Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 787 – Empyrean Might Sea God Royal Court

Chapter 786 – Slaying Sha Man

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Sha Man roared, and an archaic whale shark projection rose behind him. With the ferocity of a top predator of the seas, disregarding its own defense, the archaic whale shark projection shot towards Marina.

The Ice Blue Sea Halberd turned into a brilliant blue ray, slashed the archaic whale shark and, as if cutting a piece of rag, split the archaic whale shark in two.

The blue ray, its power unabated, slashed Sha Man, and a thin red blood line appeared on Sha Man.

A terrifying force burst out and disintegrated Shaman.

The one-horned sea thunder dragon princes countenance changed drastically, and he shouted: “Stop!”

Marina, with a cold look in her eyes, thrust the Ice Blue Sea Halberd into the pool of blood and stabbed Sha Mans magic core with unparalleled precision, and a blue halberd ray formed from the law of water pierced through Sha Mans soul and snuffed it out.

“So powerful! This follower of Jing Bahai is really too powerful!”

“With such fearsome combat prowess, Im afraid only a Bright World Warlock rank powerhouse can vanquish her!”

“To recruit such a follower, Jing Bahai is really lucky!”


Seeing Marina slay Sha Man, the eyes of the merfolk geniuses flashed with envy.

The eyes of the one-horned sea thunder dragon prince flickered with rage, and he barked: “Jing Bahai, you dare kill my follower, youve got some balls!”

A shimmer of coldness in his eyes, Yang Feng sneered: “What of it? One-horned sea thunder dragon prince, do you want the both of us to enter the arena and have a fight to the death! I promise Ill send you on a trip to the Netherworld as well!”

With his eyes nearly spouting flames, quasi-Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power spread from the one-horned sea thunder dragon prince, and he stood up and said: “Very well! Jing Bahai, you successfully angered me! You shall die here today.”

Ao Manhan wrinkled her eyebrows and said coldly: “The Dulan Narcissus Banquet Im holding is not a place meant for life-and-death duels. If the two of you are going to have a life-and-death duel, please go somewhere else.”

In a battle between followers, death is nothing much. But most of the merfolk geniuses here have powerful families backing them. If one of them dies here, it will bring not a small amount of trouble to Ao Manhan.

The one-horned sea thunder dragon prince looked deeply at Yang Feng and said coldly: “Youre lucky you get to live a few more days.”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and no longer paid the other party attention.

Marina successively slayed two Glorious Sun Warlock rank powerhouses. Although the merfolk geniuses are still dissatisfied with Yang Feng, but no one dares to provoke him. Glorious Sun Warlock rank followers are extremely important combat power for the merfolk geniuses, not cannon fodder that can be squandered at will.

Ao Manhans cold face surged with dignity, and she uttered in a somber voice: “Heaven and Earth Spirit Root has appeared just like the Time Lord prophesied. And according to another prophecy of the Time Lord, a great tribulation is about to befall Cangzhi Plane. The human Seven Warlock Dynasties have already entered the stage, occupying seven floating continents of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root. What course should we merfolk take? Please speak your minds.”

Yang Fengs heart stirred: “Heaven and Earth Spirit Root? Is that the mystical extraordinary plant that appeared at Time Sky City? They even know of such secret information, the roots of the merfolk are indeed deep.”

Battle Demon Sect, which rose together with the other Ten Great Sects in Great Cloud Dynasty, only knows some commonly historical events regarding the Eight Warlock Dynasty eras. This is the disadvantage of new forces.

A tall merfolk powerhouse with eight tentacles said solemnly: “Your Highness, why havent we heard of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root and Cangzhi Planes great tribulation? Can you elaborate on it?”

Most merfolk geniuses also showed looks of curiosity. Only a few people, such as the sea dragon crown prince and the one-horned sea thunder dragon prince, have no change in expression. Clearly, they already know of this.

“According to legend, in his later years, the Time Lord used a unique secret treasure to peep into the sea of time, and then peer into the future from it. He left several predictions. Among them, there is the appearance of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root and Cangzhi Planes great tribulation.”

“The Heaven and Earth Spirit Root is a treasure that has been in the core world since the time of the Eternal, absorbing the planes power to grow. Once it is born, it will possess all kinds of magical powers. It is our only hope to weather the great tribulation.”

“As for the great tribulation, the Time Lords words were too vague. But we know that it is a disaster that can even claim the lives of Warlock Emperor rank beings.”

“The Time Lords prediction was too shocking. After countless years, everyone thought that the Time Lord has just made a joke. Unexpectedly, the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root has actually appeared.”

Ao Manhan spoke unhurriedly with a solemn expression.

Yang Feng frowned and said silently in his heart: “Can even claim the lives of Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses? This is really a terrifying disaster. If the peerless wonder that is the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root hadnt emerged, I wouldnt believe this prophecy.”

Each Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse possesses incredible power. They have mastered an essence to the great circle, and then elevated it to a flawless grade essence. Eternals have grasped a perfect grade essence.

No Warlock Emperor has mastered the same essence. After continuous research, human Warlocks finally made an inference. Before the former Warlock Emperors have died, the essences they mastered have become a part of the laws of the universe. The other beings in the universe can master the same essence to the great circle at most, but they cannot evolve to the Warlock Emperor rank using the same essence.

It is extremely difficult to slay Warlock Emperors. The Seven Warlock Emperors, known as invincible powerhouses, each have killed one or two Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses.

A disaster that can claim the lives of Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses is simply unimaginable. Only the Eternal of legend, which has long since disappeared from the stage of history, can annihilate the Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses.

A merfolk genius sighed with regret: “It would be great if the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root had appeared in the sea!”

Since most merfolk are proficient in the law of water, their combat power exceeds that of human Warlocks of the same rank in the sea. But once they go on land, except for the exceptionally talented powerhouses like the sea dragon crown prince, other merfolk are no match for human Warlocks of the same rank.

Although there are Warlock Monarch rank merfolk powerhouses guarding the three merfolk imperial courts. But they dont dare go to the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root to fight for the control of the branch floating continents. There are two reasons behind this decision. One is that they are worried about the experts of the Seven Warlock Dynasties, the other is that once they come on land, their strength will decrease too much, and they wont be a match for human Warlocks.

The one-horned sea thunder dragon prince uttered solemnly: “I think we should join the First Warlock Dynasty, Time Dynasty! After all, the Time Lord is the first human Warlock Emperor. He grasps flawless grade essence of time, can peer into the sea of time, and foresee the future. By relying on the First Warlock Dynasty, we will be able to seek fortune and survive the great tribulation in the future.”

The sea dragon crown prince said slowly: “No! I think we should join Magic Note Dynasty! Magic Note Dynasty is recognized as the dynasty where human Warlocks secret treasures have reached the pinnacle. Magic Note Dynasty has countless treasures that can enhance our strength. By joining Magic Note Dynasty, well be able to quickly increase our strength and improve our survivability during the great tribulation.”

Yang Feng responded: “I think no matter which dynasty we join, it should not be Golem Dynasty. Golem Dynastys foundation is unstable, since only a few Warlock groups have attached to it in the past. It cannot compare to the other Six Warlock Dynasties in terms of strength. I dont think it will survive the future great tribulation.”

The one-horned sea thunder dragon prince raised his brows and looked to the side.

A red sea dragon prince, with a crimson dragon scale on the head, got the hint and said with a smile: “Golem Dynasty is one of the Seven Warlock Dynasties. It doesnt lose out to the other Six Warlock Dynasties in terms of depth. Although its foundation is unstable, but if we side with it, well definitely get better treatment. Moreover, although the other Six Warlock Dynasties are powerful. But they already have enough human Warlock groups assisting them. Even if we go to them, we wont be able to enter the core of the camp. Well be easily used as cannon fodder.”

When the red sea dragon prince said this, many merfolk geniuses showed thoughtful expressions.

An enigmatic ray streaked across Yang Fengs eyes, and he said: “I still insist on my opinion. It is not a good idea to side with Golem Dynasty. I dont like Time Dynasty and Magic Note Dynasty either. Right, we should join Star Dynasty. The Star Lord is proficient in divination and can see the future. If we join his camp, I can accept it.”

The sea dragon crown prince glanced at Yang Feng and sneered: “As sea red dragon prince said, I think Golem Dynasty is a good choice. After all, the Golem Lord is also recognized as one of the seven most powerful Warlock Emperors. If he is still alive, that will be enough to lead us to glory. As for the Star Lord, his strength is only a cut above of the Dawn Lords. Star Dynasty is really not the best choice.”

“Yes, I also think Golem Dynasty is more suitable for us. After all, it is one of the strongest Warlock Dynasties!”

“Golem Dynasty is full of experts. Besides, it has countless golems to act as cannon fodder. We wont need to be cannon fodder. I also think it is more appropriate to join Golem Dynasty!”


The merfolk geniuses, who have been humiliated by Yang Feng a moment ago, expressed their support for the sea dragon crown prince one by one. No one supported Yang Feng.

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