Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 748 – Infiltration of the Endless Abyss

Chapter 747 – Information

“This is a Phantom Star Pit, the main material needed to refine xizu top weapon Phantom Ruler! This should be enough for me to refine an incomplete Phantom Ruler!”

While strolling inside Graveyard of the Deads treasury, Yang Fengs eyes suddenly lit up, then he hurriedly took a few steps forward and picked up a fist-sized ore that radiates eerie light, and his eyes filled with excitement .

Devourers and Phantom Rulers are two of the top weapons of the xizu .

Devourers that have evolved to the pinnacle can devour any energy and possesses terrifying defensive power and proliferation ability . Phantom Rulers are a kind of weapon that can easily confuse intelligent life forms and cause them to fall into an illusion . Unable to extricate themselves from the illusion, theyll eventually pass away .

If Yang Feng had a top Phantom Ruler, he could use it to confuse the three Dawn Blazing Angels, to make them regard Yang Feng as the Dawn Lord, and obediently tell him all the information at their disposal .

Whether it is the Devourers or the Phantom Rulers, their core materials are most precious treasures . Even the tyrannical xizu, whose power span across countless star fields, had to synthesize the materials for about 100 years to create one complete Phantom Ruler .

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth raised into a smile: “Although I cant refine a complete Phantom Ruler, but I can add superior grade soul stones to it and, coupled with the alchemy of Warlock civilization, refine a Phantom Ruler that can evolve continuously . ”

Superior soul stones are most precious strategic resources as well as first rate materials for refining Blazing Angels . Yang Feng doesnt possess many superior soul stones .

However, he got 43 Blazing Angels and a large number of saints and petitioners as spoils of war . He can use secret methods to transform the saints and petitioners into soul stones .

In fact, once you take down a gods divine country, then as long as the divine country isnt pulled into Astral Boundary, you can capture the saints and petitioners inside within and refine them into soul stones . This is one of the best spoils of war for Warlocks when fighting gods .

Soul stones is a kind of resource that wont devalue no matter the plane it is placed on . Many secret treasures and weapons with all kinds of incredible abilities require the use of soul stones .

Yang Feng continued to treasure hunt inside Graveyard of the Deads treasury . There are indeed many treasures in the treasury . But compared to the treasury of a kindred grand duke, it is still far too lacking . There are very few treasures here that can make his heart race .

“This is the corpse of a grand prince rank abyssal fiend lord, thats Graveyard of the Dead for you . Looks like they are best at grave robbing . This must be the most valuable treasure of Graveyard of the Dead . If I am not mistaken, this treasure is sealed here because no one can control it!”

When Yang Feng reached the deepest part of Graveyard of the Deads treasury, his eyes suddenly lit up . He saw a three-meter-tall abyssal fiend lord with a horn and a sinister appearance, engraved with wicked runes, looking like it is sleeping, in a transparent crystal coffin . The coffin is sealed by countless runes, and Monarch grade might is slowly diffusing from it .

The various secret methods practiced by Graveyard of the Dead can enable Warlocks to command all kinds of devil corpses . However, after being refined by these secret methods, the devil corpses are transformed into a different kind of extraordinary existence .

Once the grand prince rank abyssal fiend lord is activated by a weaker Infinity Warlock, with the abyssal fiends chaotic nature, the Infinity Warlock will suffer a backlash and die .

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly: “It seems that I have lucked out . This corpse is excellent for my next plan . ”

Andrak Plane, in a palace hall .

Playing with a storage ring containing the most precious treasures of Heart of Fury, Yang Feng asked Yan Pengfei: “Yan Pengfei, do you know the origin of the three Blazing Angels?”

Yan Pengfei replied respectfully: “Young Master, the three Blazing Angels are reportedly the messengers sent by the Eighth Warlock Emperor, the Dawn Lord . ”

Yang Feng frowned slightly and uttered: “The Dawn Lord is a human Warlock, not a god . For him to have Blazing Angels under his control, dont you find this suspicious?”

Yan Pengfei smiled bitterly: “Our Heart of Fury is a subject of the Dawn Lord . The Dawn Imperial Seal cannot be faked . It is a genuine Dawn Imperial Seal . We have a special secret method that detected the aura of the living Dawn Lord within the Dawn Imperial Seal . Besides, we can ascertain the the aura was infused into the seal not long ago . How can we disobey his orders?”

The human Eight Warlock Emperors of Cangzhi Plane suppressed countless planes . Among the countless planes, the powerhouses at Moonlight Warlock rank and above know of the prestige of the human Eight Warlock Emperors .

Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead are Warlock groups who are only second to Great Cloud Dynastys Ten Great Sects and Eight Great Families in terms of strength . However, compared with the 8th Warlock Emperor, the Dawn Lord, they are ants that can be crushed at any time .

Only Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses are qualified to talk with Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses .

Yang Feng asked, “What did they want from you?”

Yan Pengfei smiled bitterly and gave Yang Feng a deep look: “Resources, they had us hand in a greater part of our resources to them every year . At the same time, under their protection, we could freely expand outwards and annex other Warlock groups . ”

Yan Pengfei already knows that Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming is Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng . Much like Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead eyed Battle Demon Sect covetously, Yang Feng also eyed these two Warlock groups covetously . In the end, they became Yang Fengs prey instead .

Yang Feng continued to ask: “What else can you tell me?”

Yan Pengfei pondered for a while before saying: “We didnt have much contact with the Angels, and thus dont have much information on them . However, every time they appear, they are led by three Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angels . Weve seen 12 Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angels . ”

Yang Feng couldnt help taking in a breath of cold air, and a dignified ray flickered in his eyes: “12 Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angels!”

Blazing Angels wielding the power of dawn are undoubtedly one of the strongest kinds of Blazing Angels . There is almost no attribute whose power can restrain them . In order to get rid of a Blazing Angel that wields the power of dawn, you must crush them with absolute power .

Even though there are differences in Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angels . But even the weakest Infinity Warlock rank Blazing Angel is comparable to a Warlock prodigy who has formed a virtual world .

If 12 Blazing Angels attack Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead, they can level them completely . Faced against absolute power, coupled with the Dawn Imperial Seal, Heart of Fury and Graveyard of the Dead had no choice but to submit .

Yang Feng asked: “Is there anything else?”

Yan Pengfei shook his head and responded: “There isnt!”

Yang Feng asked a few more questions, but didnt get any more information from Yan Pengfei .

Yang Feng frowned slightly, and worry flashed in his eyes: “Is it really the Dawn Lord? If it really is him, then Im in trouble! Could it be that I have to conceal and change my identity and hide?”

Each of the Eight Warlock Emperors was a terrifying, unequaled existence . Even the weaker Dawn Lord was a peerless prodigy who suppressed all other prodigies on Cangzhi Plane, a mighty and unparalleled Warlock Emperor . If he is alive, even if hes at his weakest, then as long as he locks on the position of Yang Fengs true body, he can cross a great distance and kill Yang Feng in an instance with a single finger .

The endless Abyss, on the 7th floor .

A black sun is strangely suspended in the air, the earth is dry and cracked, strange-shaped abyssal plants are growing everywhere, and the air is filled with a corrosive abyssal force . If an ordinary person breaths this air containing abyssal force in, they will get seriously ill at the least, or die at the worst .

Although it looks like there are no creatures on the ground . But when you look closely, you can see that there are actually demonic creatures exuding ferocious and brutal temperaments concealing themselves .

Every once in a while, fighting breaks out in some place on the ground . Then the loser is consumed along with hair and bones .

Black like ink, exuding a vile stench, an abyssal river formed from negative energy of the countless planes is flowing quietly here .

Every so often, a black water spray suddenly rises in the abyssal river and rolls towards the shore .

Each time a water spray rolls out, it contains a large number of black abyssal insects approximately 20 centimeters long, with distorted faces on the back and a sharp, chrysanthemum flower-like mouthpart .

As soon as the abyssal insects appear, they devour each other .

Many imps with a child-like face and beast-like sharp teeth darted out happily, grabbed the fat abyssal insects, and stuffed them into their mouth .

“So this is Abyss? What a cruel place!”

The abyssal insect a part of Yang Fengs soul is parasitising just glanced around, then opened its extremely sharp mouthpart and bit into an abyssal insect next to it . He consumed the abyssal insect in a few large mouthfuls .

When he consumed the abyssal insect, Yang Feng felt his body swell up a bit and a bit of power well up inside him .

Without any hesitation, Yang Feng arched his body, and then immediately shot out and pounced at another abyssal insect . He bit off the head of the abyssal insect and devoured it at once .

After consuming more than 30 abyssal insects in a row, Yang Fengs body suddenly expanded to 30 centimeters long, brimming with power .

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