Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 754 – Promotion to Abyssal Viscount

Chapter 753 – Promotion to Abyssal Lord

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Yang Feng swept the 10 advanced abyssal fiends subordinated to Paymond with a glance and said coldly: ” Do you submit, or die?”

“Greetings, master!”

The 10 advanced abyssal fiends, virtually without hesitation, knelt on the ground and said respectfully.

Munch looked at Yang Feng, who is stepping on air, with eyes full of shock: “Amazing! This is my master! Really amazing.”

In just a few days, Yang Feng promoted all the way to a great fiend from an intermediate abyssal fiend. In the eyes of a junior abyssal fiend like Munch, this rate of evolution is simply unheard of.

There was a flash of excitement in Cloriss beautiful eyes: “Awesome, as expected of my master. It seems that I am following to the right person.”

Creatures like succubi like to depend on the strong. Although Cloris is less than one year old, but she has mastered many abilities exclusive to succubi when she promoted to a mature succubus. At the same time, her intelligence has increased to that of an 18- or 19-year-old girl and her strength has soared. Now even level-1 Warlocks may not be her opponents.

Black Bones City has an area of 1,300 square kilometers, and it was founded by the abyssal lord Baron Merton 1,000 years ago.

Black Bones City has a population of 1.1 million abyssal fiends and has a 20,00-strong elite abyssal fiend corps.

When they meet a strong opponent, a troop consisting of untrained abyssal fiends may collapse, or even defect directly. Although Black Bones Citys rigorously trained abyssal fiend corps still have no formation when in battle, but as long as the great fiend presiding over the corps isnt dead, they will fight desperately, and wont easily switch sides.

In the center of the Black Bones City, there is a luxurious castle, part of which is enveloped by a powerful barrier. The barrier has changed the environment of that area.

The environment in the endless Abyss is extremely harsh, with the difference in temperature between day and night reaching more than 100 ‎°C. Although abyssal lords dont have much reaction to this temperature fluctuation, but the same is not the case for the beautiful women they capture from other planes. The women cannot withstand the terrifying temperature fluctuation and abyssal force erosion.

Inside Black Bones Citys castle, sitting beside a black coffin, the abyssal lord Baron Merton inhaled, and pure abyssal force poured out of the black coffin and entered him.

Suddenly, a respectful voice came from outside: “Master, Giani has recruited a great fiend. The great fiend is a gold horned.”

Baron Merton opened his eyes at once. His eyes shimmered with enigmatic light, and he sank into his thoughts and murmured: “A great fiend rank gold horned? Why would such a powerhouse join my camp?”

After a moment of hesitation, Baron Merton uttered solemnly: “Take him to Black Bones Hall!”

“Yes, master!”

Black Bones Hall is the place where Black Bones Castle receives guests. There are various powerful great fiend specimens stationed in Black Bones Hall, and they are even headed by an abyssal demonic dragon. This is a blatant flaunting of Baron Mertons military force.

In the endless Abyss, the more stronger your military force is, the more abyssal fiends will follow you. As for the weak, they are devoured by other fiends, and not even bones will remain of them.

Sitting in a chair made of some fiends bones, Yang Feng is sipping a cup of tea. There are berries specific to Abyss placed beside him.

Abyss has many extraordinary plants, many of which produce queer berries. The queer berries are highly toxic to beings of other planes. But to abyssal fiends, they are a great tonic and are very delicious.

Standing behind him, Cloris is massaging Yang Fengs back and shoulders carefully.

“To bring such an outstanding succubus to see master, what an idiot!”

Several abyssal fiend waiters of Black Bones Hall glanced at Cloris next to Yang Feng, then glanced at Yang Feng, and revealed a ray of excitement and jealousy in their eyes.

Cloris, this mature succubus, is far more beautiful and outstanding than other ordinary succubi. She is worth far more than Yang Fengs gold horned avatar. Baron Merton, who was able to evolve into an abyssal lord in this environment, definitely isnt a kind character. He is sure to seize Cloris when he sees her.

“What a beautiful succubus!”

When Baron Merton walked into Black Bones Hall, his eyes fell on Cloris and shimmered with greed, and he strode over.

The gold horn on Yang Fengs head flashed suddenly and conjured the level-4 spell Gold Might, and gold light enveloped him. Yang Feng shot out from the chair abruptly and sent a clawed hand stabbing towards Baton Mertons heart.

“You dare attack me, you smelly thing! Die!”

Baron Merton is a veteran who has experienced countless battles. With a roar, his body suddenly expanded by a size and his muscles swelled up, powerful demonic qi revolved around him, dragon scales appeared on his chest, and light of numerous spells flashed.

When Yang Fengs hand stabbed the dragon scales, as if clashing with a steel plate, it barely managed to stab 5 centimeters deep. This is the fundamental gape between a great fiend rank gold horned and an abyssal fiend baron.

Even if Yang Feng makes a sneak attack, it is still impossible to instakill an abyssal fiend baron. If Yang Feng was an abyssal fiend baron himself, then he would have dug out the other partys heart with that attack.

“As expected of an abyssal fiend baron, hes really strong. Even if its a gold horned, which has amazing battle prowess, it is very difficult to kill an abyssal fiend baron with their innate ability alone. Unfortunately, I am no ordinary gold horned! Devour Secret Method!”

With a cold gleam in his eyes, Yang Feng operated Devour Secret Method, and the hand that stabbed Baron Merton in the chest erupted with devour force.

“Go to hell!”

Gobsmacked, Baron Mertons eyes shimmered fiercely, and he sent a hand stabbing Yang Feng in the chest.

Yang Feng raised his left hand, and Gold Shield appeared and blocked in front of him abruptly.

When Baron Mertons hand hit the Gold Shield, it erupted with abyssal fiend baron rank power in an instant and blasted Yang Feng away.

Yang Fengs hand flicked and twisted in a flash, and crushed half of Baron Mertons heart.

Baron Merton let out a scream of pain, and a large amount of black blood spurted out of the wound on his chest. The broken half of the heart squirmed and started healing.

Yang Fengs figure flickered, and he appeared in front of Baron Merton and sent a punch blasting towards the other party.

Baron Merton blocked Yang Fengs punch with his hand. At the same time, he sprayed a fountain of blood from the wound on his chest.

Baron Morton screamed: “No, dont kill me! Ill give you everything I have! Spare my life! I am willing to be your subordinate, your servant, your slave!”

“Just die!”

Yang Feng sneered and sent one punch after another blasting towards Baron Merton.

After the third punch, Baron Mertons heart ruptured completely by the terrifying force, and a copious amount of blood sprayed.

Yang Feng stepped forward, stabbed Baron Merton in the heart, activated Devour Secret Method, and devoured the other party completely.

Once he devoured Baron Merton, Yang Feng sensed the changes inside him: “This Baron Merton was an advanced Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouse. But unfortunately, its really hard for a gold horned to promote. This is not enough.”

Yang Feng swept the abyssal fiends in Black Bones Hall with his gaze and proclaimed coldly: “From today on, I am your new master! Understood?”

Seeing this scene, the low-level abyssal fiends present saluted Yang Feng and responded respectfully: “Yes! Master!”

Abyssal fiends are creatures that bully the weak and fear the strong. After witnessing his strength, these low-level abyssal fiends submitted to Yang Feng. Of course, there is no need to elaborate on how much loyalty they possess.

If a stronger abyssal fiend defeats Yang Feng, they will become the lord of the city instead.

“Without the favor of the abyssal origin force, I am not a true abyssal lord!”

Yang Feng went straight to Baron Mertons secret room and opened the coffin, exposing an abyssal lord corpse emitting traces of abyssal earl rank aura.

This is an abyssal lord corpse Yang Feng had secretly arranged for Baron Merton to get his hands on.

Yang Feng grabbed the abyssal lord corpse and operated Devour Secret Method, and a formidable devour force surged and poured the corpses power into Yang Feng.

In one breath of time, a tremendous amount of power shrouded Yang Feng.

Yang Feng ran Devour Secret Method frantically, and an extremely powerful abyssal origin force suddenly poured into him from the surroundings, enabling him to promote to an abyssal baron.

As soon as he advanced to an abyssal baron, Yang Feng felt a queer law force emerge inside him: “This is an abyssal lords sovereign authority! With this authority, I can control the fate of all the fiends, who chose to submit to me, in this city. As long as I live, I can deprive them of their life with a command. This is a power to dominate abyssal fiends.”

Without the abyssal lords sovereign authority to control them, abyssal fiends will choose to betray their original master as soon as they meet a powerful entity. But if you have the abyssal lords authority, you can command the abyssal fiends who have submitted to you to commit suicide, and they will have no choice but to execute the order.

Due to the abyssal lords authority, abyssal lords can order countless abyssal fiends to fight devils in Bloody Battlefield Plain, without having to fear that the army will crumble or outright betray them when they meet a powerful enemy.

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