Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 76 – Ancient Black Dragon Veidarnia

Chapter 75 – Black Dragon

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Eunice sighed somewhat regretfully: “After the Enlightenment Fruits are plucked, the Enlightenment Tree would then absorb the life essence from the surrounding plants and once again condense into an Enlightenment Seed. If the life essence of the surrounding plants was to be insufficient, then because of the lack of nutrients, the Enlightenment Tree wouldnt be able to condense into an Enlightenment Seed. It is because of this property that they could only become fewer and fewer. The Enlightenment Seed is different from the Enlightenment Fruit, it requires to be stored in a box carved out of ruby, only then can its liveness be preserved.”

A bladed robot gingerly put that Enlightenment Seed into a box carved out of ruby.

After collecting the Enlightenment Seed, Yang Feng glanced somewhat regretfully at the dilapidated botanical garden, he then took his mechanical legion to proceed further inside the Gloom Cave.

The path following after the botanical garden, broken bones could be seen everywhere littering the ground, with traces of sinister aura continuously diffusing from those bones.

Wreckage of buildings was everywhere, illustrating the terrifying battle that the Gloom Caves headquarters went through.

Yang Feng sent bladed robots to scavenge this place, yet they didnt find any valuable secret treasures.

3rd Warlock Dynasty seized to exist since several 100,000,00 of years ago, except for some of the finest secret treasures or secret treasures preserved by some extraordinary methods, the majority of the secret treasures were practically severely corroded and reduced to scraps.

Although they didnt found any precious secret treasures, but there were a lot of extremely precious metals among the Gloom Caves remains. Those extremely precious metals were torn down by the bladed robots, they would act as materials for manufacturing higher rank battle robots.

After walking for approximately 10 kilometers, a patch of densely packed Warlock towers appeared in the middle of Gloom Cave.

“Found it!” Yang Fengs spirits rose, eyes flashed with a touch of excitement and he quickly moved towards the group of Warlock towers with his mechanical legion.

Just as they arrived before the group of Warlock towers, the excitement in Yang Fengs eyes suddenly faded away – that huge group of Warlock towers was practically destroyed, with broken bricks and skeletons littering the ground – it was extremely ghastly.

Yang Fengs mind moved, the remaining mechanical legion immediately went amidst the group of Warlock towers and started looking for treasures and other valuable things.

The mechanical legion shared 3796s database, their identification ability had even surpassed that of a lot of level-1 Warlocks. Yet despite this, there werent too many spoils from among the broken down Warlock towers, they only found a lot of metals that could be used in manufacturing higher rank battle robots.

After a full three hours of search, Yang Feng commanded the mechanical legion towards the largest and the most lavish Warlock tower in the center of the group of Warlock towers.

At the center of the group of Warlock towers was a 300-meter-tall Warlock tower. It was missing a great chunk as if directly erased by some kind of terrifyingly enormous power, yet it still emitted powerful fluctuations of power.

Eunice looked at that enormous Warlock tower, her beautiful eyes flashing with a touch of greed: “Mysterious steel magic rock, its the pinnacle manufacturing material for Warlock towers – every piece of mysterious steel magic rock, even if not blessed, can withstand the attacks of Great Warlock rank experts. Its entirely made of mysterious steel magic rock, thats really too extravagant. After building such a Warlock tower, as long as there are enough experts keeping watch, then even pinnacle Starry Sky Warlocks would have a hard time destroying it. Truly worthy of being a Warlock group from 3rd Warlock Dynasty.”

Yang Feng waved, a bladed robot immediately stepped forward, brandishing its alloy blade, fiercely chopped at the Warlock tower.

Ding! Accompanied by a crisp sound, the supper-alloy blade capable of easily chopping a tank into two halves was directly broken. At the place where the Warlock tower was chopped at, there were no traces left behind.

A mechanical gunner robot stepped forward, its 6-barrel Vulcan cannon madly buzzing, it bombarded the Warlock tower while spewing numerous shells of fire, issuing bursts of ear-piercing noises.

Yang Feng took a closer look after the 6-barrel Vulcan cannon ceased shooting, there werent any traces left behind on the Warlock tower.

Yang Fengs eyebrows wrinkled slightly, he waved his hand – a mechanical artillery robot with a 150 millimeter artillery, capable of smashing a tank with one shell or seizing the fates of half a football stadium worth of infantry – it immediately launched its artillery.


An artillery shell instantly blasted at the broken Warlock tower, issuing an earth-shaking explosion, with countless shrapnel splattering everywhere.

After the smoke and dust dispersed, Yang Feng carefully looked at the place where the Warlock tower was bombarded, merely a layer of scorched marks remained, without the slightest harm to the Warlock tower itself.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a touch of regret and he cursed softly: “Fuck, its impossible for me tear this Warlock tower apart with my current strength.”

If that Warlock tower made out mysterious steel magic rock could be dismantled and put on sale, then it definitely could be sold for a sky-high price. Then Yang Feng would have enough gold coins and magic stones for his needs.

Walking around the Warlock tower, a huge hole appeared before Yang Feng.

Yang Feng and his mechanical legion directly enter the Warlock tower through that hole.

Once inside the Warlock tower, Yang Feng felt that the space became very wide. Looking around, he practically couldnt spot its boundary.

Suddenly, 3796s somewhat excited voice sounded in Yang Fengs mind:

A bladed robot pointed towards a direction and said:

Yang Feng looked towards the direction pointed out by the bladed robot, only to see an enormous western black dragon, up to a 100m tall, covered in black scales and looking like a mountain of meat, the dragon was entrenched before a black gate.

The wings and body of the huge black dragon were impaled by pitch-black chains, on its back was a deep wound, nearly separating it into two parts. Large amounts of its scales were no more, revealing a variety of deeply disturbing bruises and scars littering its body. Even so, it still wasnt dead, its heart slowly beating.

An enormous transparent crystal was suspended above that huge black dragon, the crystal was engraved with numerous profound and mysterious runes, within that crystal was a fist-sized Dimensional Crystal exuding spatial force.

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