Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 766 – True Dragon Crown Prince

Chapter 765 – Six Warlock Dynasties Emerge

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From time to time, a leave falls down from the giant trees canopy and flies towards one of the nine branch floating continents. Every time a leaf falls down, it turns into an island and orbits a continent like a moon.

“Whatever it is! There is bound to be treasures up there!”

A scorching ray flickered in Yang Fengs eyes. He spread the fingers of a hand, and a swarm of Type II Undyings as well as other 4th generation battle robots flew out of the nine small worlds inside him and shot towards the branch floating continents on the huge tree like a tide.

At the moment, the nine small worlds inside Yang Feng are covered in munitions factories. His true body is like a mobile super aircraft carrier that can release different battle robots to deal with different combat environments at any time.

Virtually all Warlocks at the Moonlight Warlock rank and higher powerhouses at the scene flew towards the canopy floating continent and the nine branch floating continents. They all have experienced countless adventures and all kinds of weird phenomena. Naturally, they are aware that the mysterious huge tree must have treasures.


Along with an earth-shaking noise, an exquisite castle flew out from the ground and instantly appeared on a branch floating continent.

“This continent belongs to our Time Dynasty! Anyone who enters without permission shall die!”

A domineering voice came from the castle, and radiant light shone.

The Warlocks and Yang Fengs battle robots, enveloped by the radiant light, were flung away.

Traces of Holy might spread from the castle and swept the land.

“Holy Spirit Warlock!”

“Time Dynasty! The 1st Warlock Dynasty!”

“How is this possible, hasnt the 1st Warlock Dynasty collapsed?”


When the Warlocks present felt the Holy might emanating from the floating continent, their expression changed drastically, not daring to approach.

In the vast universe, most of the guardians of high level races are Holy Spirit Warlocks.

When Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses are not around, Holy Spirit Warlocks are the most powerful entities. Even if Great Cloud Dynasty and the Western Worlds three dynasties join forces to deal with a Holy Spirit Warlock, they might not be their opponent.

Great Cloud Dynasty and the Western Worlds three dynasties all possess Empyrean grade secret treasures. If they can fully operate the Empyrean grade secret treasures, then they can indeed severely injure or even kill a Holy Spirit Warlock. But that is only the case is the Holy Spirit Warlock is forced to fight them head on.

If a Holy Spirit Warlock puts their pride aside and makes a sneak attack, they can instakill Infinity Warlocks without a problem. Once the four dynasties make an enemy of a Holy Spirit Warlock, if their Infinity Warlocks dont want to die, they will be forced to hide in the respective royal capital.


A 10,000-meter-long primordial dragon flew out of the ground and flew onto another branch floating continent.

A cold and domineering voice spread: “This continent belongs to our Taboo Dynasty! Anyone who enters without permission shall die!”

“Thats the primordial dragon Wuhe that the Taboo Lord slayed, and then used as a mount and a palace. Didnt it disappear after the Taboo Lord died?”

“Taboo Dynasty? Hasnt Taboo Dynasty been extinguished already?”


When the human Warlocks saw the primordial dragon that suddenly appeared, shock filled their heart, and they fled from that floating continent.

Of the Eight Warlock Emperors, the Time Lord had a relatively mild temperament. As for the Taboo Lord, because he was an ordinary person from humble origins, the path he walked was full of massacre. He collected the bloodline of countless powerful life forms and purified it, and then finally reached the peak. He was a murderous character who not only was ruthless to enemies, but also mercilessly attacked human Warlock.

Seeing this, the human Warlocks flying towards the remaining branch floating continents stopped and stared at the floating continents.


The earth cracked, and a 10,000-meter-tall headless giant, engraved with countless runes, broke out of the ground and jumped onto a branch floating continent.

A flat voice and a terrifying aura spread from the floating continent: “This continent belongs to our Transcendent Dynasty! Anyone who enters without permission shall die!”

“Headless Titan Jiangge! Thats a peerless powerhouse the Transcendent Lord slayed.”

“Its a terrifying existence that could once compete with the Transcendent Lord! Later, the Transcendent Lord refined it into a weapon!”

“It didnt disappear!”


The expression of the human Warlocks changed drastically, and they commented emotionally.


A palace engraved with numerous star diagrams flew out of the ground and flew onto a branch floating continent. Resplendent starlight flew down, landed on the star palace, and star projections appeared above the star palace.

A mild voice came from the star palace: “This continent now belongs to my Star Dynasty. No one is welcome to enter without permission.”

Compared to the other Warlock Emperors, the Star Lord had the mildest temperament. Star Dynastys Warlocks were also fairly mild-tempered.


The earth shook again, and a huge mountain, enveloped by a black aura of death, with Styx running through it, suddenly flew out and landed on a branch floating continent.

A weird voice suddenly sounded: “This continent now belongs to my Death Dynasty. Only the dead can enter without permission.”


The earth cracked once more, and a 10,000-meter-tall palace, engraved with countless runes and covered with mysterious fog, flew out and landed on a branch floating continent.

A proud voice sounded: “This continent now belongs to my Magic Note Dynasty! Anyone who hands over a secret treasure that my Magic Note Dynasty approves of can enter this continent and become a member of Magic Note Dynasty. Otherwise, trespassers shall be killed on sight!”

“The Six Warlock Dynasties emerged!”

“Where are Golem Dynasty and Dawn Dynasty?”

“Whats going on? How come they appeared?”

“Havent the Eight Warlock Dynasties collapsed?”


The human Warlocks at the scene looked at the six extremely powerful forces that appeared in the sky with shock in their eyes.

Cangzhi Planes Eight Warlock Dynasties represent the most glorious eras of human Warlocks. Even Dawn Dynasty, which was the weakest among the Eight Warlock Dynasties, shook the 36 primary material planes, and no force dared to fight it.

The Six Warlock Dynasties were matchless forces that not even Warlock Emperor rank entities of the 36 primary material planes, Astral Boundary, the endless Abyss, Netherworld, and the endless starry sky, who have lived for millions and tens of millions of years, dared to face as an enemy.

Now the alleged Six Warlock Dynasties forces emerged and occupied six branch floating continents in one fell swoop. The other Warlocks stopped immediately, not daring to act rashly.

At the moment when the Warlocks stopped, countless battle robots flew into the remaining three branch floating continents.

When they entered the three floating continents, Yang Feng saw through the perspective of the battle robots that there are spirit springs, dense magic energy, precious extraordinary plants growing everywhere, and other materials, whom countless Infinity Warlocks would covet.

In the center of each branch floating continent, there is brilliant gold light shining, as if some rare treasure is being nurtured.

Yang Fengs battle robots suddenly launched, turned into streamers of light, and flew towards the center of the floating continents at the fastest speed.

There is a gold lake in the center of the floating continents. In the center of the gold lake, there is a bell, a bow, and a shield respectively.

“I can only choose one. If I take more, Ill suffer a backlash and die. Just taking one is already a windfall.”

As soon as Yang Feng saw the three treasures, Fate Algorithm within his sea of knowledge trembled and warned him of the hidden opportunities and crises.

“The shield! Everything is possible as long as Im alive!”

Yang Feng made a prompt decision. A battle robot flew into a gold lake and grabbed a shield, and then turned into a stream of light and flew towards him.

Eyes followed the battle robots trajectory and fell on Yang Fengs true body, and Yang Feng felt as if mountains were placed on his back.

The Six Warlock Dynasties exude Holy Spirit Warlock rank fluctuations of power. If a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse attacked him at this time, Yang Feng might not be able to withstand a strike.

A black ray suddenly flashed, and a black figure silently emerged from the void and extended a hand towards the shield the battle robot is holding.


With a flash of anger in his eyes, Yang Feng erupted with intermediate Bright World Warlock rank aura. His figure blurred, then he appeared in front of the black figure, extended a hand, and operated the essence of devour, and a black hole suddenly appeared on his hand and devoured the the Warlock in an instant.

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