Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 789 – Bronze Gate

Chapter 788 – Five Fiend Grand Dukes

Watching the fair palm collapse and disappear, Yang Feng shuddered involuntarily: “So strong! So this is a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse. How truly powerful!”

The Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, who is located who knows where, by drawing the abyssal force of 10 floors of Abyss, nearly wiped out the entire Dulan Imperial Court with a strike. That kind of power is simply appalling.

If the Dulan Imperial Court hadnt stimulated the might of the Empyrean grade secret treasure Sea God Royal Court, then except for the three Warlock Monarch and some Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses, the imperial court would have been obliterated by that attack.

The rift linking the endless Abyss to Cangzhi Plane, is a huge hole that the Warlock Emperor rank entity blasted open.

The immense abyssal force gushing out of the rift eroded the merfolk around the Dulan Imperial Court like poison.

Countless great fiends and abyssal lords shot out from the huge rift and flew towards the Dulan Imperial Court.

Watching the dense crowd of abyssal fiends, Ao Manhans eyes flickered coldly, and she shouted bravely: “Everyone, for our and our races sake, please step in and wipe out those abyssal fiends!”

“But of course!”

“These abyssal fiends only know how to destroy and kill! They must not be allowed to enter the Dulan City!”


The merfolk aristocrats stood up one by one, released fearsome auras, and shouted sternly.

Transcendent rank fluctuation of power spread out, and the merfolk aristocrats turned into blue rays of light that shot to intercept the abyssal fiends.

Blue law of water surged, and Yang Feng turned into a blue ray of light and shot towards the abyssal fiends. At the same time, he swept the Dulan Imperial Court with a glance.

“Although the the Dulan Imperial Courts merfolk aristocrats are a bit arrogant, but they havent been completely corrupted. They have strong combat power!”

One after another, savage sea extraordinary life forms suddenly appeared around the Dulan Imperial Court, displayed all kinds of powerful innate abilities, and devoured the abyssal fiends.

Attacked by the sea extraordinary life forms, the great fiends scattered like ants. Abyssal lords below the marquis rank, besieged by the merfolk aristocrats, were blown to piece.

From the continents supported by the Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus, one after another, merfolk armies flew out. These merfolk are riding all kinds of fierce sea monsters, each of which exudes Starry Sky Warlock rank fluctuations of power. There are even many sea monsters exuding Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

As the dense swarm of abyssal fiends gushes out from the rift, it is being wiped out by the merfolk powerhouses.

Yang Feng operated a secret method and transformed into an archaic dragon whale. The archaic dragon whale opened its maw, and a crowd of abyssal fiends was sucked into the maw and crushed.

Marina, with the Ice Blue Sea Halberd in hand, guarding beside Yang Feng, released halberd rays that slashed the abyssal fiends that approached to pieces.

A jet black sword ray containing endless dark force shot out of the rift and slashed a 100-meter-long sea dragon snake beast, which has a dragon horn on the head and dragon teeth and exudes Glorious Sun Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

The black sword ray easily slashed through the sea dragon snake beasts scales, than ran through it and cut it into two.

The sea dragon snake beast possesses extraordinary regeneration ability. But due to the erosion of the dark force contained withing the black sword ray, its flesh withered, and its vitality was wiped out. After a few twitches, it turned into a corpse.

The complexion of the merfolk powerhouses, who have engaged in the fierce fighting, changed drastically, and they cast defensive secret methods. At the same time, they slowly backed away.

The eyes of the Dulan Imperial Courts powerhouses focused on the rift.

An extremely beautiful woman, with long, wavy blond hair, spread out fallen angel wings on the back, a smocking hot body, snow-white skin, wearing an armor formed from dark force, exuding a coquettish temperament, flew out from the rift, and pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power spread from her.

A stunning woman, with short purple hair, spread out fallen angel wings on the back, a sexy figure, a steadfast temperament, flew out of the rift, and pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power spread from her.

A mesmerizing woman, with long black hair, spread out fallen angel wings on the back, a curvy figure, silk-like skin, exuding an elegant and noble temperament and a sparkling luster, flew out of the rift and exuded pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

In addition to the three fallen angels exuding pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power, six fallen angels exuding pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power flew out and stood proudly in the void.

An abyssal castle, pulled by three Bright World Warlock rank abyssal dragons, exuding fearsome abyssal aura, flew out of the abyss.

Above the outwall of the abyssal castle, there are fallen angels exuding strong fluctuations of power flying everywhere.

At the top of the abyssal castle, on a huge throne made of countless treasures, there sits a person. This person is Grand Duke Poydul, the lord of the 666th floor of the endless Abyss.

The fallen angels are the invincible fallen angel legion subordinated to Poydul.

Yang Feng looked at Poydul with a dignified look in his eyes: “How terrible, I even met Poydul. It looks like the Dulan Imperial Court may fall! The Dulan Imperial Courts three Warlock Monarchs, who operated Sea God Royal Court, seem to have suffered a tremendous backlash. After all, their opponent was a Warlock Emperor rank entity.”

Although Poydul is only a pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank existence, but he is very cunning. He wont fight a battle that he has no chance of winning. Even if he has to give up many opportunities, he wont take action lightly. But once he makes a move, he is sure to win. The fallen angel legion under his command has an impressive military record. It has killed two Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

For a guy as cunning as Poydul to appear on the battlefield, it means that the Dulan Imperial Court is in dire straits.

“That is Grand Duke Poydul, the lord of the 666th floor of the endless Abyss!”

“Why did he come out?”

“He brought the his fallen angel legions three marshals as well!”

“He means business! He even brought his fallen angel legions three marshals!”


When the merfolk powerhouses saw Poydul and the three pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank blazing angels around him, their complexion changed drastically.

After years of campaigning, Poyduls fallen angel legion has grown into ten legions. Among them, the commander of the 1st legion is Agnipe, the commander of the 2nd legion is Knarissa, and the commander of the 3rd legion is Besskya. They are known as the three marshals, each of which is an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse and possesses combat power that surpasses that of Poydul by far.

In addition, the remaining six legion commanders are pinnacle Blazing angels. Among the ten legions, there is not a small number of Bright World Warlock rank angels.

The dense cluster of fallen angels suspended in the sea exudes terrifying dark energy.

Endless abyssal force, under an invisible rule, spewed out from the rift, eroded a track of the sea and turned it into an abyssal area. Polluted by the abyssal force, the areas seawater emitted a rancid smell.

“Even with Warlock Emperor rank power, opening up a channel between the endless Abyss and the Cangzhi Plane consumes a lot of resources and power. This channel can only exist for one day at most. This is only enough for the abyssal fiends to destroy the Dulan Imperial Court. If they dont leave in time, they will be stranded here. To send the abyssal fiends here, that powerful being must be scheming something big!”

Yang Feng watched the huge fallen angel legion calmly. With his perspective as an outsides, he quietly analyzed the situation.

As one of the three merfolk imperial courts, the Dulan Imperial Court is very important to the merfolk. The three merfolk imperial courts even placed the Empyrean grade secret treasure Sea God Royal Court here to guard this place. But to Yang Feng, this is just a foreign place. Even if it is destroyed, it wont affect him. He can get away from here at any time. Even if he cant get the Brilliant Holys head, it wont be much of a loss to Yang Feng.

As soon as the huge fallen angels legion flew out, it flew to guard the castle where Poydul is located in.

From the rift, a stream of abyssal fiends flew out and rushed towards the merfolk powerhouses like a tide.

The merfolk powerhouses can only fight the abyssal fiends while staying wary of Poyduls fallen angel legion.

Suddenly, a dense crowd of bakt fiend flew out of the rift. A bakt fiend grand duke, exuding pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power, flew out of the rift as well. Standing aside, they coldly watched the abyssal fiends being slaughtered by the merfolk.

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