Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 792 – Defeating the Abyssal Legions

Chapter 791 – Undying Evil Ogres

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In addition to Yang Feng and Marina, there are 65 other powerhouses who emerged in the area.

The secret treasures the 65 powerhouses used to conceal themselves were even able to evade the detection of the 18 Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses.


“Save me!”

Suddenly, two of the powerhouses who used secret treasures to conceal themselves distorted, looks of horror and despair welled up on their faces, and they erupted with Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power and struggled.

The two Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses swelled up suddenly, and then a pale arm, with an Infinity Core in hand, extended from the both of them.

Along with weird sounds, the two Infinity Warlocks were torn apart, and two evil ogres crawled out from the abdomen of the two Infinity Warlocks. After coming out, they showed a savage, weird, and cruel smile to the surrounding Infinity Warlocks.

“Whats that?”

“Whats going on? How come there are no fluctuations of power inherent of battles?”

“This is a method of the Death Lord?”


The Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses in the surroundings felt a creepy feeling in their hearts.

In front of the dangerous and mysterious bronze gate, two identical evil ogres stared at the Infinity Warlocks with creepy smiles on their faces and exuded queer and grotesque auras.

“What a terrible method!”

Yang Feng took Marina back a few steps and looked with apprehension at the two fierce evil ogres. The attack method of the two evil ogres is extremely weird and can even kill Infinity Warlocks easily.

The Phantom Ruler appeared once more, and phantom fluctuations enveloped Yang Fengs group of two, hiding their auras perfectly again.

An Infinity Warlock shouted loudly: “Lets kill them! Although the attack method of these evil ogres is very strange, but their own strength doesnt exceed the Infinity Warlock rank! Everyone, lets use soul attacks and get rid of them!”

A variety of powerful attack spells that aim at the soul blasted toward the two evil ogres standing in front of the bronze gate like raindrops.

The two evil ogres standing still in front of the bronze gate were easily blasted into ashes.

The other two evil ogres turned illusory and tried to fly away.

A white ray illuminated the two evil ogres, and they immediately turned corporeal.

A fire dragon swallowed the two evil ogres and burned them frantically, and wisps of black smoke rose.

A bolt of lightning struck the two evil ogres, and the lightning, which has a terrifying power to purify souls, shook, scorched, and eventually shattered the two evil ogres, turning them into black dust.

At the moment when the two evil ogres turned into dust, in front of the bronze gate, countless dust particles condensed into two evil ogres with a gloomy, weird smile.

The evil ogre with an eye opened on its forehead smiled ferociously: “This is the eternal resting place of the Death Lord!”

The other evil ogre said with a sullen expression: “For those who enter, only death shall await you!”

“However, since you are here to seek death, we will oblige you!”

The two evil ogres smiled sinisterly and pulled, and the bronze gate, which seems to be both illusory and real, opened slowly, revealing a bottomless black hole.

Hair-raising wails of the deceased came from the black hole.

After the two evil ogres opened the bronze gate, they fused back into the gate and closed their eyes.

The Infinity Warlocks looked at the bottomless black hole, not moving.

These Infinity Warlocks, who cherish their lives very much, are unwilling to venture into the black hole first.

The gold horned grand duke smiled coldly and waved its hand: “A bunch of spineless cowards!”

A gold horned marquis grinned ferociously and ordered: “You guys, go in!”

Thousands of great fiend horned poured into the black hole.

Next, the gold horned grand duke stepped into the hole along with the gold horned marquis.

The remaining four abyssal grand dukes left part of their legion to guard the bronze gate and secure the way out, and ordered the rest of their troops to rush into the black hole.

One after another, the Infinity Warlocks blurred into motion and flew into the black hole.

When the abyssal legions saw the Infinity Warlocks flying towards them, they immediately gave way, not daring to bar their way.

The abyssal legions left by the five abyssal grand dukes are very powerful. They can even besiege and slay two or three Infinity Warlocks. However, there are more 70 plus Infinity Warlocks here. The combined force of the 70 plus infinity Warlocks can wipe out the abyssal legions.

The 70 plus Infinity Warlocks all came from different forces of the Cangzhi Plane. So as long as the abyssal legions dont prevent them from entering, its basically impossible for them to join forces.

Yang Feng looked deeply at the abyssal legions standing in front of the bronze gate, a dignified look in his eyes: “The defense is tight, there are no flaws!”

There was a flash of decisiveness in Marinas eyes, and she said with a solemn expression: “My Lord, I can create a commotion and cause chaos. You can take this opportunity to sneak into the tomb of the Death Lord.”

In front of the bronze gate, there are the commanders of the seventh, eighth, and ninth legions as well as countless fallen angels subordinated to Poydul. In addition, the horned legion, the bakt legion, and the abyssal dragon legion are stationed there. Even Infinity Warlocks will be apprehensive of such a garrison.

Marina, who offered herself as bait, has evidently resolved herself to die.

An enigmatic ray flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he chuckled: “This idea is terrible! I have a better one! Which is to kill them all!”

A 300-meter-long whale swam out of the void, then its body suddenly split open, a spatial fluctuation surged, and a circular steel fortress, 20 kilometers in diameter, emerged.

A dense crowd of Sea Hunters poured out and rushed towards the abyssal fiends like a tide.

After being modified, the Sea Hunters are now the size of torpedoes, are equipped with a rune core containing the law of water and inlaid with 36 high grade magic crystals, and can erupt with a speed comparable to that of Moonlight Warlock rank sea monsters.

A great fiend has just launched a charge, when a fluctuation of water flashed by, its head disappeared, and a large amount of blood spewed out from its neck.

Almost at the same time, the sea was filled with blood, and the remains of abyssal fiends could be seen everywhere.

The great fiend rank abyssal fiends cast one single target offensive spell after another blasting towards the Sea Hunters. The energy shields of the Sea Hunters activated and resisted the attacks of the great fiends.

The abyssal lords, who also displayed their innate abilities, attacked the Sea Hunters and destroyed them one by one.

However, the abyssal lords, could only destroy hundreds of Sea Hunters. Even more Sea Hunters rushed towards the abyssal lords.

As Marina watched the abyssal legions shrink at a speed visible to the naked eye, her heart filled with shock: “So strong! So this is my lords mechanical legion!”

At this moment, they eyes of a Bright Warlock rank abyssal dragon flickered fiercely, it opened its maw, and Black Abyssal Dragon Fire spread in the area. Drawing support from the abyssal force contained within the water, the black fire turned into a sea of fire that enveloped 1,000 plus Sea Hunters.

Enveloped by the abyssal dragon fire, the energy shields of the 1,000 plus Sea Hunters shattered one by one, the simulated life form alloy armor melted, and the units themselves turned into scrap iron.

The figure of a bakt marquis swayed, and it separated into 10 afterimages. In the wake of the afterimage, the Sea Hunters were torn apart and turned into countless pieces.

A gold horned marquis recited an incantation and released gold light from its right hand that shone on the Sea Hunters, which turned into stone that sank to the bottom of the sea.

Poyduls seventh, eighth, and ninth fallen legion commanders blurred into countless afterimages and brandished their swords at the Sea Hunters, chopping them to pieces and burning them to ashes.

Under the leadership of the Bright World Warlock rank abyssal powerhouses, the Transcendent rank abyssal powerhouses rushed towards the Sea Hunters and forcibly contained their offensive.

In the deep sea, where abyssal force and sea water are mixed, the Sea Hunters are the most suitable for this environment from among Yang Fengs battle robots.

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