Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 763 – Divine Emissary of the Dawn Lord

Chapter 762 – Angels Fall

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A tremendous abyssal will suddenly descended and collided with the wisp of Empyrean might. A violent clash of wills ensued and set off a huge energy storm, which raised billows in the Fallen Angel Pool water.

In the end, the wisp of Empyrean might was eroded by the abyssal will and turned into nothing.

Although the wisp of Empyrean might and abyssal will are virtually at the same level. But the wisp of Empyrean might is like a tree without roots. As for the abyssal will, it is rooted in Abyss and has a virtually endless supply of power. Consequently, it could easily quell the wisp of Empyrean might.

Yang Feng guessed that the dawn blazing angel would not be corrupted that easily, and so he summoned the abyssal lord avatar here.

In terms of combat power alone, Yang Fengs true body can quell his abyssal lord avatar with one hand. However, his true body is not an abyssal lord after all, and naturally cannot rely on the protection of the abyssal will.

Once the wisp of Empyrean might was quelled, the Fallen Angel Pool water, which is full of corrosive power, entered the dawn blazing angel and eroded him.

Yang Feng recited an incantation and pointed towards the Fallen Angel Pool, and countless black runes entered it. At the same time, he threw a high grade soul stone into the Fallen Angel Pool.

10 days later, a fearsome aura spread from the Fallen Angel Pool, and Sebas flew out of the pool, landed on the ground, knelt on on e knee in front of Yang Feng, and said respectfully: “Greetings, my Lord!”

Upon seeing this, Yang Feng revealed a satisfied smile.

Sebas and the other two blazing angels are Infinity Warlock rank existences. After they are transformed into fallen angels, they will become powerful combatants under Yang Feng control.

Yang Feng stared at Sebas with a dignified expression and asked in a deep voice: “Is the Dawn Lord you speak of the 8th Warlock Emperor?”

The 8th Warlock Emperor was a peerless powerhouse who unified the entire Cangzhi Plane and conquered countless planes. He was defeated and severely wounded, while in the prime of his life, by a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse and forced to hide in Cangzhi Plane to lick his wounds. In the end, he never took a step outside Cangzhi Plane. If it wasnt for that, he would definitely be considered as one of the strongest human Warlock Emperors.

In the vast universe, there are countless planes, and there are countless gods wielding the power of dawn. Yang Feng just wants to confirm whether the Dawn Lord is the the 8th Warlock Emperor or not.

“My Lord, since our birth, the Dawn Lord has told us that he is the great Warlock Emperor of the 8th Warlock Dynasty. He is now the supreme god of Dawn Plane!”

“From my observations and the information I have, the Dawn Lord is indeed the 8th Warlock Dynastys Warlock Emperor.”

“Dawn Plane, according to Cangzhi Planes classification, is a grade 2 plane. Its of the same grade as the 36 primary material planes. It was discovered by the Dawn Lord at the time and served as his fallback.”

“The Dawn Lord can be said to be and not to be the 8th Warlock Dynastys Warlock Emperor! At the time, before the Dawn Lords true body was besieged, one of his avatars ignited his divine fire, absorbed the numerous godheads of dawn he gathered, and promoted to a god in one fell swoop.”

Sebas gave Yang Feng a detailed explanation.

Yang Feng breathed a sigh of relief: “So its an avatar!”

Blessed by the plane origin will of their respective plane, gods can live for upwards of 1 million years. Many powerful human Warlocks form an avatar and promote to a god in another plane. In this way, even if the soul of the true body decays and they die, they can continue to live through their avatar.

However, although gods have an extremely long lifespan, but they are also bound by their plane. Once their true body leaves the plane for more than 10 days, it will be weakened at the rate of 1% per day. If they leave the plane for more than 3 months, they will be weakened to the point of death. Therefore, most gods go to other planes in the form of avatars.

Yang Feng pondered for a while, and then asked: “How many Bright World Warlock rank and higher angels does the Dawn Lord currently have?”

Sebas responded: “As far as I know, the Dawn Lord has 896 Bright World Warlock rank, 172 Infinity Warlock rank, and 9 Warlock Monarch rank angels. As for Holy Spirit Warlock rank angels, I havent seen any, and I have no information to verify their existence. However, according to the Dawn Lords conduct, there should be 1 or 2 Holy Spirit Warlock rank blazing angels guarding him.”

A solemn ray shimmered in Yang Fengs eyes: “172 Infinity Warlock rank and 9 Warlock Emperor rank angels! As expected of a once Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, his foundation is really is amazing!”

The Dawn Lord, as a Cangzhi Planes Warlock Emperor, has conquered god knows how many planes, slayed more than 1,000 Dawn Lords, and obtained countless resources. As one of his fallbacks, the Dawn Lord must have stashed a tremendous amount of resources on Dawn Plane, which explains the great amount of powerhouses.

Yang Feng pondered for a while, and then asked: “Sebas, since I captured the three of you, will the Dawn Lord send someone to attack me?”

Even when starved, a tiger is still stronger than a hare. Although the Dawn Lord is no longer as powerful as he used to be, but if he insists on targeting Yang Feng, then as long as he sends 4 Warlock Monarch rank blazing angels coupled with some Infinity Warlock rank angels, hell be able to level Yang Fengs force in Bright Moon Province.

With the power at his disposal, if the Dawn Lord mobilizes all of his angel legions, he could even conquer Great Cloud Dynasty.

“No, he wont. Although the Dawn Lord is powerful, but there are more formidable enemies he has to deal with. In the past hundreds of thousands of years, with Dawn Plane as the starting point, he has expanded steadily step by step. As far as I know, there are already 372 planes completely under the Dawn Lords control, and they all have a perfect defense system set up.”

“Since the three of us have fallen into your hands, it means that you have the power to slay Infinity Warlock rank blazing angels. According to the Dawn Lords conduct, he should investigate you first to find out your details, and then send someone to negotiate a ransom with you.”

“Master, if you dont want to offend the Dawn Lord completely, youd better keep the remaining two blazing angels until you negotiate with the Dawn Lord and exchange them for other things as well as dispel the other partys hatred.”

Sebas readily offered information on his former master.

Yang Feng pondered for a while, and then asked, “If I transform the three blazing angels, what will the Dawn Lords reaction be?”

Sebas answered: “There will be an irreconcilable enmity between the two of you. Unless you can fork out something of greater value to dissolve this enmity, once the time is right, the Dawn Lord will mobilize numerous powerhouses and give you a fatal blow.”

Yang Feng considered it again and again, and then finally chose to give up on transforming the remaining two blazing angels into fallen angels.

Although the Dawn Lord, who is now a supreme god of a plane, is far weaker than when he was the 8th Warlock Emperor. But Yang Feng is still not his opponent. If the enmity can be resolved, then Yang Feng doesnt mind returning the two blazing angels to the other party.

Yang Feng uttered: “But the Dawn Lord is really patient, he hasnt come to trouble me after such a long time.”

Sebas replied: “Although the Dawn Lord has once proclaimed himself a hegemon of an age and had countless subordinates, but he has also forged countless enmities. Otherwise, at the time, when his true body has deteriorated with age, there wouldnt have been so many people besieging him. His avatar has naturally become more careful. After all, hes far weaker than what he used to be. Only by staying in his Dawn Divine Country can he feel at ease.”

The stronger a person, the stronger their friends and enemies will be. At the time, the Dawn Lord has once suppressed countless planes and defeated countless powerful enemies. Most of the powerful enemies died at his hands. But those who survived, they have grown into extremely terrifying existences. Therefore, the Dawn Lord can currently guarantee his safety only by hiding in his divine country.

Yang Fengs thoughts revolved and he breathed a sigh of relief: “So thats the case. Unless the Dawn Lord uses his real power, he basically cannot pose a threat to my safety. As long as I dont court death, I wont provoke him to do his utmost to destroy me. After all, he has better fish to fry. Compared to them, Im still not qualified to be his enemy.”

Even tough the Dawn Lord is only an avatar, but those whom he considers to be his true enemies are Holy Spirit Warlock rank and higher entities. A mere Infinity Warlock rank force doesnt amount to much in his eyes.

At this moment, Yang Feng felt a slight tremor from the jade box he sealed the weird statue, that he got from Ancestor Mokuns dwelling, inside. With a thought, he took out the jade box and opened it.

The weird statue suddenly began absorbing abyssal force from the surroundings. Within that statue, strange tiny symbols, which Yang Feng has never seen before, suddenly appeared, and it exuded mysterious, queer, formidable, and fearsome fluctuations of power.

Yang Fengs abyssal earl avatar willed and took out a gourd, and poured a stream of abyssal river water toward the weird statue.

Alike a bottomless black hole, the weird statue madly devoured the stream of abyssal river water.

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