Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 761 – Fallen Angel Pool Mysterious Statue

Chapter 760 – Slaying Ancestor Mokun

“That kid is really fast, no wonder he dared to come here to kill my son! If I cant kill him, White Scorpion Madonna wont let me off!”

Ancestor Mokun scanned with his tremendous soul force . Sensing that Yang Feng is fleeing at a terrifying speed, getting farther and farther away from him, he was both shocked and angry .

Ancestor Mokun gritted his teeth, silently recited an incantation, and spurted blood essence from his mouth . The blood essence suddenly flew out, turned into blood-colored wings, landed on him, pierced into his body, madly extracted his power, and changed into huge insect wings .

A large number of insect wings rumbled, raised violent wind, and surged with the law of wind . As if he merged into the wind, Ancestor Mokun jumped and teleported where there was wind and approached Yang Feng at an incredible speed .

“Scoundrel, I caught you! Die!”

After a dozen breaths of time, Ancestor Mokun appeared in front of Yang Feng . A fierce glow in his eyes, he spread the fingers of a hand, and a swarm of palm-sized extraordinary insects — black murder insects — suddenly flew out and swept towards Yang Feng .

Unlike most extraordinary insects, which are restrained by flames, black murder insects have strong fire resistance . They can absorb various magic forces and even devour flames . Unless a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses steps in and uses a meteorological spell to wipe them out in a single blow, even a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse will find it hard to wipe them out in one blow without any special secret treasures .

“A contest of numbers, eh? Thats my specialty!”

Yang Feng released a chuckle, then the space around him distorted, and a swarm of Type II Undyings suddenly flew out, turned into afterimages, and began slaying the black murder insects .

As blade rays flashed, the black murder insects were slashed to pieces one after another . The black murder insects are very savage, leaving many wounds on the Type II Undyings . But their potent poison cannot cause too much damage to the robots .

Upon seeing this, Ancestor Mokun narrowed his eyes and asked with a dignified expression: “Mechanical golems? Who are you? Why have you come to kill my son?”

The fighting power of the Type II Undyings is amazing . When Ancestor Mokun saw the dense swarm, an unclear premonition welled up inside him .

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “Youre an Infinity Warlock rank degenerate not for no reason! Your reaction is really quick! I am Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming, I came for your pitiful life!”

With a flash of black light, and Alexia, who is equipped with the Fallen Angel Armor and the Fallen Angel Sword, suddenly shot out from a forest and slashed towards Ancestor Mokun .

Ancestor Mokuns face fell, then his right arm blurred, changed into a mantis foreleg, and slashed out, and a green blade ray collided with the Fallen Angel Sword .

A black sword ray released by the Fallen Angel Sword flashed and smashed the green blade ray, and then severed Ancestor Mokuns arm .

With his junior Infinity Warlock rank cultivation base, Ancestor Mokun is no match for Alexia to begin with . But now that she got the Fallen Angel Armor, her strength skyrocketed, and Alexia crushed Ancestor Mokun completely .

Ancestor Mokuns complexion changed drastically, and he shouted: “Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming! There are no grievances and no grudges between us . Why have you plotted to come here and attack me? I think there should be some misunderstanding!”

Yang Feng smiled and said: “There is no misunderstanding! I came here to attack you for two reasons . The first reason is that you have something that I want . The second reason is that a mongrel like you is an eyesore and should be put down . Originally, since you have what I want, I was planning to get it through trading . However, since you are an eyesore, then Ill just kill you . Besides, by slaying an Infinity Warlock, I can get a considerable wealth . ”

Ancestor Mokun is an extremely cruel figure . He once slaughtered more than 10 million ordinary people in order to refine a high grade soul stone . Even though Great Cloud Dynastys Demon Hunting Division is pursuing him, but it curbed his behavior by only a little . He is still the same . He frequently sneaks into Cangzhi Plane and massacres ordinary people without restraint . Since he is a vicious degenerate, Yang Feng decided to get rid of him .

Ancestor Mokun gritted his teeth and roared: “Lei Ming, I am a man of White Scorpion Madonna! If you kill me, White Scorpion Madonna wont let you get away with it!”

Understanding shimmered in Yang Fengs eyes: “White Scorpion Madonna! No wonder Great Cloud Dynasty hasnt slayed this old degenerate yet! It turns out that he is a man of White Scorpion Madonna!”

White Scorpion Madonna is a daughter of White Scorpion Lord of Carapace Dynasty, one of Savage Insect Planes three dynasties . Among White Scorpion Lords countless daughters, she is the only one who has advanced to an Infinity Warlock rank existence . She is the most doted on by White Scorpion Lord .

White Scorpion Lord is a Warlock Monarch rank existence . Even Great Cloud Dynasty isnt willing to provoke such a fearsome existence .

In Great Cloud Dynasty, there are Empyrean grade secret treasures . Using Empyrean grade secret treasures, Infinity Warlocks can still defeat a Warlock Monarch rank entity .

But Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses possess terrifying maneuverability . If the opponent has no sense of shame, they can resort to assassination and guerrilla warfare, becoming a huge headache to Great Cloud Dynasty . After all, one-on-one, there are very few Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses who can beat a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse . Only those outrageous talents who have competed with the Warlock Emperors for the throne have that ability . In Great Cloud Dynastys Imperial Court, there is not a small number of Infinity Warlocks . But none of them can contend against a Warlock Monarch by themselves .

There was a flash of cold light in Yang Fengs eyes, and he said frigidly: “If there is someone I want to kill, not even White Scorpion Madonna can stop me! If she comes after me, then Ill quell her as well! Do it!”

In the forest, a bird screech sounded, and a beautiful and proud black fenghuang suddenly flew out and blasted into the back of Ancestor Mokun with fearsome force .

Ancestor Mokun is far weaker than Alexia and Yu Yan to begin with, not to mention that Yu Yan sneak-attacked him from behind . He immediately spewed out a large mouthful of blood, then Black Fenghuang Fire enveloped and burned him, and he uttered miserable screams .

Unlike strong divine force rank gods, Ancestor Mokun, who is just an ordinary junior Infinity Warlock, naturally cannot resist the siege of two pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank existences .

Only, Ancestor Mokun is also proficient in countless secret methods . His figure shook, his mangled body broke apart, and a green ray flew out, then immediately divided into 36 and shot into different directions .

At this moment, countless seven-colored rose petals suddenly flew out and formed a Seven Color Rose Petal Seal Boundary that sealed this space .

When the 36 green rays hit the barrier, they bounced back .

Alexia blurred into motion, turned into afterimages, appeared beside the green rays, and swung her sword, and sword rays containing dark force shattered the green rays .

A green ray gleamed and transforming into Ancestor Mokun, who knelt on the ground and pleaded loudly: “Young Master Lei Ming, I am willing to surrender! Spare my miserable life! I am willing to serve you as a slave, to work like an ox! Spare my pitiful life!”

A degenerate such as Ancestor Mokun has no principles . When his life is on the line, he can put all his pride aside and beg for mercy . But once an opportunity arise, he will turn on his master and bite their hand .

Yang Feng ordered indifferently: “Kill him!”

Alexias figure fluttered, and she appeared behind Ancestor Mokun, swung her sword down, and a black sword ray instantly slayed and obliterated Ancestor Mokun, only leaving a storage ring and an Infinity Core behind .

Yang Feng gazed at Ancestor Mokuns Infinity Core with some regret: “Its a pity that human Warlocks cant evolve as fast as other extraordinary life forms . If it was God Blood Plane, by slaying two kindred grand dukes, I could refine an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse . ”

As far as he knows, God Blood Planes true blood kindred have the fastest speed of evolution . As long as lower level kindred get to consume the true blood of higher level kindred, they can continue to evolve without any bottleneck . Because of this, Yang Fengs kindred avatar could easily evolve into a kindred grand duke .

With tremendous soul force, Yang Feng scanned the things inside Ancestor Mokuns storage ring: “There is no Wraith Blood Stone! It seems that he left it in his dwelling!”

Yang Fengs figure flickered, and he flew towards Ancestor Mokuns lair along with Alexia and Yu Yan

Although the two Infinity Warlocks are concealing their aura, but the aura they released before they slayed Ancestor Mokun has already alarmed the devil insects in the vicinity . They just watched as Yang Feng and the other two flew towards Ancestor Mokuns lair .

“Who are you people? This is the dwelling of Ancestor Mokun, get lost!”

Just three have just reached Ancestor Mokuns dwelling, when a beautiful and charming devil insect, with leech characteristics, exuding Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuations of power, blocked in front of them .

Yang Feng glanced at the devil insect and said flatly: “A Moonlight Warlock rank leech devil insect? This devil insect can absorb many curses and rare toxins, interesting . Capture her!”

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