Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 749 – Succubus Cloris

Chapter 748 – Infiltration of the Endless Abyss

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Suddenly, the scarlet eyes of an imp flashed fiercely, and it licked its lips and strode towards Yang Feng.

A fat and full of power abyssal insect like Yang Feng is the favorite food of imps. As long as an imp consumes enough abyssal insects, the abyssal force inside it will be stimulated, and itll evolve into a different kind of demonic creature.

Abyssal insects and abyssal imps, who are formed from the negative energy of countless planes endlessly, are the foundation of the endless Abyss.

A sense of danger welled up inside Yang Feng. He manipulated his insect body to arch slightly, and then shot out with all his power like an arrow, opened his chrysanthemum flower-like mouthpart, jumped onto the imps face, and bit down.

The abyssal insects sharp teeth pierced deep into the abyssal imps face, and blood drops emerged from the latters face.

As its face twisted in pain, the abyssal imp grabbed Yang Fengs plump insect body and squeezed it hard.

A sharp pain assaulted Yang Feng, as if his insect body is about to burst. At this moment, Yang Feng used a strange secret method of conducting power, and his insect body squirmed. He consumed the last trace of abyssal force inside him, and his sharp mouthpart exploded with tremendous strength and bit through the abyssal imps face.

A large amount of black blood flowed down from the abyssal imps face. Suffering great pain, it fell to the ground and struggled for a while before losing all its strength and dying.

Enduring the severe pain coming from his insect body, Yang Feng consumed the abyssal imp corpse bit by bit.

Since the abyssal imp corpse is a great supplement to abyssal insects, the surrounding abyssal insects crawled towards it.

As he consumed the abyssal imp corpse, Yang Feng devoured the abyssal insects that approached one by one. Four hours later, his insect body has grown to about 1 meter long.

When Yang Fengs body reached 1 meter in length, he felt a powerful abyssal force well up inside him and combine with his soul.

He twitched, then a hand suddenly extended from the abyssal insect Yang Feng has transformed into and tore open his insect body, from within which an abyssal imp covered in mucus crawled out.

As he sensed the changes in his body, the corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose into a smile: “Finally, I have a body that resembles that of a human. Next I can practice secret methods to improve my strength.”

Even though Yang Feng has mastered countless top secret methods, but there are very few that can be practiced while in the abyssal insect form. They can at most only make it easier for him to control the body.

Now that he evolved into an abyssal imp, Yang Feng is able to practice various abyssal secret methods developed by Warlocks.

The Eight Warlock Emperors have all previously suppressed the endless Abyss. Every time a Warlock Emperor climbed the throne, they have gone to the endless Abyss on a punitive expedition to slay its top powerhouses.

Because the endless Abyss runs through countless planes, it collects the negative energy of virtually the entire universe. According to the classification of human Warlocks, the endless Abyss is equivalent to a grade 1 plane, since it can give birth Warlock Emperors.

There is clear historical record of human Eight Warlock Emperors slaying four Warlock Emperor rank wicked abyssal creatures.

Although many weird demonic creatures are born in the endless Abyss every day, but some of the most powerful, commonly seen demonic creatures have been thoroughly studied by human Warlocks, and various incredible secret methods have been developed for them.

There are also many Fiend Warlocks, Succubus Warlocks, Abyssal Demonic Dragon Warlocks, and other kinds of Warlocks with abyssal creature bloodline. Of course, if those Warlocks fail to control the chaotic and bloodthirsty instincts of the abyss bloodline, they will be eliminated by other human Warlocks.

“The promotion of demonic creatures is much simpler than that of human Warlocks! As long as they keep killing and eating, they can get the favor of the will of Abyss and become more powerful!”

Yang Feng grabbed two abyssal insects, twisted off their head, stuffed them into his mouth, and operated the Devour Secret Method, devouring the two.

“In Abyss, the Devour Secret Method suits me well!

Yang Feng grabbed abyssal insects, stuffed them into his mouth, operated the Devour Secret Method, and devoured them one after another.

He guided traces of abyssal force into his claws. The claws of his hands gradually changed, becoming longer and sharper.

While devouring abyssal insects, Yang Feng guided the abyssal force he obtained to transform his claws and legs, making his claws sharper and his legs stronger.

In just 1 hour, Yang Fengs physique has strengthened by 50%, and his claws grew to 10 centimeters long, sharp as daggers. With a swing of his claws, he can easily cut off the head of an abyssal insect.

“Its time to go hunting abyssal imps!”

Yang Feng looked at his claws with satisfaction, and then turned and strode towards an abyssal imp.

When the abyssal imp saw Yang Feng, its mouth opened at once, revealing beast-like teeth. It raised a hand and ejected 3-centimeter-long claws as a show of strength.

Abyssal imps use their claws as a means of attack as well as a means to intimidate their enemies.

Abyssal imps generally do not fight among themselves. After all, their victory isnt a sure thing. Besides, if neither side wins, both may become food for abyssal insects. For abyssal imps, the most secure way to pursue evolution is to consume abyssal insects.

Without shrinking back, Yang Feng approached the abyssal imp step by step, like a cheetah hunting its pray.

A fierce ray flickered in the eyes of the abyssal imp, and then it rushed towards Yang Feng and sent a clawed hand stabbing towards his eyes.

Yang Feng stepped sideways, stabbed the abyssal imp in the chest with his right clawed hand, and scooped out the other partys heart.

The abyssal imps eyes dimmed, and it slumped to the ground, dead.

Yang Feng grabbed the abyssal imp corpse, opened his maw, operated the Devour Secret Method, and devoured it clean.

After killing the abyssal imp, Yang Feng walked along the abyssal river and killed and devoured the abyssal insects and abyssal imps he saw, constantly improving his strength.

After consuming 60 plus abyssal imps and 300 plus abyssal insects, Yang Feng trembled, and formidable abyssal force immediately formed inside him.

Yang Feng learned from the texts of Warlock that now is the time for him to choose the direction of his evolution.

Most of abyssal imps evolve into different queer demonic creatures according to their instincts at this stage. It is a game of chance.

However, human Warlocks have already thoroughly studied this. As Yang Feng trembled slightly, he guided the formidable abyssal force to transform into an abyssal horned.

Yang Feng suddenly grew inch by inch, until he transformed into a 1.3-meter-long youngling horned with a small horn on the head and a muscular body.

Yang Feng clenched his fists, sensed the powerful force flowing in his body, and sighed: “A youngling horned, now I should have combat power of a level-1 Apprentice Warlock. In the endless Abyss, as long you dont die prematurely, your strength will progress at an astonishing rate. No wonder abyssal fiends are akin to an endless locust pest. No matter how many you kill, you cant exterminate them completely. Even the Warlock Emperors had no way around it.”

After Yang Feng arrived at the endless Abyss, without using any resources, he reached the level-1 Apprentice Warlock rank within just 1 day by killing anything that appeared in his way. For many common people, this kind of progress is beyond outrageous.

Yang Feng looked at the dimming light of the black sun, and a solemn ray flashed in his eyes: “The icy night is approaching, I must find a cave to hide! I am not an abyssal insect anymore, so I can no longer resist the corrosion on the icy night.”

Icy night is the name of the night in the endless Abyss. The black sun emits a strange light, that illuminates the endless Abyss in a dusky color, during daytime. But there is no light at night. During the day, the temperature here can reach upwards of 60 ‎°C. But at night, it drops to below -40 ‎°C.

In the endless Abyss, the difference in temperature between day and night reaches about 100 ‎°C. Abyssal demonic creatures with a weak physique can easily freeze to death at night. Only abyssal insects, who have a queer physique, wont freeze to death at a temperature of -40 ‎°C.

Yang Feng looked around, and then his eyes lit up. He saw a huge cave, which is a nest formed by an abyssal giant worm, in the distance.

Near the abyssal river, there are many abyssal insects that instead of evolving into abyssal imps, evolve into other types of demonic creatures.

The abyssal giant worm is a kind of abyssal insect-type demonic creature that abyssal insects can evolve into.

Abyssal giant worms like to burrow. They move slowly, are huge, and eat abyssal insects that are all around the abyssal river.

The cave of an abyssal giant worm is a most common place that low-level demonic creatures use to take shelter during the icy night.

Yang Feng cautiously glanced around. After confirming that there is no one laying in ambush, he strode towards the cave.

When Yang Feng approached the entrance of the abyssal giant worms cave, a black figure pounced out from the cave and stabbed towards Yang Feng with a wooden spear in its hands.

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