Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 781 – Dulan City

Chapter 780 – Dulan Imperial Courts First Princess

“Her Highness the first princess!”

“Thats Dulan Imperial Courts first princess, shes really beautiful!”

“She is the No. 1 beauty of Dulan Imperial Courts Six Pearls not for no reason!”


The spectating merfolk powerhouses looked at the black-haired and black-eyed peerless beauty with admiration in their eyes.

When Yang Feng saw the first princess, his heart trembled, and his iron-like will swayed slightly. If it wasnt for the fact that he has practiced several Empyrean grade secret methods and has a powerful spirit, he would have been infatuated by her by now.

A strange ray flashed in Yang Fengs eyes: “This is the innate ability natural charm. It is a top innate ability.”

Natural charm is not a spell, but a kind of extraordinary power that extraordinary entities with special bloodlines inherently possess to attract the opposite sex.

Even if Yang Feng knew that the first princess has natural charm, he could not use spells to resist it, and would have a favorable impression of her as soon as they met.

Male creatures below the Moonlight Warlock rank will be captivated as soon as they see the first princess. As long as she wills it, these male creatures will submit to her, unable to extricate themselves. Only Transcendent rank powerhouses can contend against her natural charm, but they will still have a favorable impression of her.

“The first princess, youre indeed the No. 1 beauty of the Six Pearls. Take out the 10,000 Years Sea Heart Five Color Narcissus and monarch grade soul stone, and this dead weight is yours!”

Grasping the sea dragon crown prince, who has an arm severed, like a chicken, Yang Feng threw him. The force from the impact erupted inside the sea dragon crown princes body and ruptured his internal organs, and he spurted blood again.

If it wasnt for his sea dragon bloodline, the sea dragon crown prince would have died due to being tossed.

“Ill kill you! You damn mongrel, I will have you skinned and tortured to death one day!”

The sea dragon crown princes eyes are full of shame, anger, and resentment. As Sea Dragon Imperial Courts crown prince, he has a sublime status and possesses terrifying strength. But before he could display his overwhelming strength, his heart was run through by the Dragon Slaying Crossbow bolt, sealing his power. Furthermore, Yang Feng is now humiliating him in front of everyone. His heart is filled with killing intent to the brim.

A tiger shark prince, with a height of 2.5 meters, rippling muscles, and a few shark traces on his face, exuding intermediate Glorious Sun Warlock rank fluctuations of power, walked out and yelled at Yang Feng: “Jing Bahai, youre being presumptuous! The person in front of you is the first princess, the daughter of the great Dulan Monarch. Release the sea dragon crown prince at once and apologize the Her Highness!”

Yang Feng glanced contemptuously at the tiger shark prince and berated him: “Trash, if you have the guts, then come and fight me! Dont you feel ashamed to yell at me from underneath a girls skirt?”

Gazes full of expectations focused on the tiger shark prince.

Among merfolk, the law of the jungle prevails, and the strong are respected. What matters is whose fist is larger, not whose tongue is glibber.

Berated by Yang Feng, the tiger shark princes face flushed and his body trembled. He stared at Yang Feng while gnashing his teeth, but he didnt dare to act rashly.

Although Yang Fengs incarnation of Jing Bahai relied on the Dragon Slaying Crossbow to suppress the sea dragon crown prince, but he himself also possesses quasi-Bright World Warlock rank power.

The tiger shark prince is just an intermediate Glorious Sun Warlock. He is not Yang Fengs opponent. If he fights Yang Feng, only death will await him.

“A strong shell but a weak core!”

“How humiliating. To be humiliated by Jing Bahai, yet not daring to fight him, what a good-for-nothing.”

“This guy is a pewter spearhead that shines like silver. Just like human Warlocks, he can only run his mouth.”


Voices of ridicule came from behind the tiger shark prince. His eyes shot with blood, he turned around to look, but didnt find anyone talking. There are only magic fluctuations. Apparently, someone cast a spell to mock him.

“Enough! Jing Bahai, here is a 10,000 Years Sea Heart Five Color Narcissus! Ill give you the monarch grade soul stone later.”

The first princess wrinkled her slim eyebrows and waved her fair hand, and a 10,000 Years Sea Heart Five Color Narcissus, exuding five-colored light, sealed in a transparent crystal, flew towards Yang Feng at once.

Yang Feng looked at the 10,000 Years Sea Heart Five Color Narcissus with a scorching look in his eyes: “10,000 Years Sea Heart Five Color Narcissus, who would have thought that Id get this treasure under such circumstances.”

The 10,000 Years Sea Heart Five Color Narcissus is a precious specialty of Cangzhi Planes merfolk. In addition to Cangzhi Plane, only some grade 2 planes with powerful sea origin can bear this treasure in small amounts.

The 10,000 Years Sea Heart Five Color Narcissus can not only be used to attack the bottleneck of the Bright World Warlock rank, but can nourish the body and soul of Bright World Warlocks.

Yang Fengs Undying Mountain has entered in contact with the three merfolk imperial courts in an attempt to buy a 10,000 Years Sea Heart Five Color Narcissus, but to no avail.

Yang Feng glanced at Spirit Turtle Admiral and smiled coldly: “First princess, since you came out in person, I should give you face. However, there are some nasty characters standing in the way. I fear I wont be able to get the monarch grade soul stone later. Please go and get the monarch grade soul stone now! I can wait for you here!”

Anger and killing intent flashed in Spirit Turtle Admirals eyes, and his aura churned: “Smelly brat!”

The first princess frowned and said coldly: “Okay! Ill go get the monarch grade soul stone!”

An almost transparent figure walked out of the first princesss body and disappeared along with spatial ripples.

After more than a dozen breaths of time, the almost transparent figure walked out of the void and handed a sealed box to the first princess.

The first princess flicked a finger, and the sealed box flew towards Yang Feng: “This is the monarch grade soul stone you wanted!”

Yang Feng smiled, and the sealed box opened, as if it was the doing of an invisible hand. Inside the sealed box lies a monarch grade soul stone.

“Here you go!”

Yang Feng tossed the sea dragon crown prince to the first princess alike a rugged doll.

“Your Highness crown prince!”

Spirit Turtle Admiral, with an impatient look on his face, stepped forward hurriedly, embraced the sea dragon crown prince, and cast spells. A blue water current full of healing power wrapped around the sea dragon crown prince and nourished and restored his body.

Despite being tormented by Yang Feng, the sea dragon crown prince, who has a tyrannical physique, has very strong vitality. Surrounded by the blue water current, the sunken face healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. The outward appearance was restored within a few breaths of time.

Although the sea dragon crown princes outward appearance has recovered, but he looks like hes at deaths door.

The Spirit Turtle Admirals expression suddenly changed, and he cast several seal-braking spells on the sea dragon crown prince, but to no avail. He suddenly glared at Yang Feng and shouted, an unsightly expression on his face: “The seal! Hurry up and unlock the seal on the sea dragon crown prince!”

The first princess wrinkled her slim eyebrows, looked profoundly at Yang Feng, and uttered: “Unlock the seal!”

Yang Feng let out a chuckle and extended a hand, and a black rune chain suddenly flew out of the sea dragon crown princes body and entered his hand.

As soon as the black rune chain disappeared, a powerful life force welled up inside the sea dragon crown prince, the right arm that was torn off quickly regenerated, and Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power spread from the sea dragon crown prince.

“Bright World Warlock! The sea dragon crown prince has reached the Bright World Warlock realm, how frightening!”

“No wonder Sea Dragon Imperial Court chose him as the crown prince! At this young age, he has already evolved into a Bright World Warlock rank entity. This cultivation talent is simply heaven-defying. It is not impossible for him to become the new Sea Dragon Monarch one day!”

“What an idiot. He just used mere Glorious Sun Warlock rank power, when he was sneak-attacked by Jing Bahai. Now he must be beside himself from humiliation!”


Voices full of shock, sarcasm, and ridicule came from behind. In the three sea imperial courts, Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses can be regarded as top combatants. The merfolk powerhouses gathered here are all talented youths and successors of merfolk forces from Overlord Sea. Yet the most talented among them only have Glorious Sun Warlock rank strength.

The sea dragon crown prince, who possesses Bright World Warlock rank power, has surpassed these merfolk geniuses by far, making them feel envious and apprehensive of him.

A fierce glint flashed in the sea dragon crown princes eyes, then a large amount of water surrounded him and formed spirit flood dragons, and he said, enunciating each syllable: “Jing Bahai, youre dead! Give me my treasures back!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and shook the Dragon Slaying Crossbow in his hand: “Are you stupid? Theyre my trophies, and so were you just a moment ago. If you want them back, fork out better treasures in exchange! Or, come fight me again! Lets see if your body or my Dragon Slaying Crossbow is more amazing!”

The sea dragon crown prince is furious: “I had my defenses down just now, which is why your sneak-attack succeeded! You stand no chance now that I have my defenses up!”

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