Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 78 – Bathing In Dragon Blood

Chapter 77 – A Fierce Siege

Translator: Xaiomoge

Veidarnia roared furiously: “You fucking little ants, even if the Great Veidarnia is sealed, you still cant match me, all of you go to hell!!”

Veidarnias meat-mountain-like body suddenly stood up, trembling crazily, the chains were stretched taut as if about to break apart. Its wings and tail were already sealed by intertwined chains, unable to budge, but its claws still could budge, like swatting flies, it slapped those bladed robots with lightning speed.

Those mechanical bladed robots couldnt resist and were easily smashed to pieces by Veidarnias claws, with countless parts splashing on the ground.

In less than five minutes, all of the 200 bladed robots were smashed by the bruised Veidarnia.

After Veidarnia smashed all of the bladed robots, its eyes flashed a touch of a sinister ridicule as it growled: “Lowly male human, the mechanical golems that you so relied on became rubbish. What else do you have in stock? No matter what you put forward, Ill smash your desires time and again and show you the gap between dragons and ants.”

Eunices beautiful eyebrows arched and she proposed: “Master, lets forget about it! Lets take care of it another time, after making sufficient preparations. Anyway, it cant escape. After we promote until Great Warlocks, it still wont be to late to come back and kill it.”

Yang Feng suddenly chuckled: “Right on time! My reinforcements have already arrived. Veidarnia, if you have the ability, then go ahead and destroy all of my reinforcements.”

Immediately after finished speaking, bladed robots emerged from the hole and moved towards Yang Fengs location.

Veidarnia looked at the arriving bladed robots and gave a cold laugh: “Those scrap-metal-like mechanical golems, even 10,000 of them, they still wouldnt be my match! Youre wasting your strength in vain.”

Merely, Veidarnias sneer very quickly stiffened on its face, the bladed robots nearly endlessly emerged from the hole, seemingly completely filling this space.

Eunice saw the densely packed bladed robots and she couldnt help but feel her scalp somewhat numb: “The, the amount of those mechanical golems exceeds 100,000 units. All of them are mechanical golems with battle prowess comparable to pinnacle level-1 Warlocks!! How could there be so many of them?”

Yang Feng gave a cold smile and ordered: “10,000 isnt enough to kill you, then what about 100,000? 300,000? 500,000? Veidarnia, my reinforcements total 500,000 units, do your best and try kill them all!!! Move out!”

10,000 bladed robots, as if locusts, quickly advanced and pounced on Veidarnia.

“No, fuck! How could you have so many mechanical golems? Fuck!!” Veidarnia saw the densely packed bladed robots and issued a mournful lament.

After several breaths, Veidarnia and the 10,000 bladed robots started to fiercely fight with each other.

Terrifying roars of the dragon incessantly rang trough this space, countless mechanical parts splashing all over, with large amounts of bladed robots being smashed by Veidarnia.

Yang Feng watched as the numerous mechanical bladed robots were crushed, turning into a variety of parts, he couldnt help but say: “Such a savage freak!”

Veidarnia was already heavily damaged as well as parts of its body being sealed, moreover, it hadnt eaten anything during several thousand years. But even so, it was still extremely fierce, easily wrecking large numbers of bladed robots, this freak was simply terrifying.

If Veidarnia, this ancient black dragon, were to descend upon Earth, then except nuclear warheads, there wouldnt be any other weapons capable of causing it harm. It alone could destroy a state.

Every time a bladed robot was destroyed, another one would automatically replace it, always maintaining the scope of 10,000 units fiercely attacking Veidarnia.

As Veidarnia was wrecking the 10,000 bladed robots, the countless old scars littering its body were cut open, blood gushing from all over its body and falling to the ground. Merely, the 10,000 mechanical golems still continued to fiercely charge at it, dont giving it any time to recuperate its energy and restore its body.

Veidarnias eyes suddenly became red, it opened its bloody maw and fiercely shot a dragon breath at Yang Fengs location.

1,000 level-7 shielded robots lifted their shields and started a level-2 protective cover, forming a huge protective barrier to protect in front of Yang Fengs group of three.

The red dragon breath fell onto the protective barrier, then like tearing apart a tissue, burned the protective barrier. The 1,000 level-7 shielded robots were also instantly melting under the red dragon breath.

However, the 1,000 shielded robots managed to block for a moment, the figures of Yang Fengs group of three shook and they jumped to the side, evading the terrifying dragon breath capable of inflicting heavy injuries on a Great Warlock.

After that terrifying dragon breath passed through the previous position of Yang Fengs group of three, it continued further and burned 2,000 odd mechanical gunner robots.

Yang Feng gave a cold laughed: “Dragon Breath! You actually still dare to shoot your dragon breath? Truly foolish. How many dragon breaths can you shoot in your current state? Three or perhaps five? I still have 10,000 shielded robots for you to casually roast.”

Dragon breath was one of the strongest offensive means of a dragon, at its peak, a dragon could shoot 200 rounds of dragon breath. Such a heavily injured dragon as Veidarnia, for it to still shoot its dragon breath was simply courting death, consuming its power in vain.

After Veidarnia shot its dragon breath, its movements became sluggish, 100 odd bladed robots seized the opportunity and ruthlessly stabbed its wound with their drill bits, forcefully stirring, large amounts of flesh a blood splattering down.

Veidarnia roared in pain, waving its claws, directly smashing the 100 odd bladed robots, with steel pieces falling on the ground.

After the 100 odd bladed robots were destroyed, the other bladed robots attacked from other positions, not giving Veidarnia the slightest chance to take a breather.

Eunice watched as Veidarnia was surrounded and attacked by those densely packed locust-like bladed robots and her scalp felt slightly numb.

Shi Xue was very excited as she watched this scene.

Veidarnia finally couldt help but roar: “Human, spare me, prescind my life! I can sign a soul contract with you and let you become my Master!!

Eunices beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of a peculiar glint, she didnt say anything.

Yang Feng gave a cold laugh, his eyes flashing with a touch of ridicule as he mocked: “You think Im stupid? With your soul being a thousand times stronger than mine. Im afraid that at the moment, Ill instead be devoured by your soul and become your slave. black dragons are really cunning, therefore, a good black dragon is a dead black dragon.”

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