Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 795 – The Formidable Phantom Ruler

Chapter 794 – Dream World

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Yang Feng suddenly felt dizzy and fell into a weird dream-like state, unable to distinguish the directions.

He operated his advanced Bright World Warlock rank soul force, and the feeling of dizziness slowly disappeared.

Yang Feng, feeling like hes walking on clouds, looked around.

The surroundings are blurry, as if shrouded in a thick fog. Yang Feng is inside an ordinary room.

In the room, there is a sofa and a mural. Half of the room, which seems to have gone through tens of thousands of years of erosion of time, is full of signs of decay, as if it would collapse with a puff. The other half is bright and tidy, as if brand new. This is a very strange sight.

“This, isnt this the legendary Dream World?”

Yang Feng glanced around and frowned, and then scanned himself with his soul force, only to find out that the nine small worlds that originally existed inside him have disappeared. Additionally, his huge advanced Bright World Warlock rank life force disappeared without a trace as well. Only his tremendous advanced Bright World Warlock rank soul force remains.

Yang Feng looked towards his left hand, and saw a long rope connected to a square object. Next, he turned to look towards his right hand, and found a ball.

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with apprehension: “Its really the Dream World! This is dangerous!”

The endless Abyss is an agglomeration of negative force of the universes countless planes; the Netherworld is the resting place of the universes deceased; the Dream World is a queer world, that hovers between real and illusory, formed by the dreams of the universes countless intelligent life forms.

The laws in the Dream World are completely different from those of the real planes. This world, which is full of queer dream force, is a most difficult place for human Warlocks to deal with.

The real planes have plane origin wills. As long as the plane origin will is analyzed and the corresponding secret treasure is created, human Warlocks can display their power on that plane.

But the Dream World is an ever changing, queer world. While decades have passed in the Dream World, only an instant may have passed in the outside world. By the same token, while two or three days have passed in the Dream World, seven or eight days may have passed in the outside world.

In the Dream World, a random mob monster you encounter on the side of the road may grow into an Infinity Warlock rank creature a few days later. Similarly, the lifespan of an Infinity Warlock rank creature may run out within a day and they die.

Only existences above the Warlock Monarch rank wont be affected by the Dream World and wont be easily pulled into the Dream World by others.

The essence of the Dream World is far from being able to compare to that of the real world. It can produce Holy Spirit Warlock rank existences at most.

But, when it comes to existences below the Holy Spirit Warlock rank, the Dream World is an absolutely weird and extremely dangerous world. Even if it is a Warlock Monarch rank existence, once they are pulled into the Dream World, if they are not prepared, they may be directly killed by a small fry monster in the Dream World.

When human Warlocks at the Starry Sky Warlock rank enter the Dream World, most of them will become muddleheaded, unable to keep a clear head. They wont even know that they are in the Dream World. If they are lucky, they will wake up as if from a nightmare. But even more people will become food for monsters in the Dream World.

As for human Warlocks above the Starry Sky Warlock rank, when they are sucked into the Dream World, if they know that this is the Dream World, they can recover their clearheadedness. However, if they dont have any special dream secret treasures, human Warlocks can only bring their soul force, which is far stronger than that of ordinary life forms, into the Dream World.

Yang Feng, who wanted to stand up. But instead, he shook, and then rolled on the ground like a bowling ball and slammed into the decayed part of the house.


With a loud noise, the decayed part of the house crumbled.

Countless fragments fell from above.

Yang Fengs face flickered, and he swept with his advanced Bright World Warlock rank soul force, which turned into soul whips and flicked the fragments of the decayed house away.

Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouse can already use their tremendous soul force to interfere with reality. However, using soul force to interfere with reality is really draining and inefficient, so few Warlocks use it to fight.

Although the fragments of the collapsed part of the house were flung away, but Yang Feng also consumed a greater part of his advanced Bright World Warlock rank soul force, which was reduced to the level of the advanced Glorious Sun Warlock rank.

Before the changes in the Dream World have been analyzed and the laws of the Dream World have been mastered, any use of soul force will come with an astonishing consumption.

On the Cangzhi Plane, if Yang Feng erupts with his advanced Bright World Warlock rank soul force, he can pulverize a 100 meter tall mountain. While on a grade 9 plane, the same eruption can kill all living beings.

In the Dream World, however, Yang Fengs fearsome soul face can merely flick away fragments of the decayed part of the house.

The loud noise coming from the collapse of part of the house attracted three dream hunters.

A dream hunter, which is a 10-meter-long, worm-like insect with a chrysanthemum flower-like mouthpart and insect compound eyes, flew down from the sky without warning and rushed towards Yang Feng, its huge mouthpart opened.

Another dream hunter, which is a strange existence covered in blades, yet with a humanoid form, but without a head, with a large maw on the chest, slashed with its blades towards Yang Feng.

The last dream hunter, which is a three-meter-tall fluffy teddy bear, is covered with eyes of different extraordinary life forms, and gives off the feeling of a creepy monster, reached out with its large hand, and its hand turned into a maw shooting towards Yang Feng.

If it was on the Cangzhi Plane, Yang Feng could easily squash the three dream hunters. But in the Dream World, Yang Feng felt the threat of death from them.

“Damn it!”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered coldly, and he gritted his teeth and gathered all his soul force, ready to fight to the death.

At this moment, weird fluctuations spread from behind Yang Feng, and the Phantom Ruler, which existence also lies between real and illusory, suddenly appeared.

Three eyes opened on the body of the Phantom Ruler, and three chains shot out and stabbed the three dream hunters.

The three dream hunters twisted and struggled frantically, and then turned into pure dream force that the Phantom Ruler absorbed.

After the Phantom Ruler devoured the three dream hunters, countless runes emerged from its body, and it began to analyze the laws of the Dream World.

Yang Feng looked at the Phantom Ruler, who had devoured the three dream hunters, with surprise in his eyes: “Amazing, so this is the Phantom Ruler, one of the strongest ultimate weapons of the xizu! Really impressive!”

The Dream World is extremely queer. Even if it is a Holy Spirit Warlock, if they havent mastered the laws of the Dream World, they can at most prevent themselves from entering the Dream World. But once such a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse enters the Dream World, they will also be greatly weakened by the strange laws of the Dream World.

The Phantom Ruler can devour dream hunters to advance its evolution, this ability is simply outrageous.

In the queer Dream World, only some Dream Warlocks with dream life form bloodline can live and fight in here. But they cannot devour the dream hunters.

After a quarter of an hour, the Phantom Ruler extended transparent tentacles and stabbed them into Yang Feng, and a weird brand appeared on Yang Fengs forehead.

Yang Fengs immense soul force entered the brand, and he began to analyze the weird laws of the Dream World.

Yang Fengs previously weird body twisted and restored its original appearance at once.

As soon as Yang Feng returned to his original appearance, he looked around again and saw that although the surroundings are still full of weird shapes and things, yet they are no longer in a state of queer distortion.

Yang Feng glanced around, a scorching shade in his eyes: “The Dream World is originally an illusory world formed from the dream force produced by the dreams of countless intelligent life forms. However, after so many years of development, it has devoured countless human Warlocks and other powerful beings, and has become a world full of countless treasures. Although this world, that only a few Dream Warlocks can enter, is dangerous, but it is also a place full of treasures.”

The Dream World is said to have been very weak when it was just born. But after it has devoured a large number of human Warlocks and other powerful existences, it has become extremely terrifying. According to legend, it has born Holy Spirit Warlock rank dream life forms. Because it is difficult for human Warlocks to enter this queer world, it has many precious treasures left.

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