Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 768 – The Four Dynasties Arrive

Chapter 767 – Defeating True Dragon Crown Prince

“You have secret treasures, so do I!”

Yang Feng pressed a Ruler magic cube in his hand, then a set of Ruler Armor suddenly appeared and enveloped him, and power poured into him from the three Infinity Cores inlaid in the Ruler Armor and strengthened him.

Yang Fengs figure shook, and he appeared in the sky. He urged the essence of devour and slammed his fists, which are shrouded by a black hole respectively, towards the True Dragon Royal Prince!

Boom! Boom!

The sound of huge explosion rang incessantly, as Yang Feng and the True Dragon Royal Prince battled, and the space distorted and the earth cracked.

The magic fluctuations that spilled over from the fierce battle bombarded the ground and blasted open numerous huge holes.

“So strong! Are they really Bright World Warlocks?”

“What scary monsters! This battle is almost at the level of a battle between Infinity Warlocks!”

“No, even weaker Infinity Warlocks may not be their opponents!”


The expression of the Warlocks who have gathered to see the fierce battle between Yang Feng and the True Dragon Crown Prince changed dramatically, and they retreated further away, not daring to come close.

Unless it is a Bright World Warlock rank powerhouse, even if it is a Glorious Sun Warlock, if they get close to the two powerhouses battling, they will die if they make a misstep.

“This guy is really strong. Were evenly matched. But now is not the time to swap pointers! I must defeat, or kill him!”

Killing intent flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and wisps of spatial ripples surged.

A dense crowd of Type II Undyings suddenly flew out from inside Yang Feng and flew towards the True Dragon Crown Prince like a tide.

The True Dragon Crown Prince opened his mouth, and violent wind blades shot out and turned into a tornado that swept the Type II Undyings.

Under the assault of the violent wind blades, which contain the law of wind, the Type II Undyings energy shield collapsed, the super-alloy armor capable of withstanding an all-out attack from a Moonlight Warlock shattered, and the robots were torn to pieces.

Taking advantage of the moment when the True Dragon Crown Prince was distracted, Yang Feng appeared at the abdomen of the True Dragon Crown Prince with a flash, stabbed the abdomen with both hands, which contain the essence of devour, tore at it with all his might, and ripped a huge hole open. A large amount of blood gushed out and sprinkled on the ground.

Some extraordinary plants on the ground absorbed the blood and underwent all kinds of strange changes.

“Surface indigenous, youre really despicable and shameless! Dont you know of Warlock honor?!”

The True Dragon Crown Prince roared, frantically operated the essence of power, twisted his body with incredible dexterity, and sent a claw containing violent essence of power slamming towards Yang Feng, sealing his evasion space.

“Those are my golems, theyre no different from your secret treasure! If you have the ability, then fight me without using secret treasures!”

Yang Feng punched, and his elusive fist blasted into the True Dragon Crown Princes claw. A violent force burst out instantly and the flung True Dragon Crown Prince by a dozen plus meters away.

All of a sudden, the of Type II Undying wreckage in the air flew up and recovered their original form, then turned into streams of light, flew towards the True Dragon Crown Prince, and slashed at him with their blades.

Along with flashes of light, three-centimeter-deep wounds emerged on the True Dragon Crown Princes scales.

“These golems are really tricky!”

A look of apprehension in his eyes, the True Dragon Crown Prince belched a green dragon breath sweeping the Type II Undyings.

In the wake of the green dragon breath, the Type II Undyings exploded and turned into powder, no longer able to regenerate.

With True Dragon Crown Princes attention divided, Yang Fengs figure shook slightly, and he appeared behind him and punched his back. His fist forcible pierced through the opponents scales, then he operated the essence of devour and frantically devoured the other partys flesh and blood.

“Wretched surface indigenous, Ill remember you! Whats your name?”

The True Dragon Crown Prince suddenly released a cry of pain and soared into the sky. Mist appeared around him, and, as if a dragon god who holds the power of thunderstorm and can launch a monstrous flood and destroy the world, he roared towards Yang Feng.

The True Dragon Crown Prince was injured by Yang Feng two consecutive times. Although his injuries arent serious, but he knows that by himself, isnt Yang Feng. And so he chose to withdraw from the battle.

Yang Feng frowned and contemplated for a while, and then stated decisively: “Undying Mountain, no, Battle Demon Sects Great Elder Yang Feng!”

Since the Dawn Lord can figure out his details, it shows that the top Warlock groups must have already learned most of the details of Undying Mountain. This cover has no longer any value.

Hidden in the mist, cold light flashed in the True Dragon Crown Princes eyes, and he said gravely: “Very well, Yang Feng! I didnt want to use this method. However, Split Heaven Shield is really important to me. Guardians, show yourselves!”

“Yes! Young Master!”

Two Infinity Warlock rank dragon might soared into the sky, and a black dragon and a white dragon flew out of the void and appeared beside the True Dragon Crown Prince, their huge eyes focused on Yang Feng.

The True Dragon Crown Prince gazed loftily at Yang Feng from between the mist and said solemnly: “Yang Feng, hand over the Split Heaven Shield!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and uttered: “Alexia, Yu Yan, come out!”

Two Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power surged, and two Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, who were quietly guarding Yang Feng from the shadows, suddenly flew out and stopped behind Yang Feng. Without showing any weakness, they stared at the two Infinity Warlock rank dragons.

“Lets go!”

The True Dragon Crown Prince glanced at the two Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses Alexia and Yu Yan, narrowed his eyes, and frowned, and then ordered decisively.

With Alexia and Yu Yan as guards, the True Dragon Crown Prince may not be able to beat Yang Feng even if he uses his trump cards. Moreover, this is the surface world. Yang Feng can easily receive reinforcements. But the True Dragon Crown Prince only has two Infinity Warlock rank guards. If the fight goes on, then the True Dragon Crown Prince and the two Infinity Warlock rank guards may be put in grave danger.

Its hard to kill Infinity Warlocks. But thats only the case under the premise that they judge the situation correctly and escape once things turn south.

Yang Feng took a deep look at the True Dragon Crown Prince, and excitement and anticipation glimmered in his eyes: “This fellow is really strong! If everyone in the core world is such a monster, then thats really interesting! I originally thought that I was already strong enough and should be invincible in the same rank, but it seems that it is not that simple!”

In the surface world, Yang Feng hasnt met an enemy, of the same rank, who is as strong as him. The True Dragon Crown Prince is the strongest genius Yang Feng has ever met.

“He actually tied with the True Dragon Crown Prince! Interesting!”

“The surface world doesnt seem to be so simple!”

“After all, its the place that gave birth to Warlock Emperors. It still has some talents.”


Boom! Boom!

Along with world-shaking earthquakes, bright light continued to shoot out from underground.

From amidst the light, gazes swept Yang Feng, Alexia, and Yu Yan, and then people flew towards the direction of the giant tree.

Yang Feng didnt linger around. He operated a secret method, turned into a stream of light, plunged into a huge cave with a warp gate, crossed one warp gate after another, and returned to a secret room in Bright Moon Province.

Upon returning to Bright Moon Province, Yang Feng observed the on-goings at Time Sky City through holographic projections.

After the forces of the Six Warlock Dynasties seized the six branch floating continents, they remained still.

The canopy continent seems to be shrouded in a mysterious membrane. When human Warlock flying came into contact with the mysterious membrane, they suddenly lost all power and dropped towards the floating continent. They didnt fly up again.

After dozens of Warlocks fell, seeing that the Warlocks of the Six Warlock Dynasties didnt make a move, the rest of the Warlocks didnt dare to rush into the floating continent in the center of the canopy.

The six branch floating continents and leaf islands located underneath the branch floating continents were all guarded by the Warlocks of the Six Warlock Dynasties. Anyone who dared approach these leaf islands was killed.

The human Warlocks not affiliated with the Six Warlock Dynasties can only compete over the remaining three branch floating continents and the leaf floating islands affiliated with the three branch continents.

A large number of Bright World Warlocks and Infinity Warlocks, who came from god knows where, fought over the three branch floating continents and the corresponding leaf floating islands.

While watching the Warlocks fight, a question suddenly popped up in Yang Fengs mind: “Where are the forces of the Dawn Lord and the Golem Lord? Is there some secret to this?”

Human Warlocks founded a total of Eight Warlock Dynasties. Even the weakest Dawn Dynasty is recognized as a prosperous and brilliant Warlock Dynasty that suppressed countless planes. The Eight Warlock Dynasty eras had witnessed countless powerhouses. In each Warlock Dynasty era, there have been more than 30 human Holy Spirit Warlocks born.

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