Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 775 – Secret Suppression

Chapter 774 – Gamble

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Enveloped by blue light, Bosana has a proud look on her face, and her beautiful eyes are full of fiery fighting spirit: “Yes, its me! Yang Feng, you bullied and forced my father to sell you the Sky Fantasy Shen Pearl. I wont accept it. If you have the ability, then fight me. As long as you can defeat me with your own strength, I will acknowledge you and will no longer pursue the matter of you forcing my father to sell you the Sky Fantasy Shen Pearl!”

Gods wield different authorities, each of which represents a certain law of the plane. The authorities are formidable. But at the same time, they affect the nature of the gods.

Take the God of Massacre as example, due to the authority of massacre they wield, they are proficient in countless massacre secret methods and are fond of killing. If they arent strong enough, gods will be dominated by the authorities. Conversely, the stronger the gods are, the less likely will they be affected by the authorities.

However, even if most gods are aware of this, they still let those authorities affect their character. Because it makes it easier for them to master the authorities and laws, makes them stronger, and makes it easier to advance.

As if he is stating a fact, Yang Feng spoke calmly: “I am a strong divine force rank god, while you are only an intermediate divine force rank god. You stand no chance of winning against me!”

Yang Fengs god avatar absorbed four strong divine force grade godheads. Although this makes it extremely difficult for his god avatar to continue to evolve, but it also gives him formidable battle prowess.

In Feisuo Plane, in a one-on-one, even Radiant Primary God Prados may not be the opponent of Yang Fengs god avatar.

Scorching fighting spirit flashed in her eyes, and Bosana said: “I know! Come to my divine country! In there, you will be weakened to my level. If you lose, return the Sky Fantasy Shen Pearl to me. If you can beat me, then Ill acknowledge you!”

Yang Feng chuckled and said: “If you win, the Sky Fantasy Shen Pearl will be returned to you. But what will I gain if I win? If you take out and wager a treasure of the same level as the Sky Fantasy Shen Pearl, or the treasures I just gave your father, then Ill fight you. Ill fight you with Bright World Warlock rank strength.”

Bosana suddenly wrinkled her eyebrows, her momentum stagnated, and she fell into contemplation.

The Sky Fantasy Shen Pearl is so valuable that even Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses will go crazy over it.

The treasures that Yang Feng handed Hrehoriy just now are all top treasures that cannot be found on Feisuo Plane. Although Bosana is the Sea Goddess of War, but she cannot take out such treasures.

Yang Feng revealed a malicious smile and reminded: “You can use blazing angels. If you have a Bright World warlock rank blazing angel, then you can use it as a wager.”

Bosanas slim eyebrows creased, and she asked: “Blazing angel? Will a Bright World Warlock rank throne angel do?”

Throne angels are one of the upper grade angels, second only to blazing angels. They are powerful angels who can evolve into Infinity Warlock rank existences. However, their evolutionary potential is much worse than that of blazing angels. Gods dont value them very much.

Every blazing angel is a treasure that the gods can obtain once every 1,000 years or even several thousands of years. There are already angels transformed from believers subordinated to Yang Fengs god avatar in his divine country, but there are no upper grade angels among them, let alone blazing angels.

Yang Feng rejected categorically: “No way!”

Bosana suddenly hesitated. She only has a single Bright World Warlock rank blazing angel, which she cultivated by chance. That angel is her right hand man and her best weapon. They helped her defeat many powerful enemies.

Angels are the best weapons of gods and the main force gods use to develop other planes as sources of faith. Since gods are restricted by the fetters of their plane, angels are equivalent to their limbs in the outside world.

Yang Feng enticed like a devil: “For every treasure of the same level as a Bright World Warlock rank blazing angel you bet, I will seal one of the four authorities. If you bet four such treasures, then I will seal all four authorities and use Bright World Warlock rank power to fight you fairly. If I use one of the four authorities when fighting you, then it will be my loss, what do you think?”

Bosanas heart stirred, and scorching light flashed in her beautiful eyes: “Youll seal the four authorities!”

Yang Fengs god avatar wields four authorities — night, fire, war, massacre. With them, he has no shortcomings. Although Bosana hasnt stated it, but she is rather apprehensive of him. If Yang Fengs four authorities are sealed, then Bosanas odds of winning will be more than doubled.

Feisuo Planes gods and Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks have secret dealings. Consequently, it is fair to say that gods have eyes, ears, and spokespersons on Cangzhi Plane. The gods already know that Yang Feng is a true disciple of Battle Demon Sect, that his true body is just a trivial Moonlight Warlock (the information of the gods is lagging, plus Yang Feng has released misleading information), and that he has defected to a mysterious force and obtained their help, which is how he was lucky enough to become a strong divine force rank god of Feisuo Plane.

If Yang Feng doesnt use the four strong divine force grade authorities, if a mere Moonlight Warlock like him manipulates Bright World Warlock rank power, itll be akin a child wielding a sword. He wont be able to truly exert his strength.

Bosana glanced at Yang Feng, and a smile appeared in her eyes: “This Yang Feng is a peerless genius of Battle Demon Sect, a monster who formed a virtual world. However, if he fights me with Moonlight Warlock rank combat senses, he stands no chance.”

Yang Feng said with a smile, “Of course, we wont fight in your divine country. Otherwise, I will stand no chance of winning. It must be in Astral Boundary, on dry land.”

As he smiled, Yang Feng quietly operated Fate Algorithm, and weird fate threads wrapped around Bosana.

Bosana felt a little relieved: “On dry land, I will be weakened by more than 40%. Is this his plot? However, if his avatar doesnt use the four strong divine force grade authorities, then Im confident of beating him. Besides, when he learns of my secret, Im sure his expression will be fun to watch!”

If Yang Feng didnt use the dry land condition to weaken Bosanas battle prowess, she would suspect that he is plotting something. But now that Yang Feng raised a condition to weaken her battle prowess, it made her feel relieved at once.

Bosana hesitated, and then said, “I only have one Bright World Warlock rank blazing angel. In addition, I still have one Bright World Warlock rank throne angel, Five Glorious Sun Warlock rank throne angels, and seven Glorious Sun Warlock rank wise angels.”

Yang Feng responded flatly: “These are not enough, I just want the blazing angel!”

Bosana hesitated, then gritted her teeth and said: “Then Ill use my divine country to bet!”

From a place that Bosana hadnt noticed, an invisible thread of fate slowly entered her body.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose: “Still not enough! Your divine country is only worth two Sky Fantasy Shen Pearls at most and can only seal two of my divine authorities. Of course, if you insist, then Ill agree to fight you.”

Bosana feels distressed at once. If shes going to fight, she has to win. If she loses, shell suffer huge losses.

Yang Feng asked in a tempting tone with a unique rhythm, which devils use to entice others: “Dont you have another collateral? There is still you yourself! If you use yourself as collateral, you can seal two other divine authorities. In this way, wont your chances of winning be higher?”

Bosana suddenly realized: “Thats right, there is still myself!”

Wisps of queer fate force quietly entered Bosana.

After all, Bosana is an intermediate divine force rank god. Even though she was hit by Yang Fengs spell, she wasnt fully blinded. She gave Yang Feng a deep look: “But if I lose, I will fall into this mans hands.”

Yang Feng continued to tempt her: “As long as you beat me, not only will you win glory and honor, but even the Sky Fantasy Sen Pearl will be yours! That is a pinnacle strong divine force grade god armament!”

As if a gambler, an urge to bet suddenly welled up inside Bosana : “Yes, as long as I beat him, itll be mine!”

A scorching battle spirit flashed in her eyes, and she uttered impatiently: “Okay, I agree! Lets sign a contract!”


Seeing Bosana impatiently jump into the pit he dug, the corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly and a smile flashed in his eyes. With a flick of his wrist, a gold contract appeared in front of Bosana.

After carefully checking the contract and confirming that there are no mistakes, Bosana signed her name on it, and then gazed proudly at Yang Feng and gave him a set of astral coordinates: “This is an astral body I discovered in Astral Boundary. Have your Bright World Warlock rank avatar go there and wait. I will invite some spectator to witness our duel!”

Pity flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he asked with a smile: “Spectators? You want them to witness your defeat?”

Bosana suddenly broke into a smile and said full of confidence, looking bewitching: “To to witness your loss, you mean!”

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