Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 771 – Six Monarchs

Chapter 770 – Impersonating Golem Dynasty

Zhao Yes eyes flashed, and he looked at Yang Feng with a smile that isnt a smile: “Sure enough, theres Battle Demon Sect. In that case, Lei Ming, you should be Battle Demon Sects true disciple Yang Feng! Right?”

“Yang Feng! No way?”

“Yang Feng? Didnt he promote to a mere Moonlight Warlock not long ago? How could he be Undying Mountains Young Master Lei Ming?”


The beautiful girls around Zhao Ye revealed looks of shock.

Yang Feng is indeed a man of renown in Great Cloud Dynasty. At the time, in Time Sky City, he defeated the Western Worlds outrageous geniuses in one fell swoop and stepped into the Moonlight Warlock rank, becoming a Transcendent rank powerhouse.

But no matter how talented he is, he is only a mere Moonlight Warlock. He and the Bright World rank Young Master Le Ming are in different leagues. One is just a genius with potential, while the other is already a peerless powerhouse who has shocked countless people.

Even though the beautiful girls around Zhao Ye have great confidence in their masters judgement, but shocked by the truth, they reveled looks of incredulity on their faces.

Yang Feng smiled faintly: “As expected of the Night Fox, one of the most outstanding sages in Great Cloud Dynasty. Thats right, I am Yang Feng, a true disciple of Battle Demon Sect.”

The Night Fox Zhao Ye is recognized as one of the wisest people in Great Cloud Dynasty. Although the Zhao familys two Infinity Warlocks are far stronger than Zhao Ye, but they are willing to listen to his command because of his extraordinary wisdom, which exceeds his strength by far.

Zhao Ye closed his eyes, a mysterious, sacred, and inhuman aura oozed out of him, and weird runes floated in his eyes. He performed deductions that surpassed the Infinity Warlock rank: ” How much power can the four sects mobilize?”

Yang Feng responded: “Two Infinity Warlocks from Battle Demon Sect and one Infinity Warlock each from the other three sects!”

Most of the forces of the Four Great Sects have left Cangzhi Plane. To summon them hastily is tantamount to a pipe dream.

The five Infinity Warlocks are all the power of the Four Great Sects that remained on Cangzhi Plane.

Zhao Ye contemplated for a while before saying: “Thats not enough! Even if they are added into the equation, it wont be enough to defeat Brest Dynasty! And even if we are lucky enough to defeat Brest Dynasty, we wont have enough energy to deal with the remaining hungry wolves.”

When Zhao Ye saw Yang Fengs confident appearance, his eyes lit up, and he smiled: “Thats right, there are so many Warlock groups here. As long as we become the strongest faction, we can absorb the rest into our alliance. If we can grasp the leadership of the alliance, then well be able obtain the greatest benefits.”

An enigmatic gleam in his eyes, Yang Feng smiled: “No, we can aim bigger!”

At this moment, there was a tremor in the void. In the sky, a star ripped through the void and, as if crossing an endless distance, slowly flew out of the void. Holy might spread from it and enveloped the land.

“This floating continent belongs to our Golem Dynasty! Get out, or you shall become golems of our Golem Dynasty!”

The star flew to a branch floating continent, and then various golems flew out of the star and stared coldly at the Warlocks from Bajur Dynasty. Wisps of shocking golem force spread from the various golems.

“Golem Dynasty! Thats the Golem Lords Golem Dynasty!”

“Golem Dynasty has also appeared! There are living golems among them!”


When the surrounding Warlocks saw the star, their expression changed drastically, and they retreated in all directions. The living golems of Golem Dynasty are extremely terrifying. Their weird golem force can spread quickly like a virus and erode a race.

At the time, in his later years, every time the Golem Lord passed through a plane, akin to the end of the world, that plane would be turned into a den of golems.

Of the Eight Warlock Emperors, the Golem Lord may not have been the strongest, but he was without a doubt an exceptional cutthroat who slayed the most intelligent life forms.

Bajur Dynastys sacred mountain shone and absorbed Bajur Dynastys Warlocks, and then shuddered, turned into a stream of light, and flew out of the floating continent.

Although Bajur Dynasty is one of the Western Worlds three dynasties, but compared to Golem Dynasty, it is but a cricket. Even if only a Holy Spirit Warlock remains from Golem Dynasty, they can sweep the floor with Bajur Dynasty.

Zhao Yes expression flickered, and his eyes shimmered gravely: “Golem Dynasty! In that case, we can only challenge Brest Dynasty! Although the Western Worlds three dynasties have blood feuds with each other, but they have a common origin, after all. At such a critical time, they will definitely unite. We wont get an opportunity once they get together!”

Zhao Yes words have just fallen, when Kadred Dynastys castle and Bajur Dynastys sacred mountain turned into two streams of light and flew to the floating continent where Brest Dynasty is located.

The joint defense of the three dynasties is simply impenetrable. Even if a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse goes to that floating continent, they will definitely be defeated

Zhao Ye frowned and said unhurriedly: “Its over now.”

Now that the Western Worlds three dynasties have joined forces, not even Great Cloud Dynasty is their opponent. As long as the three dynasties are given a little time, they will be able to mobilize experts and resources from the distant Western World to defend the floating continent. By then, if Great Cloud Dynasty dares to attack the three dynasties, only death will await them.

“I, Undying Mountains Lei Ming, wish to become a minion of Golem Dynasty! I am willing to give my life for the dynasty!”

The outer armor of a Type II Undying distorted and changed into Yang Fengs likeness, and then it flew towards the floating continent occupied by Golem Dynasty.

One after another, huge battleship suddenly appeared in the sky. Swarms of battle robots flooded from all directions like a tide. Exuding Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power, the two Infinity Warlocks Alexia and Yu Yan also appeared.

“Undying Mountain! Thats Undying Mountains Lei Ming!”

“What a cunning and decisive fellow!”

“Undying Mountain is a powerful force in Cangzhi Planes surface world. Now that it sided with Golem Dynasty, the dynasty is like a tiger that has grown wings. No one can restrain it.”

“That is the blazing angel Alexia and Marshal Yu! They are experts among Infinity Warlocks; ordinary Infinity Warlocks are not their match.”


The spectating Warlock stared at the dense crowd of battle robots with dignified looks in their eyes.

“Undying Mountains Lei Ming! That wretch should die!”

Aboard Great Cloud Dynastys Nine Dragon Boat, Bai Wuqing took a deep look at Yang Feng, his eyes shimmered with frigid killing intent, and he spoke coldly.

The Infinity Warlocks aboard the Nine Dragon Boat exchanged looks, not saying a word.

Undying Mountain has occupied Bright Moon Province, Yu Province, and Li Gui Province, and colluded with the Five Great Families to form a terrifying alliance.

“Lei Ming, since your Undying Mountain has surrender to my Golem Dynasty, then well bestow you a floating island.”

Bright light shot out from the star and shine on a leaf floating continent.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Yang Feng accepted respectfully, and the huge fleet immediately flew to the leaf floating island. As Golem Dynastys helper, they will guard the branch floating continent.

A strange light flashed in Zhao Yes eyes, and he took a deep look at Yang Feng and revealed a mysterious smile: “There is also such a trick!”

With a flash of light, Zhao Yes true body disappeared.

Zhao Ye raised his voice: “I am Zhao Ye, the patriarch of the Zhao family of Great Cloud Dynastys Eight Great Families. Our Five Great Families alliance is willing to serve Golem Dynasty! I ask that you take us in!”

The Five Great Families flew over one after another and gathered next to the Zhao family, and their Infinity Warlocks released their formidable auras soaring into the sky.

The Five Great Families have a total of 9 Infinity Warlocks and 15 Bright World Warlocks. They formed a huge Warlock group.

“We accept! We bestow you a floating island!”

A ray of light landed on a floating island.

Zhao Ye uttered respectfully: “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

The Warlocks of the Five Great Families turned into streams of light and flew to the floating island.

An Infinity Warlock suddenly flew forward and said respectfully: “Your Majesty, our Heart of Devil Bear is willing to become your minion. Please take us in.”

“Your Majesty, our Black Wind is willing to be your minion…!”


The surface worlds Warlock groups appeared one after another and chose to serve Golem Dynasty. When the Eight Warlock Dynasties were founded, all Warlocks who were unwilling to obey their command were exterminated.

When the Six Warlock Dynasties flew out of the core world, They were followed by numerous Warlock groups, who entered the leaf floating islands belonging to the Six Warlock Dynasties.

After multiple considerations, the surface worlds Warlock groups chose to join Golem Dynasty.

From the Golem Star, one of Yang Fengs avatars is watching the Warlock groups scrambling to join, and the corners of his mouth rose: “The Golem Lord should be dead, right? He wouldnt mind it if I impersonate his people, would he?”

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