Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 782 – Dulan Narcissus Banque

Chapter 781 – Dulan City

Yang Feng smiled coldly, killing intent surged in his eyes, and he said frigidly: “Then lets fight once more! If you lose, let Her Highness the first princess take out more treasures to redeem your life!”

To Yang Feng, the identity of Jing Bahai doesnt mean much. With the Phantom Ruler, he can easily change into another merfolk powerhouse.

“What a reckless thing! Although I dont know what out-dated secret treasures you got from the relic site! However, for a mere green whale race powerhouse to dare humiliate a noble sea dragon race powerhouse, youre dead!”

The sea dragon royal prince laughed back angrily, then violent life force welled up inside him, and a copious amount of sea water condensed behind him to form a primordial sea dragon projection.

Strange blue runes suddenly appeared, formed an Ice God Shell in front of the sea dragon royal prince.

Ice God Shell is a powerful spell developed by the sea dragon race specifically to counter secret treasures, like the Dragon Slaying Crossbow, that are customized to deal with dragons.

The Dragon Slaying Crossbow can make the dragon scales of dragons, who are proud of their astonishing defenses, lose their extraordinary power, and then easily run through them. However, thats where Ice God Shell comes into play.

Due to carelessness, the sea dragon royal prince was restrained by Yang Feng, who used the secret treasure Dragon Slaying Crossbow to seal his power. In terms of true strength, the sea dragon crown prince is far superior to the Jing Bahai Yang Feng has transformed into.

Yang Feng uttered with a cold smile, confident: “Your Highness first princess, if you dont stop this fool, then dont blame me for being merciless. In the human Warlock relic site, I got more than the Dragon Slaying Crossbow! Its more than enough to kill this fool, who has no secret treasures on him at the moment!”

The sea dragon crown princes eyes narrowed and revealed a dignified look. Although Yang Fengs avatar Jing Bahai is far inferior to the sea dragon crown prince. But secret treasures developed by human Warlocks are mysterious and miraculous. Some single-use secret treasures are so powerful that they can even instakill Infinity Warlocks.

All the secret treasures the sea dragon crown prince had on him have fallen into Yang Fengs hands. If he is hit by one such strange secret treasure, even though he is a Bright World Warlock rank powerhouse, he will be in danger of dying.

Spirit Turtle Admiral frowned, took a deep look at Yang Feng, and kept quiet. He doesnt want to suffer an attack from a secret treasure that can instakill a Bright World Warlock.

Dulan Imperial Courts first princess said lightly: “Stop it, both of you!”

A cold light flashed in the eyes of the sea dragon crown prince, and he endured the anger and said coldly: “Since it is you, Your Highness, I will give you a face. Jing Bahai, you got lucky!”

With all his secret treasure seized by Yang Feng, the sea dragon crown princes battle prowess dropped by more than 50%. Under such circumstances, he chose to endure it.

There are countless sea dragon princes and sea dragon princesses in Sea Dragon Imperial Court, and they are all merfolk geniuses who competed over the position of the sea dragon crown prince. To overpower the competition and take the position of crown prince, apart from being a peerless genius, patience is also of essence. A genius who doesnt know how to be patient, would have become a corpse a long time ago.

The first princess took out an invitation card with a seven color narcissus design and handed it to Yang Feng: “This is an invitation for the Dulan Narcissus Banquet. Jing Bahai, if you have time, please do me the honor and participate.”

Yang Feng looked deeply at the first princess and smiled, saying: “Ill definitely go!”

“Damn it, that country bumpkin from the sticks is really lucky, hes even able to participate in the Dulan Narcissus Banquet, which is a gathering place for the most outstanding geniuses in Dulan Imperial Court. What ability does that country bumpkin have to be able to attend the Dulan Narcissus Banquet?”

“That country bumpkin has threatened Her Highness before. But now Her Highness invites him to participate in the Dulan Narcissus Banquet, curses.”


Gazes of envy focused on Yang Feng. The Dulan Narcissus Banquet is a banquet held by the first princess. Every year, only the best talents of Dulan Imperial Court can attend it. It is a stepping stone to the high-class society of Dulan Imperial Court.

In the eyes of Dulan Imperial Court merfolk powerhouses, a green whale race powerhouse like Jing Bahai is only a hillbilly from remote waters. Even though hes a Glorious Sun Warlock rank powerhouse, hes still rejected and looked down on by Dulan Imperial Courts powerhouses.

But now that Jing Bahai is able to participate in Dulan Narcissus Banquet, his social status has changed. In one fell swoop, he became one of the nobles in Dulan Imperial Court that are reverence of countless people.

Dulan Narcissus Banquet, which gathers the most outstanding geniuses of Dulan Imperial Court, is a top place to socialize. If you arent stupid, you will exploit the Dulan Narcissus Banquet to make friends. By then, you will get a few Transcendent rank friends and gain powerful connections.

A blue ray of light extended from Dulan City, passed through the whirlpools surrounding the city, appeared at the feet of the first princess, and formed blue steps.

The first princess, like an immortal, trod on the blue stairs towards Dulan City.

The sea dragon crown prince and Spirit Turtle Admiral trod on the blue stairs as well.

With a smile, the shameless Yang Feng led the tribute team up the blue stairs.

With a flash of blue light, the blue stairs turned into a blue ray, contracted, and returned to Dulan City.

“What a beautiful city, worthy of being the residence of the former East Sea Kings!”

As soon as he entered Dulan City, Yang Feng saw beautiful, 1,000-meter-tall buildings full of merfolk style appear before his eyes.

One of the tall buildings is made from countless red coral reefs using spells. The entire building is 1,000 meters tall and is surrounded by countless beautiful fish. The fish surrounding the tall coral building are a kind of extraordinary life form — red pearl fish. Eating a red pearl fish can promote the soul aptitude of an ordinary person with inferior level-1 soul aptitude to inferior level-3 soul aptitude.

There is also a 1,000-meter-tall building carved out of a giant Dragon Clam Pearl. Inside this building, there is a huge amount of life magic energy, which is of great benefit even to Glorious Sun Warlocks.

Countless deep-sea treasures were used to construct the tall buildings in Dulan City, combining beauty and practicality and filling it with the Warlock style.

The green whale race has also rented a manor on the edge of Dulan City.

After Yang Feng handed the tribute procedures over to his subordinates, he went directly into a room in the manor, opened a boundary, and began to inspect his harvest.

“Phantom Ruler!”

Yang Fengs voice has just sounded, when transparent and distorted fluctuations rose from behind him.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of a hand, and the monarch grade soul stone disappeared at once. It was consumed by the Phantom Ruler.

Yang Feng extended a hand and took out the 10,000 Years Sea Heart Five Color Narcissus, and then flicked a finger, and the 10,000 Years Sea Heart Five Color Narcissus entered his mouth and turned into a five color stream that nourished his body and soul rapidly.

Five color light traveled beck and forth through Yang Fengs body. Each time it made a round trip, a large amount of black matter seeped out of him, and then was burned and purified by a flame.

In the world of Warlocks, there are all kinds of incredible spells and phenomena. Like ice cubes that can freeze flames as well as flames that can burn in water.

An hour later, advanced Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power filled the secret room, as if an ancient beast was slowly waking up.

Marina, with the Sea Angel Sword in hand, formed a powerful water boundary that shielded Yang Feng.

Yang Feng opened his eyes, raised the corners of his mouth, and revealed a look of joy: “I unexpectedly broke through! The effect of the 10,000 Years Sea Heart Five Color Narcissus is really amazing! Originally, according to my calculations, it would take me another three years to make a breakthrough. No wonder the 10,000 Years Sea Heart Five Color Narcissus is so precious and so hard to come by. Even when I offered treasures that can be of use to Infinity Warlocks, I couldnt get it.”

“Lets take a look, what sort of treasures does this sea dragon crown prince have?”

Yang Feng took out an ancient spatial conch that the sea dragon crown prince had on him and swept it with his soul force. His face flickered suddenly, and the careless expression on his face disappeared and gave way to a dignified expression. ” It seems that I have made the right choice by acting decisively. Otherwise, it he would very likely have forced out my true body.

In the ancient spatial conch, there are various treasures piled up into mountains. There are 30 level-8 secret treasures used by Bright World Warlocks and more than 100 level-7 secret treasures used by Glorious Sun Warlocks.

In addition, there is also an azure spear secret treasure, which exudes the fluctuations of power of a level-9 secret treasure.

Only Infinity Warlocks can fully operate level-9 secret treasures. Yang Feng conquered so many forces, yet he has obtained no more than 11 level-9 secret treasures. This shows how rare level-9 secret treasures are.

Not to mention the level-9 secret treasure, each one of the 30 level-8 secret treasures is a valuable product with different extraordinary abilities. Any level-8 secret treasure placed in the outside world will cause the Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses compete over it.

Even as rich as he is, Yang Feng is drawn to the 30 level-8 secret treasures, of which more than a dozen could greatly enhance his current strength.

As for the level-9 secret treasure, it needs to consume too much power. it can only be used as a trump card. Even though Yang Feng has the power of the nine small worlds, it is still difficult for him to control a mighty level-9 secret treasure for a long period of time.

“Here are some secret treasures for you!”

With a flick of Yang Fengs finger, a bracelet, a hairpin, and a set of battle armor thin as a cicadas wings flew into Marinas hands.

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