Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 788 – Five Fiend Grand Dukes

Chapter 787 – Empyrean Might, Sea God Royal Court

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Yang Feng snickered in his heart, yet his face is gloomy, and he threatened coldly: “Sea dragon crown prince, do you have to oppose me?”

The sea dragon crown prince glanced at Yang Feng contemptuously and sneered: “I just gave my opinion. Besides, there are more people who support my opinion than those who support yours! This shows that your opinion is terrible and foolish.”

Another merfolk genius smiled disdainfully, saying: “This is Dulan Imperial Court, not the sticks. Jing Bahai, do you think this is Green Luo Sea, where you can pull the wool over the eyes of people?”

“Jing Bahai…”


Just as another merfolk genius wanted to mock Yang Feng, the Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus suddenly shook violently without warning.

The lotus leafs floating continent, where Yang Feng and company are locate, shook violently, the earth cracked, and countless cracks extended in all directions.

The countless magic barriers on the floating continent shattered amid the vibration, and a large number of extraordinary sea monsters panicked, jumped out from behind the barriers that shattered, and fled in different directions.

The entire floating continent is in chaos, as if the end of the world has arrived.

“Whats going on?”

“What happened?”


In the Dulan Narcissus Banquet, the expressions of the merfolk powerhouses changed drastically. They cast secret methods, and magic shields enveloped them.

A huge shock wave set off by the vibration of the floating continent blasted into the merfolk powerhouses, but it was easily blocked by the magic shields.

“Whats going on?”

An unclear premonition surged in Yang Fengs heart, and he took out a black mirror linked to countless reconnaissance robots and pressed it.

One after another, images, that ordinary people cant understand, appeared in the black mirror, then entered Yang Fengs eyes, and were analyzed and reconstructed by the smart chip into all kinds of images that only he could understand.

He saw that a huge rift, Leading to Abyss, strangely appeared near Dulan Imperial Court.

From the endless Abyss, a steady stream of abyssal fiends emerged and rushed towards Dulan Imperial Court.

Yang Feng watched the huge abyssal rift, stunned by the stupidity and confusion of the abyssal fiends: “Are they here to throw their lives away, or to offer materials?”

As one of the three merfolk imperial courts, Dulan Imperial Court has countless experts, and even has Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses standing guard. They control the Empyrean grade secret treasure Sea God Royal Court. Even if a Warlock Monarch abyssal fiend comes to the sea, theyll just be throwing their life away in vain.

Tyrannical auras rose from Dulan Imperial Court, and various strange and powerful sea monsters swam out and attacked the abyssal fiends.

Countless abyssal fiends have just rushed out of the huge rift, when Dulan Imperial Courts sea monster killed them.

“The node appeared here? You ants, go to hell!”

All of a sudden, a dark nest, spanning tens of thousands of square kilometers, emerged from the deepest part of the abyssal rift.

A cold and cruel voice came from the dark nest, and countless wisps of abyssal force surged. A floor of the endless Abyss collapsed.

A black finger engraved with strange runes, that Yang Feng has never seen before, came out from the abyssal rift and pressed toward Dulan Imperial Court with Holy might.

“Holy Spirit Warlock! This is Holy Spirit Warlock rank power, so strong! Its too powerful! Even if it is spread across a plane, an attack of this caliber has the power destroy the world, how terrifying!”

As soon as the terrifying black finger appeared, a shadow of death and destruction enveloped the Dulan Imperial Court. Despite how strong he is, even Yang Feng has a feeling of suffocation. He can only barely ensure that he can escape from the attack of the black finger. But even if he chooses to escape, hell still take a lot of damage.

Suddenly, Dulan Imperial Palace shone brightly, and a dark blue magic shield appeared in front of the black finger.


The dark blue magic shield disintegrated, and Warlock towers withing Dulan Imperial Court issued earth-shattering explosions and collapsed.

The terrifying black finger was also consumed by the confrontation and collapsed directly, and then turned into a large cloud of abyssal aura that corroded an area 1,000 kilometers in diameter of Dulan Imperial Court and turned it into abyssal land.

When the dispirited abyssal fiends entered the abyssal land, they absorbed the abyssal aura and immediately became vigorous and fierce.

The moment that the black finger collapsed, all the creatures in Dulan Imperial Court breathed a sigh of relief. However, the next moment, the majestic voice sounded again and spoke despair-inducing words: “Your Majesty, this subordinate is incompetent and is unable to wipe out this lowly city! Please step in and kill those lowly ants, Your Majesty!”


A dull voice came from the nest in Abyss and sounded beside the ears of Dulan Imperial Courts powerhouses.

When Dulan Imperial Courts powerhouses heard that voice, their hearts trembled and the heartbeat became disorderly.

Yang Fengs heartbeat suddenly became disorderly, followed by bursts of severe pain and a fishy taste in his throat, and he spurted a mouthful of blood, his eyes filled with shock: “Warlock Emperor! Thats a Warlock Emperor rank existence!”

The complexions of the other merfolk geniuses in the Dulan Narcissus Banquet changed drastically, and despair flashed in their eyes.

In the huge abyssal rift, you can see abyssal force being extracted from one floor after another.

A total of ten floors of Abyss collapsed, and countless abyssal creatures, with their abyssal force extracted, screamed miserably and turned into ashes.

A fair palm slowly extended from Abyss. At first, it looked very small, but with every breath of time that passed, it increased geometrically in size.

After a few breaths of time, the fair palm seems to envelop the entire world. Along with a terrifying Empyrean might, which seems to be able to suppress eternity and destroy the world, the fair palm smashed towards Dulan Imperial Court.

“Cant resist it. No matter how I calculate, there is only a dead end!”

As he watched the fair palm in the sky, Yang Feng performed calculations frantically. But no matter how he calculated, the probability of him escaping from the fair palm is 0%. Cold sweat emerged from his back, and wisps of fear rose in his heart.

In the Dulan Narcissus Banquet, the complexions of the merfolk powerhouses changed dramatically, they broke out in cold sweat from their back, and fear filled their eyes. By relying on their Transcendent rank extraordinary senses, they can tell that no matter how hard they struggle, only death awaits them.

Countless Warlock towers inside Dulan Imperial Court shone brightly, and a huge blue shield suddenly appeared and covered the entire Dulan Imperial Court.

When the fair palm slapped the blue shield, the magic shield collapsed like a bubble.

Inside Dulan Imperial Court, hundreds of Warlock towers exploded, and the merfolk powerhouses inside them were blasted to pieces.

The powerful barrier that has guarded Dulan Imperial Court for hundreds of thousands of years collapsed and shattered without resistance.

After the white palm destroyed the powerful barrier, its power was weakened by a fraction. It still crushed towards Dulan Imperial Court with despairing power.

At this moment, from the deepest part of Dulan Imperial Court, 3 overbearing Warlock Monarch and 16 Infinity Warlock rank auras rose.

A crystal-like sphere suddenly flew out, filled with wisps of terrifying Empyrean might, and evolved into a huge world full of sea.

Inside the huge world full of sea, there is a sparkling huge skeleton with a height of 10,000 kilometers, a horn on the head, and four arms, exuding undying aura.

On the huge skeleton, there are a number of exquisite palaces built, each of which is inlaid with the power nodes of the huge skeleton. They are perfectly integrated with the huge skeleton.

This is the Empyrean grade secret treasure Sea God Royal Court!

The black eyes of the huge skeleton suddenly burst out with glimmers of brilliant light, then the right hand of the huge skeleton moved laboriously and struck the fair palm.


The fair palm finally collapsed and shattered. The 3 Warlock Monarch and 16 Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses of Dulan Imperial Court spewed out a big mouthful of blood. They were seriously injured.

A huge vibration erupted in Dulan City, and violent shock waves spread in all directions.

Affected by the shock waves, hundreds of thousands of abyssal fiends and Dulan Imperial Courts merfolk soldiers were instantly turned into bloody mists.

More than half of the buildings in Dulan City collapsed, and millions of weak merfolk disintegrated.

After Sea God Royal Courts huge skeleton lost its supply of power, all its majesty disappeared, the world collapsed, and entered a bead that fell into Dulan Imperial Court.

“A pity!”

From the abyssal rift came a voice of regret, and the wisps of Empyrean might disappeared.

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