finally he met Yu Yan, one of the Eight Marshals of Great Cloud Dynasty. It all compelled him to make a prompt decision.

Yu Yan said coldly: “Let me seal your life force with a Lock Dragon Nail!”

Yan Pengfei frowned slightly and said solemnly: “I am Heart of Furys great elder Yan Pengfei. As long as I submit to Young Master Lei Ming, he can easily take control of Heart of Fury. I can placate the people on Red Rage Plane to quickly hand over control to Undying Mountain, which will save you at least 100 years of time.”

When Yang Fengs true body aboard a battleship heard this, ridicule flickered in his eyes.

If it was under normal circumstances, then just like Yan Pengfei said, it would take a huge amount of time and energy to fully take control of a plane.

However, Yang Fengs mechanical legion possesses extremely powerful smart chips, which are controlled by the level-4 optical computer network. The key positions can be filled by the intelligent robots. Therefore, the forces that Yang Feng annexes can quickly merge into his force and transform into his power.

Fuel war with war. Like a snowball that continuously strengthens itself, this is the horror of the xizu mechanical legion.

If it werent for the incredible Holy grade and Empyrean grade secret treasures, Yang Feng would have crushed all his enemies.

Although the xizu mechanical legion is very powerful, but in this universe, there are freakish powerhouses at the Warlock Monarch, Holy Spirit Warlock, and even Warlock Emperor rank.

As long as a Holy Spirit Warlock takes action, Yang Fengs foundation on Cangzhi Plane will be puled up by the roots, and he will be forced to retreat to a lower grade plane such as Andrak Plane or Red Rage Plane. Otherwise, only death will await him.

It has been more than 100 million years since the birth of the first true ancestor on God Blood Plane. During the past 100 million years, only 9 true ancestors were born on God Blood Plane. This shows how difficult it is for a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses to emerge.

“Yan Pengfei, open your soul and let my Lord set up a soul brand. Otherwise, die!”

Along with a flash of black light, Alexia wearing the Fallen Angel Armor suddenly appeared behind Yan Pengfei and spoke with strong killing intent.

Yan Pengfeis face flickered when he saw Alexia: “Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angel! What a strong foundation!”

An Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angel is a fearsome weapon that can contend with a human Warlock genius of the same rank who formed a virtual world inside them. She is not an existence that an ordinary junior Infinity Warlock like Yan Pengfei can compete with.

Yan Pengfeis thoughts revolved, and then he gritted his teeth and said: “Fine! I will open up my soul and submit to Young Master!”

Infinity Warlocks stem from common people. Once deprived of their power, they are no different from common people. Except for some Infinity Warlocks, the rest are afraid of death much like ordinary people. Such talents are easy to subdue.

In the world of Warlocks, power has nothing to do with a Warlocks morality, nature, and disposition.

Yan Pengfei silently recited an incantation, and a projection that is a spitting image of him and exudes soul aura suddenly flew out.

The space distorted, and Yang Fengs True God Empyrean Imprint flew out suddenly. Numerous black chains flew out of the True God Empyrean Imprint, stabbed into Yan Pengfeis soul, and formed a weird soul brand in the depths of Yan Pengfeis soul.

As soon as the brand formed, Yan Pengfei vaguely felt that there is something dangerous in his soul and understood that his fate is no longer under his control.

“Scoundrel! Lets retreat!”

When Submerged Tomb Planes God of War, an intermediate divine force rank god, saw that Ning Wuxin was instantly killed by Yang Fengs god clone, he roared at once, then his figure shook slightly, and he fled into the distance.

An endless night swept towards that area and instantly engulfed Submerged Tomb Planes God of War.

At the moment when the endless night enveloped the God of War, Yang Fengs Ruler of the Night god clone silently appeared behind the other party and stabbed him with the Dagger of the Night in the heart.

Before the God of War could make a sound, he was eroded by various curse, and lost the power to resist.

Yang Fengs Ruler of the Night god clone stabbed the God of Wars forehead with his hand and dug out the other partys godhead.

Yang Fengs Ruler of the Night god clone smiled and put away the godhead: “The godhead of a God of War, thats something that I need!”

The fighting power of gods is immense. But at the same time, it is extremely difficult for gods to advance. If you rely on the faith force of your believers and your own understanding of a certain power, it is 100 times more difficult to advance for gods than for Warlocks. The fastest way for a god to promote is to consume the godheads of gods of the same power.

If Yang Feng can consume a mighty divine force grade godhead, he can easily promote to a mighty divine force rank god. When using strong divine force grade godheads to promote to a mighty divine force rank god, itll take you at least 10 godheads of the same power.

Intermediate divine force grade godheads also have not a small effect on Yang Fengs god clone.

If it was in a frontal battle, the God of War might be able to barely hold on while fighting Yang Feng. But he chose to flee, and exposed his back, which gave Yang Feng a great chance to assassinate him.

When the God of War died in the starry sky, Graveyard of the Deads Warlocks lost their fighting spirit and turned into streams of light fleeing in different directions.

“I surrender!”

“I surrender!”


After fighting for a while, Graveyard of the Deads Warlocks were finally unable to withstand the siege of Yang Fengs mechanical legion, and surrendered one after another.

Next Yang Fengs mechanical legion seized control of the floating continent.

“This is the Extinguish Devil Body, what a dangerous weapon! Moreover, it is refined from a part of the Brilliant Holys body! If it is fully activated, Im afraid it will be more difficult to deal with than the gold freak!”

Yang Feng stands in front a 100-meter-tall freak. Its head, arms, and legs are made from the remains of a Warlock Monarch rank extraordinary life form, while its torso is made from the body of a Holy step Holy Warlock. There is a dignified look in Yang Fengs eyes. The Brilliant Holys body parts sealed inside his storage treasure are resonating with the torso embedded in the Extinguish Devil Body, which signifies that the torso belongs to the Brilliant Holy as well.

The Extinguish Devil Body is covered with various powerful seals. If it werent for these seals sealing it, then once it wakes up, the distorted life force field it will release can kill all intelligent life forms below the level-3 Warlock rank.

A gleam of regret flashed in Yang Fengs eyes: “A pity, I made an agreement with Brilliant Holy to help him resurrect! I have to dismantle this weapon!”

Yang Feng waved his hand, and a swarm of Devourers suddenly pounced on the freak.

Under the devouring of the Devourers, the Extinguish Devil Body disintegrated inch by inch, until only the Brilliant Holys torso was left.

Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, and the torso of the Brilliant Holy flew to his hand, and then he sealed it in a jade box.

After Yang Feng put the jade box away, a thought suddenly welled up inside him and filled him with apprehension towards Holy step Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses: “Holy step powerhouses are really terrifying. I wonder what spell he used to enable me to collect so many parts of his body.”

The Brilliant Holy is an old monster from the 1st Warlock Dynasty age. His body, which has a trace of immortality, is a top alchemy material. God knows how many times it has changed hands. For Yang Feng to able to collect most of his body. Obviously, an incredible spell must be at work.

“Anyway, as long as I dont break my promise, he shouldnt harm me.”

As soon as Yang Feng entered Graveyard of the Deads treasury, he saw an endless expanse radiating the light of treasures. The treasury is filled with treasures Graveyard of the Dead collected since its inception.

As Yang Feng gazed at the treasury, he revealed a smile: “No matter how many times I see the treasury a powerful Warlock group, it never gets boring.”

Every time he opens a treasury of a powerful Warlock group, Yang Feng can obtain many useful treasures. It is because of this that he will attack and destroy powerful Warlock groups as long as he gets a chance. Only in this way can he obtain sufficient cultivation resources.

Other Warlock groups, even if they are several levels stronger than Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead, wouldnt dare to rashly go to war with with these two Warlock groups. Since once war breaks out, it signifies that Warlocks will die. Ordinary Warlocks dont matter. But if too many Warlocks at the Moonlight Warlock rank and above die, it will damage the vitality of a Warlock group. It is because Battle Demon Sect is concerned about this that they didnt dare to start a war rashly.

But since Yang Feng has the huge mechanical legion, he is able to crush and conquer Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead without taking the losses into account.

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