Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 783 – Vanquishing the King Whale Third Prince

Chapter 782 – Dulan Narcissus Banque


When Marina received the three level-8 secret treasures, her beautiful eyes sparkled with joy, and she carefully fiddled with them. “Thank you for granting me these treasures, my Lord!”

Each of the three level-8 secret treasures has different extraordinary powers. When Marina equips them, her combat power will increase by more than 30%.

After she fiddled with the three secret treasures for a while, Marina suddenly hesitated, saying: “My Lord, can I give these secret treasures to my Lady?”

Feisuo Planes alchemy is far inferior to Cangzhi Planes. In general, each god only has one or two god armaments that fit their authority.

Those three level-8 secret treasures have each their own characteristics. If Bosana uses them, her combat power will increase by about 15%.

The stronger the person, the less effect secret treasures have on their combat power. Since Bosana is very strong, the three level-8 secret treasures will naturally have far less effect on her strength than Marinas.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “I have already prepared a gift for her. You do not need to worry.”

“Then Ill thank you first on behalf of my Lady, my Lord!”

Marina, with a happy expression on her face, bowed to Yang Feng, and then began to play with the three level-8 secret treasures anew.

The sea dragon crown prince has obviously selected the three level-8 secret treasures from a treasury. They are suitable for women to equip. Not only are they beautiful, but they can also increase the wearers strength. They are hard to come by products even in Great Cloud Dynasty.

Since Yang Fengs avatar Zhao Fan has gotten the position of bureau chief in Great Cloud Dynastys Secret Treasure Division, he knows that such exquisite level-8 secret treasures, unless they are made by a deputy division chief alchemy grandmaster, take Secret Treasure Division an average of 10 years to refine.

Great Cloud Dynastys Secret Treasure Division is large in scale and has gathered countless alchemy geniuses of Great Cloud Dynasty. But the alchemy geniuses are basically busy refining large-scale war secret treasures. Unless someone issues a mission, such level-8 secret treasures exclusively for women wont be refined.

Dulan Imperial Court is located on an extraordinary plant Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus in the center of Dulan City.

The Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus is 9,000 meters tall, is blooming with a lotus flower, and bears Dulan Imperial Court. On the nine lotus leaves, which have a length of several hundred kilometers, there are beautiful and luxurious palaces.

The Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus was refined by the 5th Warlock Dynastys Death Lord. After he slayed a Holy Spirit Warlock rank primordial sea dragon and scooped out their heart, he implanted a lotus seed into the heart, used countless resources to water it, and cultivated it for 1,000 years before it took shape.

Although the Death Lord has taken away the Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus seeds, but human Warlocks, using incredible alchemy, refined the Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus itself into a huge and exquisite palace.

The Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus, which is an extraordinary plant that absorbed the heart and blood of a Holy Spirit Warlock rank primordial sea dragon and was nurtured by the Death Lord for 1,000 years, is naturally able to absorb life magic energy from the surroundings.

The place where the Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus is located has the strongest concentration of live magic energy in Dulan City.

“So this is Dulan Imperial Court. No wonder its a place that gave birth to a Warlock Monarch.”

When Yang Feng arrived in front of a Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus leaf, he looked towards the center of the lotus flower and saw a tremendous amount of life magic energy attracted by the lotus flower turn into a sea dragon and enter Dulan Imperial Court in the center of the lotus flower.

That Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus is extracting the surrounding life magic energy at all times and pouring it into the center of the lotus flower, which is where Dulan Imperial Court is located. It is by exploiting this property that Dulan Imperial Court has cultivated many treasures, including 10,000 Years Sea Heart Five Color Narcissuses, that are rare in the outside world.

“This is the residence of Her Highness the first princess. The Dulan Narcissus Banquet is currently being held inside. If you dont have an invitation, please leave.”

Two crab race powerhouses, wearing armor similar to crab carapace, whose bodies have mostly changed into human form, with six legs sprouting from the lower body, exuding Starry Sky Warlock rank fluctuations of power, swam over from above and blocked in front of Yang Feng and Marina.

With a flick of Yang Fengs wrist, the invitation card with the seven color narcissus design appeared in his hand.

The invitation card burst out with green light, and the lotus leaf reacted to it. Green stairs extended from the lotus leaf and landed in front of Yang Feng.

The complexion of the two crab race powerhouses changed slightly, and they uttered respectfully: “It turns out you are distinguished guests! If we offended you just now, please forgive us.”

As soon as Yang Feng and Marina stepped onto the green stairs, they flashed, swept the two, and flew towards the green lotus leaf.

When they were about to hit the green lotus leaf, Yang Fengs eyes suddenly blurred. In the next moment, he and Marina appeared in a sky.

There are white clouds floating in the sky. But the ground, which looks like a floating continent, extends without end in sight.

On the continent, luxurious buildings are built everywhere. Everywhere the eye can see, there are precious extraordinary plant courtyards and extraordinary sea monster pastures.

The merfolk have been ruled many times by human Warlocks. As their shepherd dogs and sea farmers, merfolk have naturally learned how to plant extraordinary plants, herd extraordinary sea monsters, and obtain various extraordinary powers.

In the center of the continent, there is a group of exquisite, luxurious and picturesque palaces.

The green light that swept Yang Feng and Marina landed in a rear garden of the palace in the center of the group of palaces in just 10 breaths of time.

As soon as Yang Feng appeared in the rear garden filled with countless extraordinary plants, everyones eyes focused on him at once.

Yang Feng looked around carefully, and saw dozens of young merfolk geniuses standing in the middle of the rear garden. Every one of them is full of confidence and emits fearsome aura, as if mythical beasts treading in the secular world.

These merfolk geniuses are the strongest geniuses of Dulan Imperial Courts younger generation. They each either come from a strong family, have a terrifying background, or have a heaven-defying talent for cultivation. They all had numerous fortuitous encounters and possess superior strength.

The merfolk geniuses have two or more followers each standing beside them, each of which exudes Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

Once you enter the Moonlight Warlock rank, you are considered a Transcendent powerhouse. In most planes, Moonlight Warlocks are lofty beings. Even in Great Cloud Dynasty, there are many Moonlight Warlock rank rogue cultivators who are unwilling to serve others and choose to establish their own force.

For the merfolk geniuses to be able to recruit Moonlight Warlock rank followers to serve them, it shows how terrifying their strength or background is.

When the merfolk geniuses saw that Marina is standing alone beside Yang Feng, their eyes revealed contempt.

Marina is indeed very beautiful and possesses extraordinary temperament. But these merfolk geniuses are all bigwigs who dominate a corner of the sea. Apart from those who practice asceticism, there are droves of beautiful girls around them. For them, the value of Transcendent rank follower far exceeds that of merfolk beauties.

The merfolk geniuses formed small circles chatting and laughing together. But at the same time, they exude a faint repulsive force field, refusing Yang Feng to join them.

Unconcerned, Yang Feng walked directly to the dining table, which is filled with rare and exotic fruits, picked up a few fruits, and stuffed them into his mouth crudely.

Jing Bahai was extremely powerful and arrogant, but he never learned etiquette. Yang Feng plays vividly the role of the unbridled and self-centered Jing Bahai.

“Delicious, these merfolk extraordinary fruits are really delicious. These are the tribute of Dulan Imperial Court, it is very difficult to get them in the outside world.”

The extraordinary fruits disintegrated in Yang Fengs mouth, and mysterious and wonderful tastes permeated his mouth. At the same time, wisps of strange force nourished his body and soul.

“What a country bumpkin.”

“Dulan Imperial Courts high-class ladies are watching. This bumpkin, Im afraid he wont find a single dancing partner later.”

“An uneducated hick.”


The merfolk geniuses watched Yang Feng coldly, and their eyes flashed with scorn and contempt.

On the other side of the courtyard, in a verdant courtyard that seems to be in a different dimension, more than 100 beautiful and enchanting Dulan Imperial Courts high-class ladies, with extraordinary temperaments, cast spells and watched the scenes outside curiously.

Among the more than 100 beautiful and enchanting high-class ladies, six stand out from the rest and exuded powerful auras. The one heading the six beautiful ladies is none other than the first princess. The other five are well-known figures among Dulan Imperial Courts high-class ladies. They are extremely powerful.

“The sea dragon crown prince is really extraordinary. There are more than a dozen followers around him, and each of them is a Moonlight Warlocks.”

“Thats only natural. After all the sea dragon crown prince is not only a Bright World Warlock, but also the crown prince and future successor of Sea Dragon Imperial Court. There are naturally many followers around him.”

“However, although the sea dragon crown prince is good, but his thoughts are focused on big sister first princess and the other five big sisters. He doesnt have eyes for us.”

“Thats right. I think the heir of the Thunder Giant Eel family is more handsome. Reportedly, he has a plane covered in sea in Astral Boundary!”

“Really? Whoever marries him can take a vacation on that plane covered in sea.”


The high-class ladies watched the Dulan Imperial Courts geniuses through magic screens and laughed and commented spiritedly.

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