Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 759 – Slaying Dragon Insect General

Chapter 758 – Savage Insect Plane

Translator: Xaiomoge

Savage Insect Plane is one of the 36 primary material planes, one of the 36 grade 2 planes human Warlocks have discovered to date.

In the vast universe, there are naturally some other grade 2 planes, but these are either hidden or are only classified as second-rate grade 2 planes.

Savage Insect Plane is one of the planes that has birthed Emperor Warlock rank powerhouses, namely the Primal Chaos Mother Spider. Goddess Lolth of Feisuo Plane is one of the 108 children of the Primal Chaos Mother Spider.

There is also a ranking among the 36 primary material planes. God Blood Plane, which has only birthed a single Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, namely the First True Ancestor, is located at the very bottom of the 36 primary material planes.

Savage Insect Plane, which has born more than one Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, has a higher planar ranking than God Blood Plane.

There are countless extraordinary insects in Savage Insect Plane.

Except for the 1st and 8th Warlock Dynasties, the other Six Warlock Dynasties have once ruled over Savage Insect Plane. Therefore, Savage Insect Plane contains many human Warlock vestiges.

Due to the influence of the Six Warlock Dynasties, after the 7th Warlock Dynasty, Magic Note Dynasty, collapsed, Savage Insect Plane established four dynasties.

The four dynasties are Carapace Dynasty, Wing Dynasty, Insect Dynasty, and Spider Dynasty. The emperor of the four dynasties is a Warlock Monarch rank existence respectively. At the same time, legend has it that there are Holy Spirit Warlock rank existences hidden in Savage Insect Plane. Consequently, even Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks dont dare rashly set foot on Savage Insect Plane.

Many of Cangzhi Planes vile Warlocks have chosen to flee to Savage Insect Plane, since the human Warlocks of Cangzhi Planes four dynasties dont dare to rashly set foot here.

Green Shell City is one of the larger cities belonging to Carapace Dynasty.

Strolling inside Green Shell City, Yang Feng, who is taking in the sights of the exotic city, exclaimed: “This is Green Shell City? Its really interesting!”

Green Shell City is very different from human cities.

The streets are 600 meters wide, the city is full of huge extraordinary plants, the ground is covered in dense grass, and extraordinary insects are everywhere.

In the sky, you can see huge extraordinary insects flying around. On the ground, there are numerous magic chariots speeding along.

The majority of people driving the magic chariots are human form devil insects, while some are insect form devil insects.

The human Six Warlock Dynasties that have once conquered Savage Insect Plane have transformed countless insects and produced many strange extraordinary life forms.

The human form and insect form devil insects are themselves vestiges of human Warlock rule on this plane. During the time that human Warlocks ruled this plane, their aesthetics supplanted the planes original aesthetics. Consequently, Savage Insect Planes intelligent extraordinary life forms have evolved into a humanoid beings. Over time, many human form and insect form devil insects were born.

Savage and civilized, these two polar opposites are present in Green Shell City. They are a reflection of the current state of Savage Insect Plane.

Yang Feng walked up to a huge tree 100 meters tall and 1,000 meters wide. The huge tree is clearly alchemically refined.

From the huge tree came mens laughter and womens crying.

Yang Fengs figure fluttered, and he rose into the air, broke in through a window, and entered the eighth floor of the huge tree.

On the eighth floor, there are five young men sitting on chairs made of beautiful human girls by using wicked alchemy.

There are naked beautiful human girls crawling on the floor for the amusement of the five male Warlocks.

The eyes of a young man with short green hair and a scorpion tail imprint on the forehead flashed fiercely, and he barked: “Who are you? To break in here, are you looking to die?”

When Yang Fengs gaze fell on a handsome young man with a scarlet scorpion engraved on the forehead in the middle of the crowd, and he asked coldly: “Are you Scarlet Scorpion? Ancestor Mokuns son?”

“I am indeed! Who are you? Green Shell City is my fathers territory, are you here to die?”

Scarlet Scorpion glanced at Yang Feng and crushed a scarlet bead decisively, sending a message to some distant place.

Yang Feng drew a sword, pointed it at Scarlet Scorpion, and said coldly: “So its you! The 100,000 resentful souls of Cangzhi Planes Red Leaf City asked me to take your life! Do you have anything to say?”

A cruel smile flashed in Scarlet Scorpions eyes, and he clapped his hands: “Red Leaf City? I slaughtered many cities. I have long since forgotten about Red Leaf City or whatnot! Besides, I have seen a lot of fools with a hero complex like you. I have made them all into human candles. Listening to their wailing is really amusing!”

All of a sudden, the eyes of the four human beautiful girls crawling on the ground turned bloodshot, blades sprouted from their joints, and Starry Sky Warlock rank aura spread from them, and they rushed towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng brandished his sword, bright sword rays flickered, and the four human girls were chopped into countless pieces that scattered around.

Scarlet Scorpion smiled coldly and said: “What a heartless fellow! They were all innocent humans controlled by my spell, yet you killed them mercilessly. Whats the difference between you and me?”

“Youre a hypocrite, thats all!”

“Bastard, whats the difference between you and us? Youre just a hypocrite!”


The other four young men ridiculed.

“The difference between me and you? I am a human and you are a beast! As for why I want to kill you, its because youre an eyesore!”

Yang Feng took a step forward, and Glorious Sun Warlock rank fluctuations of power suddenly spread from him. A sword ray flashed, and the young man who was the most spirited of the bunch was torn into countless pieces.

“Glorious Sun Warlock!”

“Fuck! Hes a Glorious Sun Warlock!”


The expression of the remaining young men changed drastically, and they soiled themselves from fright. Then they shone brightly, and spatial fluctuations enveloped them.

“Spatial Disruption!”

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, then the space turned chaotic, the spatial fluctuations were disrupted, and the teleportation spells were interrupted.

Yang Feng waved his sword, and a black sword ray shone and sliced another young man into pieces.

“Spare me! Sir, be merciful!”

“Dont kill me, I will give you magic crystals and soul stone! Spare my life! My father is the deputy city lord of Green Shell City, he will definitely pay a ransom for me!”

The two remaining young men knelt on the ground and pleaded pathetically.

An ice-cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng waved his sword, a black sword ray shone, and another young man was chopped into pieces.


Just when Yang Feng was about to slay the son of the deputy city lord of Green Shell City, a roar came from afar, and fearsome Glorious Sun Warlock rank fluctuations of power swept over.


A black sword ray gleamed, and the son of the deputy city lord of Green Shell City was torn apart as well.

“To commit murder in our Green Shell City, youve got some balls! Ill eat you alive!”

Accompanied by a ferocious roar, Glorious Sun Warlock rank fluctuations of power rolled out, and a black as ink scorpion tail, exuding terrifying poison gas, pierced through a wall of the huge tree house and stabbed towards Yang Feng like black lightning.

Scarlet Scorpion uttered with a malevolent smile: “Now that the Black Scorpion General is here, youre dead!”

The Black Scorpion General is one of the six experts of Green Shell City, a pinnacle Glorious Sun Warlock rank existence. Countless powerful people have died at his hands. He is Scarlet Scorpions strongest bodyguard.


Yang Feng smiled, then waved his sword, and a black sword ray landed on the huge scorpion tail and burst out with Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

“No! Dont! I dont wanna die!”

The huge scorpion tail burst, then the same quickly happened to the rest of the Black Scorpion Generals body. The Black Scorpion General a issued a desperate roar, which covered the whole city.


“The Black Scorpion General was actually killed!”

“Who? How dare they come here and murder the Black Scorpion General!”


Alarmed voices rose in Green Shell City.

Yang Feng beckoned with a hand, and the 100-meter-long corpse of the Black Scorpion General flew towards him at once, and he placed it in a storage ring.

When he saw this, Scarlet Scorpion shivered all over, endless fear flashed in his eyes, and he said solemnly: “Stop! I can promise you anything you want, so stop, spare my life! My father is Ancestor Mokun! If you kill me, he wont let you off!”

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