Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 790 – Tomb of the Death Lord

Chapter 789 – Bronze Gate

Countless horned crawled out of the rift and formed a uniform fiend legion. Exuding frightening auras, they guarded a three-meter tall, handsome grand duke rank gold horned exuding a domineering aura.

The rift trembled slightly, and one after another, abyssal dragons, who are beings at the top of the endless Abyss, flew out. They are guarding two grand duke rank abyssal dragons.

The bakt grand duke, the horned grand duke, and the two abyssal dragon grand dukes exchanged a look. Then, in a tacit understanding, stood aside, wary of Poydul.

Abyssal fiends, which are chaotic and brutal in nature, like to massacre each other. If these grand duke rank abyssal fiends show a flaw, Poydul wont mind stabbing them in the back and taking everything of theirs.

When the two abyssal forces appeared, they didnt take the initiative to attack the Dulan Imperial Court, but looked at each other full of suspicion.

Poydul took a deep look at the Dulan Imperial Court, apprehension shimmered in his eyes, and he said unhurriedly: “Dulan King, you guys have received a huge backlash! You cant keep the Dulan Imperial Court! If you leave immediately, I can let you leave here safely.”

The hearts of the merfolk aristocrats stirred when they heard that.

The Dulan Imperial Court has taken great damage due to the attack of the Warlock Emperor rank entity. The countless magical buildings in the Dulan Imperial Court have collapsed, with only the continents the Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus sustains remaining

Even if they give up the Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus, then a few days later, after the three Warlock Monarchs recover, they will easily recapture the Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus.

A bold and vigorous voice came from within the Dulan Imperial Court: “No way! Poydul, if you take your fallen angel army to wipe out the abyssal fiends around here, I will give you a King Fiend Heart. You have been trapped in the grand duke realm for hundreds of thousands of years already. With the King Fiend Heart, you can break through your bloodline shackles and evolve into an abyssal king!”

“King Fiend Heart! They have such a treasure! Its indeed one of the three merfolk imperial courts!”

“Fiend demon heart! If I can get it, Ill have a chance to break through and become an abyssal king!”


When the abyssal grand dukes heard the name King Fiend Heart, their eyes lit up and flickered with greed.

King Fiend Heart is a kind of secret treasure that, by absorbing all the power of an abyssal king, human Warlocks have forged.

If a pinnacle abyssal grand duke fuses a King Fiend Heart with their own heart and slowly refines it, theyll have a chance to break the bloodline shackles and become an abyssal king.

The endless Abyss is an existence formed from the negative force of the universe, it has given birth to many formidable beings, including Holy Spirit Warlock and Warlock Emperor rank beings.

However, the human Eight Warlock Dynasties have all quelled the beings of the endless Abyss at some point. Every time a human Warlock Emperor rises, the endless Abyss will be suppressed, and countless experts will die, including experts above the Infinity Warlock rank.

If an Infinity Warlock rank abyssal lord like Poydul goes into hiding, theyll have a chance to survive. After all, the Eight Warlock Emperors wont spend a lot of time searching the entire endless Abyss for a mere Infinity Warlock rank abyssal lord. As for Holy Spirit Warlock rank abyssal lords, even if they have to comb the entire Abyss, Warlock Emperors will take action and slay them.

After those eight catastrophes, most of the newly-born abyssal lords are at the Infinity Warlock realm at most.

The King Fiend Heart, which is the spoils the Eight Warlock Dynasties have obtained after quelling the endless Abyss, ultimately fell into the hands of the Dulan Imperial Court and became part of their collection. Although the King Fiend Heart possesses tremendous power, but only abyssal fiends can use it.

After Poydul heard the term King Fiend Heart, his heart was stirred and his eyes flashed with a scorching shade. He, who has been an abyssal grand duke for hundreds of thousands of years, has consumed countless treasures of heaven and earth, yet he was still unable to progress. If he gets the King Fiend Heart, hell have a 90% assurance of evolving into an abyssal king.

Poydul sighed with regret: “I really want the King Fiend Heart. If it was in the past, I might have taken your offer. However, you have seen the power of that great entity. I cant resist them!”

The four abyssal grand dukes, who are wary of Poydul, showed thoughtful expressions, and their hostility towards Poydul lessened.

Poydul suggested: “Everyone, lets join forces to extinguish their resistance and complete His Majestys order. As for the King Fiend Heart, it will go to whomever snatches it. What do you think?”


The four abyssal grand dukes exchanged a profound look, and then said.

Under the orders of the five abyssal grand dukes, the fallen angel legion, the bakt abyssal fiend legion, the horned legion, and the abyssal dragon legion attacked the Dulan Imperial Court like a tide.

The eight pinnacle Infinity Warlock rank abyssal beings, exuding fearsome auras, coldly watched the abyssal fiends fighting with the merfolk powerhouse.

Originally, since the sea is the domain of merfolk, abyssal fiends should be at a complete disadvantage. However, now that this track of sea has been polluted by abyssal force, the sea water has been transformed into a strange existence with the same nature as the abyssal river.

Although, unlike in the Abyss, the abyssal fiends cannot obtain a boost from abyssal force, but they are also not being weakened by the sea waters resistance. They engaged the merfolk powerhouses in a desperate fight.

A black ripple surged, and Agnipe, one of Poyduls three marshals, the commander of the first legion, strangely appeared behind the one-horned sea thunder dragon prince and slashed at him with her sword.

“Save me!”

The complexion of the one-horned sea thunder dragon prince changed drastically, he let out a roar, and the level-8 secret treasure Sea Blue Turtle Shield suddenly flew out.

A 100-meter-long extraordinary life form sea blue turtle formed from runes suddenly appeared. The sea blue turtle is a sea extraordinary life form with the strongest defense. The shell of a Bright World Warlock rank sea blue turtle can withstand Infinity Warlock rank attacks.

The black Fallen Angel Sword twisted and, from an incredible angle, from a weak point of the Sea Blue Turtle Shields barrier, cut open the barrier and slashed the one-horned sea thunder dragon prince.

A bloody line appeared on the one-horned sea thunder dragon prince. In the next moment, dark force erupted and corroded the one-horned sea thunder dragon princes body and soul, and he died.

“The one-horned sea thunder dragon prince was killed!


“Who can block her!”


Seeing this scene, the blood of the Dulan Imperial Courts merfolk powerhouses ran cold. The one-horned sea thunder dragon prince was a pinnacle Glorious Sun Warlock with many powerful secret treasures. Yet such a powerhouses was instakilled by Agnipe. The morale of the rest of the merfolk powerhouses took a nosedive.

“If the Dulan Imperial Courts Infinity Warlocks dont step in, then Ill withdraw!”

The archaic dragon whale above Yang Feng disappeared, then a blue chain formed by the law of water swept an abyssal fiend and crushed him into pieces. His quasi-Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power were suppressed to the junior Moonlight Warlock rank.

From the Dulan Imperial Court came the Dulan Kings voice: “Since you want that thing, then Ill give you what you want!”

The Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus burst out with countless rays of light, and a bronze gate with numerous mysterious runes and two ferocious evil ogres carved on it appeared above the Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus.

Wisps of ancient, tyrannical, and terrifying aura slowly diffused from the bronze gate.

“We withdraw!”

The voice of Dulan King suddenly sounded, and sea beasts exuding terrifying auras swam away from the Nine Leaf Sea Dragon Sacred Heart Lotus.

From atop of a 1,000-meter-long sea dragon, the three Warlock Monarchs and sixteen Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses of the Dulan Imperial Court watched Poydul and the other abyssal grand dukes coldly.

Beside the nineteen existences, there are also 160 plus Bright World Warlock rank merfolk powerhouses. The 160 plus Bright World Warlocks rank merfolk powerhouses have pale faces. Evidently, they have also received a backlash just now.

Poydul and the other four abyssal grand dukes narrowed their eyes, and apprehension shimmered in their eyes.

Agnipes figure fluttered, and she appeared beside Poydul, looking at the three Warlock Monarchs with a vigilant expression.

If it werent for the fact that the three Warlock Monarchs and 18 Infinity Warlocks are heavily injured, these abyssal grand dukes would not dare to covet the Dulan Imperial Court.

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