Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 765 – Six Warlock Dynasties Emerge

Chapter 764 – Rift

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Puye said with a smile: “Since you said this much, Young Master Yang Feng, then well give you a face and resolve this according to your idea.”

Seeing Puye take a step back, Yang Fengs eyes flickered with enigmatic light, and he calculated in his heart: “It seems that the Dawn Lord doesnt want to make matters worse. He should have his plate full.”

None of the Eight Warlock Emperors was a simple character. During their heyday, if anyone dared to attack their subordinates, with just an order from them, countless powerhouses would destroy their enemies or expel them to Astral Boundary, the endless Abyss, Netherworld, or other places where even a Warlock Emperors forces cannot achieve full coverage.

By the same token, the Dawn Lord is not a magnanimous individual. In his days as a Warlock Emperor, he has destroyed an uncountable number of enemies. For Puye to actually give way to Yang Feng, it clearly shows that the Dawn Lord has his hands full and does no want to gain another strong enemy.

Puye said: “Young Master Yang Feng, I also brought with me the goodwill of the great Dawn Lord. We hope that our forces can become allies and help each other.”

Yang Feng raised his eyebrows and muttered: “Allies? Ill have to think about it.”

Puye opened his hand, and a cube-shaped communications crystal flew out of his hand and flew towards Yang Feng: “This is my communications crystal. If you want to contact me, you can reach me with this communications crystal, Young Master Yang Feng.”

When Puye saw Yang Feng grab the communications crystal, he smiled and bowed to Yang Feng, saying: “Then, I will take my leave!”

Yang Feng waved his hand, and a gold ray immediately enveloped Puyes group of three and sent them outside Undying Mountains headquarters.

“Allies? Is it that great to be an ally of the Dawn Lord? Although being an ally of the Dawn Lord can you get huge benefits, but youll also have to face his enemies. If I become his ally, Im afraid that the first one to be eliminated will be me!”

After the Puyes group of three left, a cold light flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he calculated coldly in his heart.

The best way to destroy enemies is to go from weak to strong. Against an enemy of the same level, first destroy the enemys weakest helpers and allies, and then destroy the enemy themselves. This is the kingly way.

By the same token, if Yang Feng allies with the Dawn Lord, as a weaker link, he will be targeted by the Dawn Lords enemies, who are too powerful for him at the moment.

After finishing the negotiations with the Dawn Lords divine envoy, Yang Fengs true body hid in a secret location in Bright Moon Province and entered secluded cultivation.

Yang Feng has monopolized the resources of places such as Bright Moon Province, Li Gui Province, Yu Province, and Andrak Plane. Those resources are enough for him to quietly practice cultivation to a pinnacle Bright World Warlock. If he practices cultivation in seclusion, theres even a possibility that he has a breakthrough and advances to an Infinity Warlock.

Since this is the case, Yang Feng is naturally willing to practice cultivation in seclusion until he raises the power of his true body to the limit, before going out of seclusion and leaving to look for the Black Emperors treasure-trove or going to Cangzhi Planes core world to look for resources.

Time elapsed, and 2 years passed in a flash.

Cangzhi Plane, in Cloud Capital, Yang Fengs avatar Zhao Fan is lying on a beach chair in his small villa and embracing the youthful and beautiful, short-haired Lan Chuxia.

“Its really peaceful!”

While stroking Lan Chuxias fair and silk-like skin and absorbing sun force contained in the sunlight, Yang Feng revealed a satisfied smile.

Yang Fengs avatar, Zhao Fan, who has advanced to a Moonlight Warlock, is already considered a genius. Although Yang Fengs true body still has countless rare resources that can enable the avatar to directly advance to a Glorious Sun Warlock, but that will arouse the suspicion of Great Cloud Dynasty.

In fact, after Yang Fengs avatar, Zhao Fan, advanced to a Moonlight Warlock, it led to Great Cloud Dynasty performing an investigation. However, after several rounds of examination, they didnt found anything suspicious. As a result, he could assume the position of bureau chief in Great Cloud Dynastys Secret Treasure Division.

Suddenly, the earth vibrated violently, as if the world is about to break apart.

Suddenly startled, Lan Chuxia, who was previously lying in Yang Fengs embrace like a kitten, tensed up and asked: “Whats going on?”

A dignified look in his eyes, Yang Feng said solemnly: “Ill go ask!”

As Great Cloud Dynastys imperial capital, Cloud Capital is protected by countless secret treasures. The number Warlock towers alone exceeds 1,000. If a Warlock Monarch comes to Cloud Capital and acts presumptuously, they will be quelled directly.

It is impossible for an ordinary earthquake to affect Cloud Capital at all. As such, this is no ordinary earthquake.

Yang Feng took out a communications device, selected Bai Yuxians imprint, and connected.

After a while, Bai Yuxians voice came from the communication device: “Zhao Fan, what can I do for you?”

Yang Feng asked: “Your Highness, do you know whats up with that earthquake?”

As a peerless genius of the Bai family, Bai Yuxian has her finger on the pulse. She is even better informed than Yang Feng, who controls Undying Mountain. After all, Great Cloud Dynasty is much more powerful than Yang Fengs Undying Mountain.

Bai Yuxian replied: “I dont know either!”

At this moment, a vast aura spread from the place where Time Sky City is located in the Eastern World.

“What a rich life magic energy! Its coming from Time Sky City!”

Yang Feng has secretly set up surveillance robots in various areas of Great Cloud Dynasty. When the vast aura started spreading from Time Sky City, the surveillance robots immediately reported back to the level-4 optical computer network, which quickly pinpointed the source of the vast aura.

In Bright Moon Province, Yang Feng, who is absorbing countless resources and strengthening the nine small worlds inside him in seclusion, opened his eyes at once, his eyes shone brightly, and flew towards a warp gate beside him.

During the past 2 years, Yang Feng not only had surveillance robots quietly station in various places in Cangzhi Planes four dynasties, but he also quietly arranged many warp gates in the four dynasties.

It took only a few minutes for Yang Feng to pass through several warp gates before he appeared in a cave near Time Sky City.

Black light gleamed, and Yang Feng immediately flew into the sky and looked in the direction of Time Sky City.

In the surroundings of Time Sky City, Warlock powerhouses flew into the air and looked in the direction of Time Sky City.

A huge rift opened at the location of Time Sky City, and bright gold light gushed out.

When the gold light, which gushed out from underground, combined with the air above ground, they formed magic stones and magic crystals that sprayed in all directions like raindrops.

Some low-level Warlocks cast spells and formed Mage Hands to fish for the magic stones and magic crystals in the air.

When the gold light erupted, it raised a tornado that swept the magic stones and magic crystals.

Even three Moonlight Warlocks, attracted by the magic crystals, cast spells to grab the resources ejected from the gold light.

Although Moonlight Warlocks are already Transcendent rank powerhouses, but they have to work hard for their resources, specially if they are rogue cultivators.

The rest of the Warlocks at the Moonlight Warlock rank and higher stared at the rift that ejects gold light with dignified and shocked looks in their eyes. No one knows whats going on.


There was a heaven-shaking blare, and the huge rift expanded to 1,000 meters long, and a tremendous amount of gold light gushed out from underground. Under the impact of the terrifying gold light, the many low-level Warlocks screamed, twisted, and turned into strange existences, and then burst apart and turned into clouds of blood mist, which combined with the gold light and turned into a new resource.

The three Moonlight Warlocks trembled when the gold light poured into them. Like insects stuck in a spider web, they cannot move. They began to slowly turn grotesque while suffering unbearable pain.

Warlocks can absorb life magic energy, evolve, and become more powerful. But there is a limit to the amount of life magic energy Warlocks can absorb at each level. Infused with a large amount of life magic energy in a short period of time, Warlocks will explode.

Yang Fengs face flickered, his figure shook, and he escaped madly.

Light gleamed, and the powerhouses at the Moonlight Warlock rank and higher unleashed secret methods and fled this place

The earth kept shaking, the ground cracked wildly, the rift expanded to 100,000 kilometers long, and dazzling gold light rushed into the sky.

Suddenly, a terrifying giant tree 100,00 kilometers in diameter broke out of the ground, pierced the sky, and entered the starry sky.

A vast force diffused out of the giant tree and spread in all directions.

That giant tree pierced through the Cangzhi Planes atmosphere, and then nine branches suddenly separated from the canopy. There is a floating continent, with a diameter of 100,000 kilometers, suspended above each branch.

Thin branches extended from the giant tree, pierced into the void, and extracted various forces and transported them to the floating continent in the canopy.

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