Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 762 – Angels Fall

Chapter 761 – Fallen Angel Pool, Mysterious Statue

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Yu Yan pointed with her lily-white hand, and light flashed and formed a giant hand that extended towards the leech devil insect.

The leech devil insect sprayed a beam of blood containing foul aura barreling towards the giant hand.

When the beam of blood blasted into the giant hand, it issued sizzling sounds, and then shattered. Next, the giant hand grabbed the leech devil insect.

When the leech devil insect entered the giant hand, countless runes entered her body and turned her into a finger-sized leech.

Yu Yan beckoned with a hand, and the leech devil insect flew into a jade box, and was sealed.

Alexia blurred and turned into a black stream of light and flew into Ancestor Mokuns dwelling, and then bursts of screams came from inside.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of a hand, and a large number of reconnaissance robots flew into Ancestor Mokuns dwelling.

Countless data was fed back by the reconnaissance robots and analyzed by the optical computer network composed of more than 1,000 level-4 optical computers.

“Found it!”

Yang Feng turned into a black ray and plunged into the dwelling. Shortly after, he appeared in a cave filled with countless abyssal Transcendent rank corpses.

In the center of the cave, there is a pool covering an area of about 100 hectares. In the center of the pool, which is filled with black liquid, there is a black crystal suspended. Black rune chains extending from the crystal pierced into the countless abyssal Transcendent rank corpses, extracted their power, and condensed drops of black liquid that dripped into the center of the pool.

Yang Feng smiled: “Fallen Angels Pool! Judging by these materials, this is a top grade Fallen Angel Pool that can nurture Infinity Warlock rank fallen angels at most.”

Top grade Fallen Angel Pool is presently the most formidable Fallen Angel Pool that human Warlocks and other extraordinary life forms can create rapidly. Above top grade, there are also Monarch grade, Holy grade, and god grade Fallen Angel Pools.

However, those Fallen Angel Pools require massive amounts of resources and all kinds of peerless treasures to be refined. Since many of those treasures can only be found through luck, it is extremely difficult to refine those Fallen Angel Pools.


Yang Feng flew out of the cave and swung his sword, and a black sword ray shrouded the huge cave.


Amidst loud rumbling noise, the huge mountain was cut in two by Yang Fengs sword strike.

Yang Feng extended his hand, countless runes entered the cave with the top grade Fallen Angel Pool, and the cave shrank until it turned the size of a palm, and the entered his hand.

Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses already possess the power to destroy grade 9 planes. For Yang Feng, to destroy a mountain is nothing special.

“Whats this?”

At the moment when Ancestor Mokuns dwelling collapsed, Yang Feng beckoned with a hand, and a palm-sized statue, which is engraved with a black armor covered with barbs, has a human form and has red eyes, and exudes a weird aura, flew into his hand.

The weird aura emitted by the statue made Yang Feng, who is a Bright World Warlock, feel a bit uncomfortable.

In this vast universe, there are countless strange things, many of which even human Warlocks dont know about. After searching through the database, Yang Feng found that there are no records of this sort of statue.

He contemplated for a while, and then sealed the weird statue in a jade box.

“We retrieved what we came for, lets withdraw!”

Yang Feng and company flew away without the slightest hesitation.

“To kill my, White Scorpion Madonnas, man, you guys got some balls!”

A ferocious roar came from afar, then the clouds shifted and formed the projection of a bewitching woman with a white scorpion imprint on the forehead, a scorpion tail wrapped around the waist, an hourglass figure, and a sensual and enchanting temperament. The projection of a bewitching woman stared coldly at Yang Feng.

An Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse can attack from 10,00 kilometers away and wipe out a Great Warlock with one blow. At the same time, they can make a projection 10,000 kilometers away. However, such a projection has no strength to speak of. It can only serve as a deterrent.

“Buzz off!”

A cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng barked and flicked a finger, and Seven Color Skyfire flew out, entered the projection, and burned it to ashes in an instant.

The figures of Yang Fengs group of three shook slightly, and they entered a cave, went through a small astral gate, and entered Astral Boundary and disappeared.

Savage Insect Plane is full of powerhouses. Carapace Dynasty alone has three Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. After Yang Feng succeeded in his endeavor, he made a prompt decision to escape. Only death would await him were he to stay.

A quarter of an hour later, three experts exuding Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power appeared in front of the cave.

The one in the lead is White Scorpion Madonna. Behind her, there are two sinister-looking devil insect powerhouses with a mixture of insect and human forms. If an ordinary person were to see them, they would feel their blood run cold.

A devil insect with a dragon-like maw and a fly-like upper body spoke solemnly: “White Scorpion Madonna, shall we go in?”

White Scorpion Madonnas eyes shone with a gleam of wisdom, and she shook her head sensibly: “No! Ive heard about Undying Mountains Lei Ming. He raised a huge storm in Cangzhi Planes Great Cloud Dynasty. In the end, Great Cloud Dynasty even lost Bright Moon Province to him. This guy is definitely not a simple character. If we chase after him, Im afraid well meet a disaster. According to my fathers speculation, there should be a Warlock Monarch rank or higher powerhouse backing Undying Mountain.”

The other devil insect, who has a mantis head and a pair of fiend wings on the back, said in a deep voice: “So well leave it at that?”

“Thats all we can do for now! However, if he dares to come to our plane again, Ill definitely kill him!”

White Scorpion Madonna snorted coldly and pointed with a finger, and white light shone and enveloped the astral gate. The astral gate collapsed and turned into ashes at once.

On the other side of the astral gate, there is a huge fleet and a large number of experts garrisoned.

All of a sudden, the astral gate distorted and collapsed.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered with regret: “She didnt take the bait, what a pity!”

If White Scorpion Madonna had charged through the astral gate, then even if she brought a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, Yang Feng has the confidence to strike and severely wound the opponent.

As for White Scorpion Madonna, it would be best if she could be captured alive, and if she could not be captured alive, Yang Feng wouldnt mind killing her.

Since he dares to attack blazing angels subordinated to a suspected Warlock Emperor, he wont fear a Warlock Monarchs.

After the astral gate disappeared, the huge fleet set into motion and slowly disappeared in Astral Boundary.

Endless Abyss.

Inside a viscount rank abyssal fiends castle, there are signs of fierce fighting everywhere.

There is a huge square underground, and a huge Fallen Angel Pool is placed in the center of the square.

At this time, there are no longer any abyssal Transcendent rank corpses around the Fallen Angel Pool. In the center of the pool, there is a fallen angel statue, which has a crystal inlaid in the chest. A tremendous amount of abyssal force is rushing towards the crystal form all direction, Drops of black liquid are dripping down from the crystal inside the fallen angel statues chest.

The most suitable place to build a Fallen Angel Pool is the endless Abyss, which is full of dark force. As long as a Fallen Angel Pool is built in such a place, it can continuously extract abyssal force and transform it into dark force.

Yang Fengs true body, wearing a suit of armor that can isolate abyssal force, grabbed the dawn blazing angel Sebas and came to the Fallen Angel Pool.

As soon as Sebas saw the Fallen Angel Pool, his expression changed dramatically and turned into that of fear, and he shouted: “Fallen Angel Pool! You want to corrupt me? Stop! If you do that, my Lord wont let you get away with it!”

Every fallen angel is a traitor to their original master. Once the dawn blazing angel is polluted by the Fallen Angel Pool, the Dawn Lord will never let him off.

Yang Feng threw Sebas into the Fallen Angel Pool without hesitation.

Countless wisps of dark force rushed into Sebass body like a tide, causing him to let out scream of horror and despair: “No! Dont!”

Wisps of the power of dawn welled up from inside Sebas, intertwined with the dark force, and canceled each other out. Sebass body formed from divine force started collapsing, and a new body gradually formed from dark force.


Suddenly, a wisp of Warlock Emperor rank might spewed out of Sebass body and nearly ripped the Fallen Angel Pool apart.

“Abyssal lords sovereign power, suppress it!”

Yang Fengs abyssal earl avatars eyes flashed fiercely, and he roared, and a tremendous amount of abyssal force suddenly erupted and collided with the wisp of Empyrean might.

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