Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 753 – Promotion to Abyssal Lord

Chapter 752 – Slaying Paymond

Translator: Xaiomoge

There are many dangers in the endless Abyss. There are demonic creatures and abyssal fiends everywhere, and slaughter is the norm.

But there are also cities here, which abyssal lords build and develop into their power. Within their city, abyssal lords are equivalent to an emperor, controlling the fate of countless creatures.

In addition to the cities of abyssal lords, there are also some abyssal fiend gathering places of different sizes.

Abyssal fiend gathering places are domains that advanced abyssal fiends have established after subduing some junior abyssal fiends. Abyssal fiend gathering places wage war among themselves. By fighting frantically among themselves, they evolve continuously, until they eventually become great fiends.

The top characters among the newly born great fiends will build a city of their own and continue slaughtering, or respond to the summons of an alien plane. They will try their best to gain the favor of Abyss and transform into an abyssal lord, an abyssal fiend baron. This is the path that abyssal fiends take to advance in rank.

It is fairly simple for an abyssal demonic creature to evolve into a junior abyssal fiend. As long as they slaughter and devour other demonic creatures, they can evolve all the way to a junior abyssal fiend. However, it is rather difficult for a junior abyssal fiend to evolve into a great fiend. Even 1 great fiend may not be born from among 100,000 junior abyssal fiends.

Only by fighting on the bloody battlefield and slaughtering countless enemies, can junior abyssal fiends promote to great fiends and even abyssal lords.

Yang Feng gazed at a small abyssal fiend gathering place from a nearby hillside. There are 200 plus junior abyssal fiends with strange shapes standing behind, who are subordinates Yang Feng has subdued.

Standing beside Yang Feng is Cloris, and she is dressed in a simple leather coat. She has grown from an 8- or 9-year-old loli to a stunning beauty with 1.65 meters in height, a pair of succubus wings on her back, and a curvaceous figure, exuding temptation from head to toe.

The junior abyssal fiends looked at Cloris with traces of greed in their eyes. But as soon as their eyes fell on Yang Feng, fear and apprehension flashed in their eyes.

The advanced abyssal fiend Cucurena had gathered 400 plus junior abyssal fiends as subordinates, and more than 100 of them have already died at Yang Fengs hands.

In this abyssal fiend troop, Yang Feng, who exudes intermediate abyssal fiend aura, is the strongest entity.

Yang Feng pointed towards the small abyssal fiend gathering place: “Attack!”

The 200 plus junior abyssal fiends immediately charged towards the small abyssal fiend gathering place like a tide.

In the endless Abyss, there are as many fiends as there are stars in the sky. There is no end to them no matter how many you kill. Moreover, fiends are chaotic by nature, making it virtually impossible to train them into an orderly army. Thus chaotic combat is the norm.

400 plus junior abyssal fiends poured out from the small abyssal fiend gathering place and engaged with the enemy junior abyssal fiends.

The gold horn on Yang Fengs head flashed, and he cast the spell Gold Force, and a great force enveloped him. Then he rushed into the battlefield, slammed a fist into a junior abyssal fiend, and smashed open a huge bloody hole on the other partys chest.

As soon as the enemy abyssal fiends approached, Yang Feng killed with a punch. He rushed towards the depths of the gathering place like a tank.


A mixed breed advanced abyssal fiend shot out from the gathering place and rushed towards Yang Feng with a roar.

Yang Feng smiled ferociously, then his figure shook, and he rushed into in front of the advanced abyssal fiend, stabbed the other party in the chest with a clawed hand, scooped out its heart, and then operated Devour Secret Method and devoured the power of the advanced abyssal fiend.

The advanced abyssal fiend struggled for a moment, then its body turned into ashes inch by inch, its eyes overcome with fear.

When the other junior abyssal fiends saw this scene, their eyes revealed a look of alarm, and they retreated, not daring to approach Yang Feng.

Yang Feng glanced at the many junior abyssal fiends, a fearsome ray flashed in his eyes, and he said fiercely: “Your leader is dead. From now on, I am your new leader! Is there anyone dissatisfied with this arrangement?”

“Greetings, leader!”

The surrounding junior abyssal fiends glanced at Yang Feng, then knelt on the ground and chose to surrender.

Yang Feng walked towards the depths of the gathering place alone, entered a spacious stone house, opened a dark room, and found a great fiend heart.

That advanced abyssal fiend had no understanding of masking, as such, the fluctuations of power of the great fiend heart could not escape the perception of a gold horned such as Yang Feng.

Much like the power of human Warlocks is concentrated in their soul core, so the power of abyssal fiends is concentrated in their heart.

“My luck is rather good!”

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly, and he grabbed the great fiend heart, operated Devour Secret Method, and devoured it.

In an instant, Yang Fengs body gleamed and expanded by a size, and he evolved into an advanced abyssal fiend.

It would take years or even decades for an ordinary advanced abyssal fiend to fully consume a great abyssal fiend heart. For Yang Feng to be able to devour the power a great fiend heart this easily, this showcases how fearsome Devour Secret Method is.

Yang Feng felt the changes in his body and mused: “If it was an ordinary horned that used Devour Secret Method and absorbed this heart, it would be able to evolve into a great fiend. But a gold horned is different. It needs at least 5 great fiend or 100 advanced abyssal fiend hearts to evolve into a great fiend.”

Before long, Yang Feng plundered the wealth of the gathering place clean. Next he took the 400 plus surviving abyssal fiends to attacked another gathering place.

As Yang Feng attacked one gathering place after another, his power continued to increase.

A few days later, 1,000 plus abyssal fiends rushed towards a gathering place like a tide.

Yang Feng is riding an abyssal demon horse. The succubus Cloris is riding an identical abyssal demon horse.

Among the 1,000 plus abyssal fiends, there are 10 intermediate abyssal fiends. Yang Feng has killed and devoured all the advanced abyssal fiends he encountered.

Although Yang Feng is tyrannically powerful, but he also needs minions to collect resources, maintain order, and suppress enemies.

While riding the abyssal demonic horse, Yang Feng brandished the 2-meter-long bone scythe and cut the enemy abyssal fiends that blocked his way in two.

An empty space formed within a 2-meter radius of Yang Feng. No abyssal fiend dares to approach him.

Suddenly, a fearsome great fiend rank aura rose from the gathering place, and an extremely handsome human-type abyssal fiend with a pair of small horns on the head, a pair of fiend wings on the back, and dark-gray skin flew into the air.

There are 10 advanced abyssal fiends behind the human-type great fiend, all looking coldly at Yang Feng.

The human-type great fiend gazed at Yang Feng and said arrogantly: “Warren, I am Paymond, the number one expert under the command of the abyssal lord Baron Morton! I like you. Offer me the succubus beside you, and Ill let you become my subordinate! Ill cultivate you into a great fiend in the future!”

“A great fiend!”

“Thats a great fiend!”


When the 1,000 plus abyssal fiends who followed Yang Feng sensed Paymonds aura, their complexion changed drastically, and apprehension filled their eyes.

Abyssal fiends are a kind of creature that bullies the weak and fears the strong. The 1,000 plus abyssal fiends Yang Feng has subdued are mobs. Now that they met a great fiend, their morale has dropped to the extreme. If they met an abyssal lord instead, they would even change sides directly and attack Yang Feng instead.

“You want my succubus? Then go to hell!”

A sinister ray flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he pointed with a finger and cast the level-3 spell Gold Spiral Arrow. A gold arrow revolving rapidly shot towards Paymond like a gold meteor.

“Stubborn fool!”

A fierce gleam in its eyes, Paymond spread the fingers of a hand, and a pentagram magic shield suddenly appeared in front of it.

When the Gold Spiral Arrow stabbed into the pentagram magic shield, it span frantically, forcibly pierced through the pentagram magic shield, and blasted into Paymonds shoulder and smashed it directly.

“How can this be!”

A look of shock on his face, Paymond cannot believe his eyes.


An afterimage flashed past, then Yang Feng appeared behind Paymond, stabbed it in the heart with a clawed hand, operated Devour Secret Method, and forcibly absorbed all its power.

Paymond thus turned into ashes.

An incredible power suddenly welled up inside Yang Feng and broke through a certain bottleneck, and a tremendous amount of abyssal force poured into him and enabled him to break through and promote to a great fiend. A fearsome aura spread from him.

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