Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 777 – Phantom Rulers Evolution

Chapter 776 – Subduing Bosana

A copious amount of god blood gashed out from Bosana and spilled onto the ground. Following flashes of blue light, Bosanas wounds healed quickly.

The expression of Maiden of Ice Wella changed, her eyes shimmered with dignity, and she spoke solemnly: “What a fearsome fellow! Since he cant match Bosana in terms of martial prowess, he used his power crush her! What a terrifying power it is. This outburst of power is already comparable to the strong divine force rank.

Among Bosanas several goddess friends, Maiden of Ice Wella specializes in fighting. Shes even more aware of Yang Fengs terror.

Shock flashed in the beautiful eyes of Goddess of Books Jani: “His power is too formidable. Even a Warlock who formed a virtual world should no be this powerful.”

Goddess of Books Janis book collection ranks among the top three in Feisuo Plane. She has read countless books and mastered countless bodies of knowledge. Among the seven goddesses here, she is the most knowledgeable one. Even she is shocked by Yang Fengs terrifying power.

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and a True God Empyrean Imprint, which is inscribed with numerous mysterious runes and has quenched a large number of Transcendent rank powerhouses, suddenly appeared. The auras of devils, fiends, gods, and many other powerful existences seeped out from the imprint.

World force poured into the True God Empyrean Imprint, and it changed into huge imprint that enveloped an area with hundreds of meters in radius. The huge imprint is shrouded in countless mysterious runes and exudes sacred and evil auras. As if it bears the weight of nine worlds, the huge imprint formed nine layer brand ripples crushing towards Bosana.

“Dammit, this guys true body is really strong!”

Bosana frantically burned divine force. Blue light wound around her, and flood dragons formed from water shuttled around her and healed her. She recovered 80% of her power in an instant.

A focused expression on her face, eyes flashing brightly, Bosana retracted all her power. She looks just like an ordinary person. Next, she slammed the Dark Blue Trident towards the True God Empyrean Imprint.

When the Dark Blue Trident hit the brand ripples of the True God Empyrean Imprint, mountain-toppling divine might concealed within burst out instantly and cleaved the brand ripples.


At the moment when the Dark Blue Trident collided with the brand ripples of the True God Empyrean Imprint, a terrifying force capable of obliterating the sky suddenly shrouded the land.

The land, as if a fragile eggshell, shattered directly and stones splashed around and flew towards Astral Boundary.

The Dark Blue Trident pierced through the first layer of the brand ripples, then the second, and then the third.

Every time the Dark Blue Trident pierced through a layer of the brand ripples, a terrifying force was set free, and the ground was torn apart. The entire astral body has begun to collapse.

“Your martial prowess are really formidable! Unfortunately, your power is too weak! Vanquish!”

Yang Feng looked at Bosana, who is struggling with the brand ripples, and cold light shimmered in his eyes. He silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger.

The brand ripples of the True God Empyrean Imprint transformed into rune chains and stabbed towards Bosana alike sharp spears.

As if a small insect stuck to a spider web, Bosana can hardly wave her Dark Blue Trident inside the brand ripples. She slashed several rune spears apart before being stabbed by the rest. Countless runes emerged and rapidly locked Bosanas power.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Following loud noise, the astral body disintegrated into countless meteorites flying in different directions.

That astral body, which is inferior to a grade 9 plane, could not bear the fight between Yang Feng and Bosana.

If the intermediate divine force rank fight had taken place in Feisuo Planes secular world, it would have resulted in cataclysmic events, leading to countless ordinary people losing their lives. It is because of this that gods fight in Astral Boundary.

Yang Feng looked at the beautiful and heroic Sea Goddess of War Bosana and raised the corners of his mouth, saying: “You lost!”

With a stubborn expression, Bosana frantically sensed for the godhead in an attempt to communicate with it and mobilize divine force. Only, countless black runes have wound around the godhead, cutting off the connection between her and the godhead and making it impossible to mobilize divine force.

The countless black runes sank into Bosanas skin, flesh, and bones, and sealed the world-shaking power inside her divine body. Consequently, she is now weakened to an extreme, to the point that she can only exert the strength of an ordinary girl.

Bosana tried several methods, but still couldnt must a trace of power.

Bosana, with a disappointed look on her face, sighed quietly and said: “Yes, I lost! I will fulfill my promise. From now on, everything of mine is yours.”

“Then lets go to your divine country!”

Yang Feng smiled and pointed with a finger, and the True God Empyrean Imprint flew out. Along with flashes of light, countless black rune chains flew out of Bosanas body and entered the True God Empyrean Imprint.

As soon as the countless black runes disappeared, Bosana could sense powerful force welling up inside her, which made her feel unspeakable joy.

The god-like formidable power is full of allure. Once one gained possession of that formidable power, and then lost it, they will feel an indescribable discomfort.


After Bosana regained her strength, she spoke meaningfully to her six friends, and then turned into a stream of blue light and flew away with Yang Feng.

Goddess of Dance Frederica watched as Yang Feng left. She waved her small fist, gritted her teeth, and said: “Curses, that Yang Feng is really annoying. It wasnt enough to snatch Florence away, now he took Big Sister Bosana away as well. Dammit!”

Maiden of Flowers Fran said with a smile: “Dunce, Big Sister Bosana may have been snatched away by Yang Feng, but shes secretly happy!”

Maiden of Ice Wella uttered with a smile: “Yes, Big Sister Bosana is a proud individual. She always wanted to find a man stronger than her! But on Feisuo Plane, those who are stronger than her are either old, or are enemies of the sea pantheon. Thus, she couldnt find a good man on Feisuo Plane. Since Yang Feng was able to defeat her, she may be snickering in her heart!”

Goddess of Books Jani contemplated for a while, and then said: “According to the currently available information, Battle Demon Sects true disciple Yang Feng is not a tyrannical character. He is of the lawful neutral alignment. He grasps tremendous power, and is not stingy with his women. If you exclude the fact that he has a lot of women, becoming his woman is not a bad choice.”

Goddess of the Forest Sevilla also chimed in: “In other words, this is a blessing in disguise for Bosana.”

In the eyes of their believers, these goddesses are lofty, sacred, inviolable beings, whose every action has profound meaning. But in fact, they also have a great range of emotions. Only that theyre far stronger than ordinary people, making them appear omniscient and omnipotent.

Feisuo Plane, in a divine country that is shrouded by a sea.

With a flash of blue light, Yang Feng and Bosana appeared inside the divine country.

Bosana waved her lily-white hand, and a blue ray entered the sea.

The azure sea suddenly rolled and churned, and a huge palace enveloped by a blue barrier slowly rose from the sea. The huge palace has an area of thousands of square kilometers.

Countless beautiful mermaids, sea sprites, and other merfolk petitioners, saints, and sea angels emerged from the sea and paid their respects to Bosana: “Welcome back, mighty Lady! May you triumph in every battle and win every fight, my Lady!”

Yang Feng looked at the sea angels with curiosity.

The sea angels are not much different from ordinary angels in appearance. However, the wings of the sea angels are constructed from divine force and part of the authority of the sea. Inside water, these wings will not only not drag them down, but will instead help them, allowing them to swim faster.

Among the sea angels, there are two who stand out. They both exude Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power. Clearly, these two are Bosanas strongest subordinates.

One is a sea blazing angel with jade-white skin, long, wave-like blue hair, a tall and sexy figure, and a noble and elegant air around her. The other is a throne angel with a wheat-colored complexion, short blond hair, a sexy figure, and a wild sense of beauty.

Bosana pointed to the two Bright World Warlock rank angels and introduced them to Yang Feng: “Yang Feng, they are my most powerful helpers, Marina and Carma.”

Marina is a blazing angel and Carma is a throne angel. Even though they are both Bright Warlock rank angels, but Marinas fluctuations of power are obviously much stronger than Carmas.

“Marina, Carma, I lost to Yang Feng in a fair fight. Starting today, Yang Feng will be your new master. His command is of a higher order than mine.”

Bosanas beautiful eyes flashed with reluctance, and she took out a Sea Angel Pools control center, a Sea Angel Crystal, and erased her soul brand.

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