Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 779 – Suppression of the Sea Dragon Crown Prince

Chapter 778 – Conflict at the City Gate

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Yang Feng strutted into the rear garden along with Marina, pulled a chair, sat beside the Green Whale Monarch couple, and ordered flatly: “Jing Bahai, come out!”

The Phantom Ruler, whose hovering between real and illusory, slowly emerged, and strange phantom fluctuations enveloped the entire Green Whale City like a tide.

With a flash of light, a three-meter-tall, good-looking young man, with an imposing build and traces of green whale characteristics, exuding pinnacle Glorious Sun Warlock rank fluctuations of power, strode to in front of Yang Feng.

Shock filled Marina when she saw this: “What spell is this? How scary!”

Marina, who is a Bright Warlock rank sea angel, can easily slay a Glorious Sun Warlock. However, she has never heard of a spell that can confuse a Glorious Sun Warlock from a distance and manipulate them.

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and the True God Empyrean Imprint flew out. Black rune chains gush out like a tide and covered Jing Bahai. As if they have a life of their own, the rune chains entered every corner of his body.

Along with black light, Jing Bahai withered into a black origin that flew into the True God Empyrean Imprint, where it was sealed. Then, it entered Yang Fengs right arm and formed a black tattoo.

Yang Feng said lightly: “From now on, I am Jing Bahai! And you are my maid Mary!”

The Phantom Ruler suddenly appeared and pointed towards Yang Feng and Marina, and a strange brand gleamed and entered the two.

The figure of Yang Fengs true body changed suddenly into that of the tall and tyrannical Jing Bahai.

Marinas eyes glazed over, and then she stirred awake and stood quietly behind Yang Feng like a maid.

The eyes of the Green Whale Monarch couple stirred awake as well.

When the Green Whale Monarch saw Marina standing respectfully behind Yang Feng, a solemn ray flashed in his eyes, and he asked slowly said: “Bahai, who is she?”

Yang Feng responded: “She is a synthetic creature that was sealed in a taboo stone in a human Warlock relic site. I named her Mary and made her my personal maid. Shes quite strong.”

In olden days, the seas were the backyard of human Warlocks. There are a number of human Warlock relic sites from the Eight Warlock Dynasties in the seas. Its not unusual to find some weird things here.

Not dwelling on it, the Green Whale Monarch said in a deep voice: “The day of the tribute is approaching. I want you to go pay tribute this time.”

Overlord Sea is ruled by one of the tree merfolk imperial courts, Dulan Imperial Court. Within Overlord Sea, all merfolk forces must pay tribute to Dulan Imperial Court every year in order to be able to get a proper footing in this sea.

Yang Feng responded: “Okay!”

Yang Feng has gotten wind of this beforehand, which is why he chose to infiltrate the green whale race to begin with. He wants to infiltrate Dulan Imperial court via the green whale race. While under the guise of Golem Dynasty, although Yang Feng was able to occupy a branch floating continent. But he is not permitted to fail. Therefore, he has to be really careful.

Green Whale Monarch warned, worried: “Dulan Imperial Court is the place where the royal family the green whale race swore allegiance to lives. In that place, there are numerous experts and powerhouses. There are even Bright World Warlock rank and Infinity Warlock rank existences. When you get there, you must befriend strong people. Also, you must keep a low profile. Do not provoke the royal familys silk pants.”

The green whale race is a true overlord-level force in Green Luo Sea. In this sea, only some hidden deep-sea beasts are stronger than the Green Whale Monarch couple. The rest of the merfolk are not their opponents.

Jing Bahai is the young master of the green whale race. He is a peerless genius who has cultivated to the pinnacle Glorious Sun Warlock realm at merely 2,000 years of age, and hes even stronger than the Green Whale Monarch. He is a tyrannical, domineering, unscrupulous, and lawless character in Green Luo Sea.

Green Whale Monarch knows that Jing Bahai is invincible in this sea. But in Dulan Imperial Court, where experts are aplenty, he is considered just a minor character. A single Bright World Warlock rank merfolk powerhouse has the power to destroy the green whale race. The Green Whale Monarch isnt willing to let his violent and domineering son provoke those terrifying existences.

Yang Feng uttered coldly: “I got it!”

The Green Whale Monarch frowned and released a long sigh: “You can leave!”

Yang Feng turned around and left with Marina.

Yang Feng, who has investigated Jing Bahais demeanor, happily plays the role of a tyrannical, unbridled, and straightforward character.

A few days later, a huge sea chariot filled with various resources, pulled by dozens of giant sea monsters, who emit Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuations of power, set out towards Dulan Imperial Court.

The headquarters of Dulan Imperial Court, Dulan City, used to be the residence of the East Sea King, one of the four sea kings of the 8th Warlock Dynasty as well as the residence of the East Sea King of Magic Note Dynasty.

As the residence of two East Sea Kings, Dulan City was built with an artistic sense of beauty by human Warlocks.

In Dulan City, there are countless powerful permanent spells that extract the life magic energy from the sea to replenish the life magic energy consumed in the city, raising giant huge whirlpools in the surroundings. Merfolk below the Moonlight Warlock rank have to use specific roads to go to Dulan City. Or else, they will be sucked into the huge whirlpools outside the city.

“This is Dulan City? Sure enough, it is a sacred place for cultivation that does not lose out to Cloud Capital. However, compared to the branch floating continents, it is much worse!”

Yang Feng is sitting in a luxurious litter inlaid with numerous seven-colored pearls the size of pebbles and embracing the alluring and heroic Marina. Countless runes appeared in his eyes. After crossing a huge whirlpool, he saw Dulan City.

Since it is currently the time to pay tribute, the area several hundred kilometers in radius in front of Dulan City is filled with countless weird sea monsters.

If placed on Earth, any one of these sea monsters would be the overlord of the seas, a terrifying existence that no one could rival.

Atop the sea monsters, there sit merfolk from Overlord Sea, and underneath the sea monsters, carts filled with various exotic treasures produced in the sea are being pulled.

The countless sea monsters lined up and slowly advanced towards Dulan Imperial Court.

At this moment, two 100-meter-long extraordinary life form Blue Scale Snake Dragon Beasts, with a dragon head and a snake body, covered in blue scales, exuding Glorious Sun Warlock rank fluctuations of power, pulling a luxurious litter inlaid with countless sea treasures and shrouded by a blue wave, are swimming above the countless experts who came to pay tribute and heading towards a huge whirlpool.

Inside the luxurious litter, there sits a tall and handsome young man with a blue dragon scale on the forehead, blond hair, and a burly figure, and emitting traces of frightening dragon might. He looks like a noble divine being traveling in the secular world.

Beside that young man, there are a dozen plus merfolk girls kneel sitting, each of which is ravishingly beautiful.

“Thats the sea dragon crown prince! Sea Dragon Imperial Courts sea dragon crown prince!”

“It turns out its the sea dragon crown prince. How come he came to Dulan Imperial Court?”

“She should be here for Dulan Imperial Courts first princess!”

“Damn it, that damn foreigner wants to marry the first princes! Damn scoundrel!”

“The first princess is indeed amazing. However, I heard that the sea dragon crown prince is the No. 1 genius of Sea Dragon imperial Courts younger generation. He is indeed a good match for the first princess.”


When they saw the young man, many merfolk powerhouses wagged their tongues, and envy and jealousy flashed in their eyes. They are not in the same leagues as characters like the sea dragon crown prince and the first princess. They could only look up to the other side and utter a few words behind their backs at most.

“Hmm, I didnt expect to see such an excellent article in this place.”

When the sea dragon crown prince passed Yang Feng, he swept Yang Fengs litter with a glance, then his gaze fell on Marina, and billows rose in his eyes. He extended a hand.

A large hand containing the law of water crushed towards Yang Feng with fearsome pressure from above.

The sea monsters around Yang Feng dodged aside, not daring to resist that large hand.

The sea dragon crown prince is used to acts unbridledly in Sea Dragon Imperial Court. Whenever he sees a girl he fancies, he just takes her away. Except for the girls who have Bright World Warlock or Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses backing them, he isnt apprehensive of the other girls.

“What guts! To dare to attack me, Jing Bahai, I wont feel satisfied until I break your limbs! Whale Devour Secret Method!”

A fierce light flashed in the yes of Yang Feng, who has transformed into Jing Bahai. He roared and sent a punch, and a huge archaic dragon whale projection suddenly appeared, opened its maw, and breathed in.

A whirlpool spread from the archaic dragon whales maw and smashed the large hand.

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