Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 764 – Rift

Chapter 763 – Divine Emissary of the Dawn Lord

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After absorbing all the abyssal river water inside the gourd, the weird statue doesnt seem to have had enough.

Yang Fengs abyssal fiend avatar used the abyssal lords sovereign power and beckoned, and the water from an abyssal river thousands of kilometers away suddenly flew out, turned into a torrent and flew this way, and then flowed into the weird statue.

The weird statue devoured the abyssal river water for one day and one night, and then finally trembled.

Yang Fengs abyssal fiend avatar beckoned, and the abyssal river water stopped in midair.

After about a dozen breaths of time, the weird statue cracked open and revealed a square black crystal inside.

When Yang Fengs abyssal lord avatar saw the square black crystal, his eyes brightened, and he grabbed the square crystal and stuffed it into his mouth.

As soon as Yang Fengs abyssal lord avatar ingested the square crystal, a terrifying force broke out instantly and filled his body.

Originally, Yang Fengs abyssal lord avatar has gained a lot of power in Bloody Battlefield Plain, to the point that he advanced to a pinnacle abyssal earl. Now that he has obtained the power of the square crystal, he suddenly transformed again, stepped across the huge bottleneck separating abyssal earl and abyssal marquis ranks, and advanced to an abyssal marquis.

Yang Fengs true body glanced at the avatar that has evolved into an abyssal marquis and frowned, saying: “There is no record of this power in the database. I need to analyze and study you.”

There is no record of the weird statue in Yang Fengs Warlock database. Consequently, it is unknown if the weird power will alter the connection between the avatar and the true body.

The world of Warlock is replete of strange things that are impossible from the perspective of Earths humans. There are ice cubes that contain the law of ice and can freeze flames. Human souls can swap places. The absolute zero of Earth is just a joke here. By employing the law of ice, you can even exceed this temperature by far.

The fact that there is no information about the weird statue in his database aroused Yang Fengs vigilance. If he isnt careful, then once the abyssal fiend avatar is contaminated, it would not be impossible for it to betray him in the end.

The abyssal fiend avatar agreed decisively: “I understand!”

After crossing through a top grade warp gate, Yang Feng and the abyssal fiend avatar came to a fully equipped underground laboratory in Bright Moon Province.

The most advanced and cutting-edge scanning instruments began to scan and analyze Yang Fengs abyssal fiend avatar.

“The soul has no abnormalities!”

“The flesh is 5% stronger than that of an ordinary gold horned!”

“The bones are strengthened by 3%!”

“The blood is strengthened by 12%!”


“According to the analysis based on the information currently available, the final conclusion shows that the avatar has been strengthened and there are no anomalies. As for the square crystal, it should be a kind of high grade life magic energy. The transformation method and absorption efficiency of this life magic energy exceed the current technology we have mastered.”

Strings of information came back.

A strange light flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he asked: “Can the statues technology be analyzed?”

“According to the analysis of the data currently available, the statues level of technology exceed that of the heyday of the xizu by a large margin! Unless we obtain information about the civilization the statue came from, or unlock the highest level of xizu technology, it wont be possible to analyze the statues technology.”

Shocked, Yang Feng stared at the statue with a grave look in his eyes: “The statue is actually that impressive! How come it appeared on Savage Insect Plane?”

After Yang Feng came to Great Cloud Dynasty, he never stopped collecting data on Warlock civilization. According to the information he possesses, when the xizu dominated the other universe at the time, they could slay Holy step Holy Spirit Warlocks. As for Warlock Emperors, he isnt sure about the outcome.

But the statues level of technology surpasses that of the xizu, which means that the statue came from a fearsome civilization that surpasses the civilizations of this universe by far. Such a fearsome civilization has very likely given birth to Eternals, or even more terrifying entities.

Yang Feng pondered for a while, and then handed the statue to his abyssal lord avatar: “The world of Warlock is full of mysteries. For this to appear here, it means that existences and items of other high grade universes may appear in this world. Eternals may also be beings of high grade universes who came to this world. Beings at that level are not existences that I can engage with at the moment. Continuing to mull over it will only worry me needlessly.”

Time passed, and it was soon 1 month later.

At the entrance of Undying Mountains headquarters in Bright Moon Province, a young man, with short blond hair, a medium build, and a faint smile, appeared. The young man is followed by a handsome man and a beautiful woman.

Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power spread slowly and a loud voice sounded: “I, Dawn Divine Emissary Puye, came to pay Undying Mountains Young Master a formal visit!”

“Please come in!”

From Undying Mountains headquarters, a gold ray fell in front of Dawn Divine Emissary Puye and formed gold stairs.

Puye and the two behind him stepped on the gold stairs, gold light flashed, and they appeared in a wide reception hall. The person sitting on the throne in the reception hall is Yang Feng.

On the left and right of Yang Feng, there are two powerhouses standing, namely Alexia and Yu Yan. Both of them are shrouded in a magic fog, making it difficult to see their features. At the same time, in the dark, there are faint Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

Puye stepped forward, bowed to Yang Feng, and revealed a strange smile: “Well met, Undying mountains Young Master. Or should I say, well met, Battle Demon Sects Great Elder Yang Feng!”

Yang Feng narrowed his eyes and asked: “How did you find out?”

After Yang Feng became Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming, he almost never showed himself with as Yang Feng. Only when he fought against the Dawn Lords emissaries, did he use his identity as Yang Feng. The Dawn Lord found out his true identity in such a short time only from this. This kind of investigative capability is simply terrifying.

Puye smiled and flexed his muscles: “After all, my Lord was once the master of Cangzhi Plane. There are very few things in Cangzhi Plane that can be hidden from my Lords eyes and ears.”

Yang Feng said lightly: “I am indeed Yang Feng.”

Puye uttered: “Young Master Yang Feng, we had a little conflict with you before. Reportedly, you have three of our blazing angels in your possession. Please return them to us. In exchange, we are willing to pay an equivalent price. Then we can write this off.”

Blazing angels are the most powerful kind of angels in the same rank and they can evolve into existences with supreme god rank combat power.

At the time, the three Dawn Blazing Angels withstood the siege of numerous experts subordinated to Yang Feng. This is a clear testament to their battle prowess.

Yang Feng replied flatly: “Of the three blazing angels, one of them has been transformed into a fallen angel. I can only return the other two to you. Of the two blazing angels, Ill offer you one as apology for the one that I accidentally transformed into a fallen angel. As for the other one, youll need to pay the resources necessary to cultivate an Infinity Warlock.”

Behind Puye, the sexy and glamorous woman opened her angel wings, Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power spread from her, and she stared fiercely at Yang Feng: “What, you actually corrupted our brother! You damn heretic! If you do not apologize to us and compensate us, then our mighty Lord wont forgive you!”

Yang Fengs eyes released ominous light, a terrifying aura, that surged like a terrifying beast, spread from him, and he stared coldly at the beautiful Infinity Warlock rank angel and uttered frigidly: “The great Dawn Lord is indeed extremely powerful, far more powerful than I am. But I am no pushover, either. This time, it was your Dawn Divine Countrys people who attacked me. I already gave you a lot of face by taking a step back. In other words, Dawn Divine Country intends to fight me to the death?”

If Yang Feng and the Dawn Lord shed all pretense of cordiality, he only can choose to give up his foundation in Cangzhi Plane and escape to Anta Plane.

However, with Yang Fengs fearsome force, if he attacks Down Divine Country, then as long as he has a proper strategy, he will be able to kill a dozen Infinity Warlock rank angels.

Puye frowned and said sternly: “Celine, stop!”

The beautiful angel shot Yang Feng a fierce look and fell silent.

“He doesnt has any understanding of negotiations, truly an uncivilized brute.”

Puye glanced at Yang Feng, and contempt shimmered in his eyes. But he sighed lightly in his heart: “Its a pity that this uncivilized brute has a lot of power. We cannot fall out with him at the moment.”

Puye has investigated Yang Feng, and is aware that Yang Feng holds frightening power in his hands. Although that power cannot compare to the power the Dawn Lord has accumulated over hundreds of thousands of years. But once they fall out with Yang Feng, it will likely break the balance between the Dawn Lord and other powerful beings.

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