Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 778 – Conflict at the City Gate

Chapter 777 – Phantom Rulers Evolution

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In this instant, all the sea angels in the divine country felt that there is something missing in their souls, then terror flashed in their eyes, and they panicked.

If it werent for Bosana standing in front of them, the sea angels would have fallen into a state of chaos.

Reluctance flashed in her eyes, and then Bosana handed Yang Feng the Sea Angel Crystal resolutely.

Marina shivered, despair and fear shimmered in her beautiful eyes, and she asked in a trembling voice: “My Lady, are you going to abandon us?”

Carma looked at Bosana with despair in her eyes and trembled.

These sea angels are devout believers Bosana has turned into angels. Marina and Carma, in particular, were most pious saints under Bosanas command before they were turned into angels. They followed Bosana on many campaigns and grew together. Even without the soul restriction of the Sea Angel Pool, they are still loyal to Bosana and regard her as their master.

Now, Bosana actually handed the Sea Angel Crystal to Yang Feng. Once Yang Feng takes control of the Sea Angel Crystal, no matter how unwilling they are, these sea angels will be forced to obey Yang Fengs orders. Bosanas action is akin to abandoning the sea angels, making them despair.

Bosana trembled, and teardrops slid down her beautiful face: “Sorry! Its all because I was defeated, Im sorry!”

“My Lady, youre not at fault! The one at fault is this damn man! Ill defeat him for you!”

Killing intent flashed in Marinas beautiful eyes. Staring fiercely at Yang Feng, she beckoned with a hand, and a large spear appeared in her hand.

In the sea, weapons such as spears and tridents are much more commonly used than swords.

Bosana raised her eyebrows and shouted sternly: “Stop! One must always honor a bet. I already signed a contract with him. If you attack him, we will all receive a backlash from the contract!”

Startled, Marina let go of the spear, knelt in front of Bosana, and said with a pained expression: “Yes! My Lady! I was in the wrong!”

Carma, who has grasped a trident, gritted her teeth and stared hatefully at Yang Feng. If Bosana hadnt stopped them, she would have rushed to fight Yang Feng.

Yang Feng took the Sea Angel Crystal, smiled, and threw it back to Bosana: “I give this to you!”

After she caught the Sea Angel Crystal, Bosana revealed a look of surprise, and then grasped the crystal firmly. She uttered, hesitant: “This, I lost it to you.”

Yang Feng smiled and said: “Yes, you lost it to me. But since it is mine, I can give it to you! Now its yours again!”

As long as Bosana is his subordinate, everything of hers will be under Yang Fengs control. To be able to nurture a Bright World Warlock rank blazing angel and a Bright World Warlock rank throne angel, Bosanas ability to nurture angels is outstanding. Its more appropriate for her to manage this sea divine country.

“Thank you!”

Gratitude flashed in Bosanas beautiful eyes, and she placed her soul brand on the Sea Angel Crystal.

In an instant, all the sea angels inside the divine country felt that the thing they lacked was filled again.

A flash of joy in her eyes, Marina made a knightly salute to Yang Feng and said respectfully: “Thank you, sir! From now on, I offer you my loyalty, second only to my Lady!”

Carma also gave a knightly salute to Yang Feng: “Me too, I offer you my loyalty, second only to my Lady!”

“Get up!”

With a satisfied look in his eyes, Yang Feng entered the temple with Bosana.

Yang Feng said: “Bosana, I need to borrow Marina for a mission in the sea.”

Bosana replied with a sweet smile on her face: “Okay, Ill have her cooperate with you.”

A day later, at the branch floating continent, inside a cave engraved with mysterious runes and full of an illusory aura.

Yang Feng walked in, came to in front of a spring, and uttered lightly: “Show yourself!”

From the spring, a Phantom Ruler, that seems to be hovering between real and illusory, with a humanoid form, a single large eye on the head, engraved with weird runes, appeared in front of Yang Feng.

Devourers and Phantom Rulers are the ultimate weapons — weapons that can evolve continuously — of the xizu. For different Devourers and Phantom Rulers, with the exception of the identical initial form, as their evolution progresses and finally reaches the ultimate and perfect forms, they hold different abilities.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of a hand, and the Sky Fantasy Shen Pearl suddenly flew out of his hand, turned into a shooting star, and flew towards the Phantom Ruler.

The Phantom Ruler emitted fluctuations of joy, and then extended a hand and grabbed the Sky Fantasy Shen Pearl.

Countless weird runes and fluctuations of tremendous power seeped out from the Phantom Rulers right hand, penetrated the Sky Fantasy Shen Pearl, and absorbed its power.

The Sky Fantasy Shen Pearl suddenly blurred, entered the state of existence that is located between real and illusory, and appeared on the body of the Phantom Ruler.

Weird, ancient, and powerful fluctuations diffused from the Phantom Ruler.

Yang Feng sensed the change of the Phantom Ruler, and excitement flashed in his eyes: “It evolved! After devouring the Sky Fantasy Shen Pearl, the Phantom Rulers strength has increased by a large margin.”

Along with a blur, the Phantom Ruler disappeared like a bubble and plunged into Yang Fengs body.

Once the Phantom Ruler disappeared, it was as if it no longer exists in this world. There are no fluctuations of power leaking out from it. If Yang Feng werent its master, he wouldnt be able to even sense its existence.

Yang Feng raised the corners of his mouth: “The Phantom Ruler is indeed one of xizus ultimate weapons. Even though its just an initial form unit, but after absorbing the Sky Fantasy Shen Pearl, it has such a weird power. Even if it is a Holy step powerhouse, if the Phantom Ruler doesnt show itself, they wont be able to detect its existence.”

On the edge of Overlord Sea, 40,000 meters below the sea level, there lies a city that covers an area of tens of thousands of square kilometers, is engraved with countless mysterious runes, and is full of human Warlock style.

In the Eight Warlock Dynasties eras, every Warlock Dynasty had a firm grip on Cangzhi Plane. Whether it is the sky, the land, the seas, the underground world, or the core world, in those times, they were all under the control of human Warlocks.

In the eight glorious epochs of human Warlocks, the footsteps and relics of humans were left in countless places, testifying to the glory of the human Warlock Dynasties.

This city is called Green Whale City. It is a city human Warlocks have established in this part of the sea. Now, the city has become a merfolk stronghold. There are strangely-shaped merfolk, which exude frightening auras, swimming everywhere in Green Whale City.

“Interesting, this is a former human Warlock relic in the sea. At the time, it seems that human Warlocks and merfolk lived in this city together!”

As he strolled along Green Whale City, Yang Feng took in the various buildings, and wisps of a strange aura seeped out of him.

Marina followed Yang Feng. Looking at the powerful Transcendent rank merfolk powerhouses, who seem like they cant see them, shock welled up inside her. “Whats going on? Why havent those merfolk discovered us? This man defeated my Lady not for no reason!”

In Green Whale City, there are many huge buildings, which are clearly meant for giant merfolk. In the deep sea, there are many giant merfolk. They are no less intelligent than human Warlocks. However, they are very proud and disdain to learn transformation spells. Even Transcendent rank powerhouses wont change into human form.

These giant merfolk grasp knowledge that many human Warlocks desire and possess formidable power. Therefore, human Warlocks rather respect them.

In the center of Green Whale City, there lies a huge castle, which is hundreds of times larger than human Warlock cities in the surface world.

In the huge castle, there are many seven- or eight-meter-tall green whale merfolk guards, who have a whale heads and a human body.

Each one of these green whale merfolk guards possesses Great Warlock rank fluctuations of power. If they are placed on the Turandot Subcontinent, each one of them will be a hegemon level powerhouse.

Yang Feng and Marina, as if strolling in their backyard, easily stepped into the castle.

Further inside the castle, there are many five- or six-meter-tall green whale powerhouses, whose heads contain both human and whale characteristics. Most of them possess Starry Sky Warlock rank strength, and some even possess Moonlight Warlock rank strength.

Under the cover of the phantom fluctuations released by the Phantom Ruler, none of the green whale powerhouses could see them, allowing Yang Feng and Marina to strut into the deepest part of the castle as if they were the only people here.

In a garden, in the deepest part of the castle, there are a middle-aged man and woman, who are about four meters tall, look almost no different from humans, and possess pinnacle Glorious Sun Warlock rank strength. They are the Blue Whale Monarch couple.

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