Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 780 – Dulan Imperial Courts First Princess

Chapter 779 – Suppression of the Sea Dragon Crown Prince

“Archaic dragon whale! A mere archaic dragon whale dares to be presumptuous in front of me! In the sea, our primordial sea dragon race is the most noble race! Dragon Devour Secret Method!”

The sea dragon crown prince smiled coldly, then silently recited an incantation and pressed down with his hand.

Blue runes flew out from the sea dragon crown prince, extracted life magic energy from the sea, and formed a 1,000-meter-long primordial sea dragon projection exuding an ancient and stifling aura.

According to legend, the primordial sea dragon is the first true dragon that came to Cangzhi Plane and is the ancestor of merfolk. Legend has it that before the primordial sea dragon came to Cangzhi Plane, there were countless powerful sea monsters in Cangzhi Planes seas. However, these sea monsters had no intelligence. After the primordial sea dragon arrived, it copulated with the different sea monsters and gave birth to different intelligent merfolk.

When the primordial sea dragon projection appeared, all the merfolk powerhouses in an area hundreds of kilometers in diameter could feel the bloodline inside them tremble, as if they had encountered an irresistible being.

The merfolk powerhouses with only Starry Sky Warlock rank cultivation base, even more so knelt on the ground when the primordial sea dragon projection appeared and shivered.

The fierce primordial sea dragon rushed towards the archaic dragon whale, and the two terrifying extraordinary life forms that only exist in myths began to fight wildly.

As the two terrifying extraordinary life forms fought, a violent whirlpool formed, spread in all directions, and swept towards the surrounding sea monsters and merfolk powerhouses.

The sea monsters and merfolk powerhouses retreated.

Some sea monsters that couldnt retreat in time were drawn into the violent whirlpool and torn into countless bloody pieces.

“The green whale races secret method cannot measure up to that of the primordial sea dragon race. If this continues, I am the one whos going to lose!”

Yang Feng gazed at the archaic dragon whale and the primordial sea dragon fighting with a furious expression on his face. But within, he is very calm. He easily deduced the conclusion.

Even though the archaic dragon whale is frantically fighting the primordial sea dragon, but its body is already torn and riddle with bite marks. Its on the verge of collapse.

“Is the primordial sea dragon supposed to be impressive? Witness how amazing the Dragon Slaying Crossbow I found in a human Warlock relic site is!”

The eyes of Yang Feng, who has incarnated into Jing Bahai, flashed with anger, and he roared and flicked his wrist, and a level-8 secret treasure Dragon Slaying Crossbow suddenly appeared in his hand. A terrifying resentment, that could only be achieved by slaughtering thousands of dragons, spread from the Dragon Slaying Crossbow.

With a flash of blue light, a Dragon Slaying Crossbow bolt, attracted by the sea dragon blood inside sea dragon crown prince, crossed tens of kilometers, stabbed him in the heart, and nailed him to his litter.

The sea dragon crown prince sprayed a large amount of blood, pointed at Yang Feng, and said with a trembling voice, an incredulous look on his face: “You… you…!”

As the future heir of Sea Dragon Imperial Court, the sea dragon crown prince is proficient in countless secret methods, has an extremely noble status, and hides tremendous strength. Even junior Bright World Warlocks may not be his opponents. Yet surprisingly, a merfolk from the sticks used the Dragon Slaying Crossbow, a special secret treasure for dealing with dragons, to give him a serious wound, leaving him both shocked and angry.

The Dragon Slaying Crossbow is a special secret treasure developed by Magic Note Dynasty to deal with dragons. Although the Dragon Slaying Crossbow has an ordinary effect on other extraordinary life forms, but it has fearsome destructive power on dragons. Even if it is an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse, if they are hit in the heart by the Dragon Slaying Crossbow, their power will be sealed, and they will be trampled.

“Trash! Go to hell!”

A fierce gleam flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he operated the law of water, merged into water, appeared in front of the sea dragon crown prince instantly, and punched the other party in the face.


A copious amount of blood spattered, the beautiful face of the sea dragon crown prince sunk, and numerous bones broke.


The dozen plus beautiful merfolk girls beside the sea dragon crown prince, rather loyally, cast spells blasting towards Yang Feng.


Yang Fengs eyes flashed fiercely, and he operated the Whale Devour Secret Method, and the tattered archaic dragon whale suddenly appeared, opened it was, and sucked in the dozen plus beautiful merfolk girls.

Suddenly, a huge whirlpool emerged from the archaic dragon whales mouth and crushed the dozen plus beautiful merfolk girls into bloody mist. The sea dragon crown prince is also torn all over. If it wasnt for his strong physique, he would have been crushed to pieces by the violent whirlpool coming from the archaic dragon whales maw.

“So cruel, who is that guy? It looks like the sea dragon crown prince is going to be killed!”

“Who is that fellow? Why is he so cruel?”

“That guy is Jing Bahai, a peerless genius of the green whale race. He has cultivated to the quasi-Bright World Warlock realm 300 years ago. He is the tyrant of Green Luo Sea and is used to going on a rampage. But surprisingly, he even attacked the sea dragon crown prince.”

“People from the sticks are ruthless! To attack the sea dragon crown prince, how unruly!”

“Ha-ha, for the sea dragon crown prince, the No. 1 genius of Sea Dragon Imperial Courts younger generation, to be defeated by a country bumpkin from our Dulan Imperial Court, how amusing.”


The spectating merfolk powerhouses watching from the sidelines showed smiles of excitement.

Most of the spectating merfolk are Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses, while only a few dozen are Glorious Sun Warlock rank powerhouses. The Glorious Sun Warlock rank merfolk powerhouses are all from major merfolk tribes, and thus possess very noble statuses. There is a possibility of them marrying the Dulan Imperial Courts first princess. Now that the sea dragon crown prince, their greatest rival, is about to be killed by Yang Feng, it made them feel rather happy. Naturally, none of them would come forward to help the sea dragon crown prince.


At this moment, intermediate Bright Warlock rank fluctuations of power spread from Dulan City, and a large hand formed from the law of water shot towards Yang Feng.

“If you have what it takes, then crush him!”

Yang Feng, smiling in a unruly fashion, grabbed the sea dragon crown prince, and water-colored light glowed. He sealed the sea dragon crown prince into a large polearms head and stabbed the large hand with it.

With a sigh, the large hand formed by the law of water collapsed. The Bright World Warlock rank merfolk powerhouse inside Dulan City didnt dare to fight against Yang Feng. Since if he fought Yang Feng, it would be equivalent to him and Yang Feng attacking the sea dragon crown prince. Attacked by the two, the sea dragon crown prince would either die or brought to the brink of death.

Blue light flashed, and a middle-aged man, with a tortoise shell on his back, a medium build, big ears, and extraordinary temperament, appeared in front of Yang Feng.

The middle-aged man gazed at the sea dragon crown prince, who is sealed in the polearm, frowned, and said in a stern tone: “I am Dulan Imperial Courts Spirit Turtle Admiral! Jing Bahai. the sea dragon crown prince is a guest of Dulan Imperial Court. Let him go immediately. If you release the sea dragon crown prince, Ill put a good word in for you and reduce your charges.”

“To dare attack me, this bastard was looking for death! Spirit Turtle Admiral, we green whales are loyal to Dulan Imperial Court. Yet youre pinning charges on me. Arent you afraid that itll have a chilling effect on everyone? Moreover, I have always had a bad temper. If Im not careful, my hand might slip, and Ill end up crushing him.”

Yang Feng removed the secret treasures on the sea dragon crown prince one by one, and then squeezed him, and the other party spewed out a large mouthful of blood. The sea dragon crown prince looked at Yang Feng with a resentful expression.

Spirit Turtle Admiral, with a look of alarm on his face, leaned forward and shouted: “Stop!”

Yang Feng smiled unruly and said: “Spirit Turtle Admiral, if you move again, Ill crush him. Then, Ill take our races tribute and leave!”

Spirit Turtle Admiral said in a deep voice: “What do you want?”

Yang Feng smiled unruly and said: “First, the sea dragon crown prince attacked me first, so he should bear all blame. Second, I want a 10,000 Years Sea Heart Five Color Narcissus. Third, I want a monarch grade soul stone. If these three conditions are met, then Ill let him go. Otherwise, he will die today.”

The Spirit Turtle General, with an unsightly expression on his face, uttered: “The first condition is easy, but the second and third conditions are too much!”

10,000 Years Sea Heart Five Color Narcissus is one of the most precious treasures of Dulan Imperial Court. It can increase the chances of a merfolk to break through to the Bright Warlock Warlock rank by 10%.

As for the monarch grade soul stone, it is a precious treasure that is valued in various planes. If an ordinary angel integrates with a monarch grade soul stone, they can evolve into a blazing angel with strong evolutionary potential and, as long as they have enough resources, can easily evolve into a Bright World Warlock rank blazing angel.

The monarch grade soul stone is one of the top materials that Yang Feng needs for the evolution of the Phantom Ruler. The Phantom Ruler is an ultimate combat weapon, with limitless potential, Yang Feng made by fusing Warlock and xizu technologies. At the same time, it needs to consume an astonishing amount of resources.

“Then youll only get the sea dragon crown princes corpse!”

Yang Feng smiled unruly, tore off an arm of the sea dragon crown prince, and sealed it in a treasure box.

A large amount of blood flowed out from the sea dragon crown princes right arm and spilled onto the ground.

“Fine, I agree to your terms!”

At this moment, a cold voice came from Dulan City, and an exceedingly beautiful girl, wearing a silver-white robe, with long black hair, fair skin, a sexy figure, exquisite facial features, a pair of large black eyes, which seem to possess endless charm, walked slowly to in front of Yang Feng.

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